Sun Dream Team Transfers Rules 2023/2024

Sun Dream Team Transfers Rules 2023/2024

With many changes to the rules recently, it’s worth noting that the below is my interpretation of the rules and you should check the Dream Team website for the official breakdown of how the game works.

How many transfers can we make?

Managers can make 2 transfers per game week. 1 transfer can be rolled over to the next game week but managers can have no more than 4 transfers in the bank at once.

What happened to the transfer window?

The Dream Team transfer window is no longer required. With 2 transfers each week there is no need for any transfer windows. This also means there will be no set transfer dates, transfers will simply be available on a weekly basis.

The Rules

As mentioned above each manager will have 2 transfers per week. Transfers must be made 1 hour before the first game of the game week otherwise they will go through at the start of the next game week.
1 transfer can be carried over to the next game week.

How to make transfers

Transfers can be made within your Team Hub.

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10 thoughts on “Sun Dream Team Transfers Rules 2023/2024

  1. Well it’s the second day of the month and I’ve still got no transfers available why is this

    1. There are no transfer windows anymore. You get 3 transfers on the first Friday of each month.

  2. I transfered mane in for de bruyne and now i want to take mane out and put de bruyne back in. Is this possible all in the same month. Currently its not letting me transfer mane out

  3. To transfer a player Out i.e Harry Kane for lukaku after spurs play is it when the player plays or the team

    1. It’s when the team plays, the player is then locked out until the following Friday.

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