Top 20 Dream Team Highest Scoring Players 2016/2017

With the season at an end, it’s a good time to look at the highest scoring players over the 2016/2017 campaign. I wasn’t sure how long these statistics would remain on the Dream Team website and they will help when it comes to picking a team for next season. As a result I’ve highlighted the top 20 highest scoring players below and given some commentary evaluating each players performance.

1. Sanchez – Arsenal

Points: 348
Games played: 51

If I hadn’t been following point totals so closely throughout the season it would be a bit of a surprise to see Sanchez come out on top given Arsenal’s form this season. He’s also top by some margin. Digging a little bit deeper into the stats it becomes more apparent how he managed to rack up so many points. He scored 30 goals this season and picked up the most star man awards of any player over the season. With the rest of the team performing so badly, there may have been less competition for those star man points compared to strikers in other teams who had less opportunities to grab the award.

2. Aguero – Man City

Points: 307
Games played: 45

Despite a campaign where he almost lost his place to Jesus, a couple of suspensions and a few minor injuries, Aguero still managed a huge total for the season. His goalscoring form was as prolific as ever and he bounced back incredibly well after being temporarily dropped from the side. His name was first on my team sheet and I’m sure he would have been up there with Sanchez had the suspensions and injuries not disrupted his season at times. As with Sanchez there could be some question marks over his future at the club for next season.

3. Kane – Tottenham

Points: 305
Games played: 38

Kane picked up the golden boot in the Premier League and considering Tottenham’s incredible form, it’s not surprising to see him third in the overall points. It’s also worth considering that he played significantly less games than both Aguero and Sanchez. His average points per game was higher than both players – logically if he had played the same number of games he could well of finished as the highest point scorer. With age on his side he could be an important player to have next season. However there could be question marks around how Spurs will perform away from White Hart Lane, if their performances at Wembley in the Champions League were anything to go by they could face a much tougher season next time around.

4. Ibrahimovic – Man Utd

Points: 290
Games played: 45

I started the season with Ibrahimovic in my team as he was available at a reasonable price and joining Mourinho at Old Trafford, I took a punt on him having a good season. He instantly proved many of his critics wrong by consistently being among the goals and was given a lot of game time. He was unfortunate to pick up what looked like a serious injury towards the end of the season and his time at Old Trafford has now come to an end.

5. Hazard – Chelsea

Points: 252
Games played: 43

Hazard has always been a player I’ve felt uncomfortable about excluding from my team. However he came into the new season after having a terrible year previously. Due to this lack of form and no additional European fixtures, I decided not to include Hazard in my initial line up. He ended up being the highest scoring midfielder and picked up many star man awards along the way. Given Chelsea’s run to the title it’s easy to see how scored so well over the season. Unfortunately due to his price tag, I was unable to accommodate him within my team until the very end. He could be one to look out for with Champions League football next time around.

6. Eriksen – Tottenham

Points: 251
Games played: 48

Purely from a Dream Team perspective, Eriksen would probably be my player of the season. He picked up a large number of points and was also overlooked by many other managers. Every time he scored well I seemed to jump higher and higher in the overall rankings. Over the second half of the season he seemed to consistently pick up points in every game he played. I found that many other managers went for Alli instead, who also had a fantastic season but Eriksen edged him in terms of overall points.

7. Lukaku – Everton

Points: 247
Games played: 39

Lukaku had a fantastic season with Everton, picking up 25 goals in the Premier League along the way. He featured occasionally in my side but with the likes of Kane, Sanchez, Aguero and Ibrahimovic performing so well he got a little overlooked. If he stays at Everton I’m still likely to go for strikers from teams above them in the league next season. However he’s always a player to watch out for.

8. Pogba – Man Utd

Points: 236
Games played: 51

Pogba was fortunate to get a huge amount of game time at Old Trafford this season as he featured heavily in Man Utd’s run in the Europa League. He also managed to rack up a huge points total despite not scoring an overwhelming number of goals. This probably comes down to the amount of time he spent on the field and the number of passes/touches he had during games. Generally either Pogba or Ibrahimovic picked up the star man award for Man Utd this season. Pogba himself actually picked up 12 star man awards, only one behind Sanchez who had the most of any player.

9. Alli – Tottenham

Points: 219
Games played: 50

Alli have a very successful campaign with Spurs and picked up many of the plaudits ahead of the likes of Eriksen. For me to it was a decision between Alli or Eriksen and as a result Alli never featured in my team. I’ll probably aim to start the season with one of them next time around and Alli could be the one I favour slightly. He did after all grab 18 goals over the course of the season. It will probably come down to budget and player values at the start of the campaign.

10. De Bruyne – Man City

Points: 214
Games played: 49

I had De Bruyne in my team for the majority of the season. This paid off as his form improved dramatically towards the final stages. He ended the campaign with 18 assists, the most of any player in the Premier League and just snuck into the top 10 highest scoring players. He could certainly be one to watch for next season as I’m sure Man City will look to improve.

11. Costa – Chelsea

Points: 212
Games played: 42

Based on Chelsea’s title winning form and run to the FA cup final, I’d have expected to see Costa higher up the point scoring chart. He did pick up 20 Premier League goals, however it appears to be Hazard who claimed the majority of Chelsea’s star man awards. In the absence of a massive u-turn it appears that Costa is no longer required at Chelsea and may not be with the club come next season.

12. Son – Tottenham

Points: 208
Games played: 47

I was a little surprised to see Son had made the top 20 list of highest scoring players. He contributed a lot when he did play however he didn’t manage to make the top 10 for goals or assists in the Premier League. I’d imagine he will be available at a good value for next season however it would be hard to see past Harry Kane after how he ended the season.

13. Ozil – Arsenal

Points: 202
Games played: 44

Ozil had a reasonable amount of game time for Arsenal but didn’t have the best of seasons based on his usual standards. He picked up a good chunk of his points with a hat trick in the Champions League but was a little inconsistent for the rest of the season. Having said that he finished only 17 points behind Alli, who has constantly been praised for his performances this season.

14. Coutinho – Liverpool

Points: 201
Games played: 36

Coutinho just managed to reach the 200 point mark for the season. He did however only feature in 36 games due to injury. Had he been fully fit for the whole season I’m sure he would have been in the top 10 highest scorers. He could be one to watch for next season with Liverpool qualifying for the Champions League. An initial high price tag may come attached to his name.

15. Azpilicueta – Chelsea

Points: 188
Games played: 47

Azpilicueta was the highest point scoring defender in the game. Interestingly it took until position 15 in the highest point scorers before we reached a defender – suggesting they generally score lower points than strikers and midfielders. Regardless of this fact, Azpilicueta and the rest of Chelsea’s defence had an outstanding season and it could be vital to include one of them next season despite their likely high value.

16. Cahill – Chelsea

Points: 181
Games played: 43

With 16 clean sheets in the Premier League and a run to the FA cup final it’s no shock to see Cahill as the second defender on the list. He had an outstanding season and chipped in with a few goals. With Champions League football and a title to defend next season he would be a great addition to any defence, however he is likely to come at a high starting price.

17. Benteke – Palace

Points: 180
Games played: 40

Benteke is the only player on the list outside of the top seven clubs in the Premier League. His 15 goals in the league and appearances in 40 games would have helped to achieve his 180 point total. He also picked up 7 star man awards across the season – the same number as Harry Kane. As for next season, I’d imagine he will still score well. But for me, I’d have to be looking at strikers from clubs towards the top of the table.

18. Firmino – Liverpool

Points: 180
Games played: 41

Liverpool took a step in the right direction this season with Champions League qualification. However as their leading striker, I don’t think Firmino scores enough goals to make my team. I always tend to go for three strikers and these spaces will always be occupied by strikers who could score big points over the season. This normally comes in the form of a lot of goals and star man awards.

19. Otamendi – Man City

Points: 174
Games played: 43

Other than three Chelsea defenders Otamendi is the only other defender to make the list. He got a lot of game time at Man City over the course of the season and picked up a lot of 7+ ratings. He could be worth considering for next season if his price tag is right as I’d imagine City will look to tighten things up at the back.

20. Alonso – Chelsea

Points: 172
Games played: 35

Alonso has proved a solid addition to Chelsea’s squad. Despite only playing 35 games he still managed to squeeze into the top 20 highest point scorers. His price was reasonably high all season and this could follow through until the next campaign. With more game time next season he could still be a useful addition if the budget is right.

Invest in strikers and midfielders?

The obvious conclusion that we can draw from the stats is that strikers and midfielders do tend to pick up higher points compared to defenders and goalkeepers. The first four players on the list are all strikers and are significantly further ahead in terms of points. This can be further broken down by looking at positions individually:

9/20 were strikers
7/20 were midfielders
4/20 were defenders
0/20 were goalkeepers

This should give a clear indication of where the focus of next seasons budget should be. It’s ideal to get a good balance but I’ll be focusing as much of my budget on strikers and midfielders as possible. I will try and pick up the a bargain keeper who will play a lot of games at a low cost.

Build a team based around the top teams in the league?

The next point to consider is which teams the highest scoring players play for. I’ve always followed the belief that I should select players from the top 6-7 teams in the league. They tend to have more fixtures due to European commitments which give them more opportunity to pick up points. Interestingly the stats back this up perfectly:

Chelsea (5 players)
Spurs (4 players)
Man City (3 players)
Arsenal (2 players)
Liverpool (2 players)
Man Utd (2 players)
Everton (1 player)
Palace (1 player)

There was only one player outside of the top seven teams in the league to make the top 20. Personally I’ll be sticking with this belief next season and I’ll be hoping to select as many players from the top seven teams as possible. Obviously budget comes into play with selecting a starting team. But looking at the list above it’s almost in order of where teams finished.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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