About This Website/Blog

This website/blog was purely set up to document the progress of my own team, a process which may provide insight/tips for other users of The Sun Dream Team. When looking to make informed decisions around team selection and transfers I’ve struggled to find much online to offer any in depth advice or tips.

As I’ve made a bigger effort to research transfers and team selection this season (2016/2017) I decided to document this process. Any tips and advice given are purely subjective and based on my own opinions. They should not be taken as expert advice with any guarantee of success. My football knowledge is at best average, however the selection process that I follow accounts for the probability of scoring higher points by looking in detail at upcoming fixtures and game ease. This does not mean it will necessarily be successful. Luck plays a huge factor in any team selection and success. Any player could potentially pick up an injury or have a run of poor form – even if they looked like the best choice at the time of selection. With football you can be sure that as soon as you take a player out of your team their form will change for the better.

Articles around Dream Team rules are my interpretation and understanding of the rules. They should not be taken as gospel. If you require detailed insight please visit the official Dream Team website.

As the site is not intended to provide expert advice, please feel free to use it as a forum to discuss your own team selections in the comments each of each post. The site can then be used as a platform to share knowledge/tips regarding all aspects of the Dream Team.

If you would like to get in contact with me directly please email info@dreamteamtips.co.uk

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