Dream Team Top 5 Best Goalkeepers

The main principle I tend to follow when selecting a goalkeeper is to try and find one within a reasonable budget. As keepers tend to score less overall points than any other position on the pitch I tend to go for a cheaper option. As a result the list below outlines the best 5 goalkeepers for the 2017/2018 season which follows this principle.

Pickford – Everton (3m)

Points last season: 60
Games played last season: 32

Pickford stands out as the best choice goalkeeper in this years game. He’s the cheapest of any goalkeeper who could be involved in a European competition and will also play in a Everton team who are fairly strong defensively. At only 3m this should save some funds for more expensive attacking options. At this stage he’s also the most popular goalkeeper with other managers.

Butland – Stoke (3m)

Points last season: 16
Games played last season: 5

Had Butland been cheaper than Pickford it could have been a difficult decision on my first choice goalkeeper. Butland always seems to score well (when fit) and Stoke are another team who can be strong at the back. I’d purely pick Pickford ahead of him as I see Everton as a stronger team with better opportunities to score points than Stoke.

Heaton – Burnley (2.5m)

Points last season: 84
Games played last season: 36

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, Heaton is available at 2.5m. After a very successful season last time around he could be another popular choice. For me it’s worth spending the extra 0.5m to get a keeper from a slightly more established Premier League team.

Mignolet – Liverpool (3.5m)

Points last season: 74
Games played last season: 31

Mignolet is the only keeper under 4m who is likely to be first choice and playing for a team in the Champions League. If I was 100% sure he would be first choice for Liverpool for the duration of the season, I could be tempted to include him. However If he makes a bad start to the season I could easily see him being out of favour fairly quickly.

Cech – Arsenal (3.5m)

Points last season: 95
Games played last season: 37

Cech is the only other first choice keeper from a team in the top seven of the Premier League who comes in at under 4m. Personally I can’t see him playing in the Europa League, as a result at 3.5m I’m not tempted to include him.

My personal strategy is to never spend big on goalkeepers, as a result I’ve excluded any of the premium keepers from this list. The list is my perception of the top 5 keepers worth considering for selection, rather than the top 5 in terms of points they could score. If the list was based on potential points scored I’d have included Lloris, Courtois, De Gea and Forster. For me they are a little too expensive to be worth considering.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Dream Team Top 5 Best Goalkeepers

  1. Dream Team says we all have it wrong with choosing Pickford and Keane due to Everton’s starting Premier League Fixtures with the added strain on European Qualifications.

    1. Not sure I agree. Everton do have a tricky start but I try not to change my keeper throughout the season. I see it as a bit of a wasted transfer. At 3m I think Pickford is the best option for the duration of the season. I wouldn’t go any higher than 3m for a keeper as they don’t score as high.

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