Top 10 Highest Scoring Goalkeepers 2016/2017

With the 2016/2017 season now at an end it’s a great time to look at the highest scoring goalkeepers. This will put us in a better position for next season when it comes to player selection.

1. Lloris – Tottenham

Points: 135
Games played: 43

Spurs had the most clean sheets in the Premier League (17) alongside Man Utd. As a result it’s no surprise to see Lloris come out on top of the list. Spurs had a fantastic season and Lloris was as strong as ever between the sticks. His price tag for next season may be a little too high to justify selecting him. Keepers tend not to score as highly as Midfielders and Strikers, as a result I usually go for a budget option.

2. Forster – Southampton

Points: 118
Games played: 48

Forster has been a consistent Dream Team point scorer for the past couple of seasons. He also had the most game time out of all the keepers on the list. Southampton also achieved the 4th highest clean sheets in the Premier League (14). He could be one to watch for next season as his price tag should be more reasonable.

3. Courtois – Chelsea

Points: 113
Games played: 39

Courtois had a fantastic season with Chelsea and their run to the title and FA cup final would have certainly helped with his points total. Chelsea managed 16 clean sheets in the Premier League. He looks like a strong contender for next season, however once again his price tag may be less appealing than others.

4. Schmeichel – Leicester

Points: 100
Games played: 40

Leicester’s poor form in the Premier League at the start of the season suggested it could be a difficult season for Schmeichel. However some brilliant performances in the Champions League and a better run of results in the league at the end of the season boosted his final points total. With less games next season (no European football), he may not fare quite so well.

5. Cech – Arsenal

Points: 95
Games played: 37

Arsenal managed 13 clean sheets in the Premier League which would have contributed most of Cech’s points to his total. He was overlooked in the Champions League, which resulted in less games than most keepers. He may be a reasonably high price next season so could be one to avoid.

6. De Gea – Man Utd

Points: 94
Games played: 44

De Gea seemed to have a lot of game time at Man Utd this season, despite being left out in the Europa League and in the Premier League towards the end of the season. As with every summer his future at the club is called into doubt. If he remains at Old Trafford he’s sure to have a strong season.

7. Heaton – Burnley

Points: 84
Games played: 36

Although Burnley didn’t make the top 10 in terms of clean sheets in the Premier League, Heaton still managed to sneak into the top 10 highest point scoring keepers. This would mainly be down to some of his heroic performances between the sticks for the club. He could be one to watch at a good price for next season.

8. Caballero – Man City

Points: 84
Games played: 27

Caballero was in and out of the side at Man City during the course of the season. His points total probably reflects some of the sides good from towards the start and end of the season. Despite seeking into the top 10 list, he has been released by the club and as a result can’t be considered for next season unless he signs for another Premier League side.

9. Grant – Stoke

Points: 76
Games played: 30

Grant was a available at an absolute bargain price based on the number of points he secured over the season. He was fortunate to play some many games with Jack Butland picking up a long term injury. Despite a great campaign it’s hard to see him being first choice next season.

10. Robles – Everton

Points: 75
Games played: 21

Despite only playing 21 games Robles managed to come in at number 10 on our list. He shared goalkeeping responsibility at Everton with Stekelenburg and if I remember rightly both were available at a low price at the start of the season. Should Everton have a solid choice for a number one keeper next season this is a player I could well fill may goalkeeping space with.

With a couple of exceptions, the highest scoring goalkeepers tend to be those who were valued the highest at the start of the season. I tend to follow the rule of saving budget for strikers, as they are more likely to score higher points. This can be illustrated by the absence of any goalkeepers in our blog looking at the top 20 highest point scoring players of the season. For next season I’m likely to look towards an Everton, Southampton or Stoke keeper if they are available at a reasonable price.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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