Top 10 Highest Scoring Midfielders 2016/2017

The 2016/2017 season is now at an end, this makes it a great time to look back at which players performed the best during the campaign. Below I’ve listed the top 10 highest scoring midfielders. This list should help form a base for team selection for next season.

1. Hazard – Chelsea

Points: 252
Games played: 43

Only Sanchez picked up more star man awards than Hazard so it’s no surprise to see him top the list of highest scoring midfielders. He also picked up 16 Premier League goals over the course of the season. He’s likely to come at a high price tag next season but he would be very difficult to overlook with Chelsea now also having additional Champions League fixtures.

2. Eriksen – Tottenham

Points: 251
Games played: 48

From a Dream Team perspective, Eriksen was my player of the season. Many managers overlooked him and he racked up a huge number of points for my team where others may have missed out. He picked up 10 star man awards and 15 assists in the Premier League over the season. He could be one of the first names on my team sheet for next time around.

3. Pogba – Man Utd

Points: 236
Games played: 51

Despite coming under some criticism in his first year back at Old Trafford, from a points perspective Pogba had an excellent season. He had a lot of game time and picked up 12 star man awards. He also consistently picked up 7+ ratings due to his natural style of player and number of passes completed during a game.

4. Alli – Tottenham

Points: 219
Games played: 50

Alli was another player who had a lot of game time during the season. His impressive return of 18 Premier League goals contributed a huge number of points. He could be another player to consider for next season, the only question mark I’d have next to any Spurs player is if they can be as consistent next season as they move away from White Hart Lane.

5. De Bruyne – Man City

Points: 214
Games played: 49

After a quiet period from a point scoring perspective during the middle of the season, De Bruyne had a terrific end to the campaign. He finished as the player with the most assists in the Premier League (18) and picked up 10 star man awards across all tournaments. If his price remains fairly low he could be a good option for next time around.

6. Ozil – Arsenal

Points: 202
Games played: 44

Ozil had a reasonably quiet season based on his usual high standards. He still managed to finish as the 6th highest point scoring midfielder and just managed to break the 200 point mark. A hat trick early on in the Champions League would have certainly helped and depending on who stays at Arsenal over the summer he may be a player worth avoiding for the early part of next season.

7. Coutinho – Liverpool

Points: 201
Games played: 36

Having only played 36 games, Coutinho made the least number of appearances compared to any other midfielder in the top 10. Had he had the game time others were exposed to he could have been much further up the list. What’s even more impressive is that he still managed to pick up 11 star man awards over the season. He could be one to keep an eye on next season as Liverpool now also have Champions League football.

8. Sigurdsson – Swansea

Points: 163
Games played: 40

Sigurdsson once again proved a valuable asset to Swansea. He’s one of the only players towards the bottom of the table to make any list of top point scoring players. Surprisingly he came out third in terms of assists in the Premier League and this would have gone a long way to securing his points total. He would be available at a cheaper price than most next season, however I’d still be tempted to stick to players from bigger clubs.

9. Sterling – Man City

Points: 159
Games played: 47

Sterling seemed to recapture some of his form from his Liverpool days at the start of the season. He chipped in with a few goals and assists very early on and looked likely to finish on a huge total. This point scoring form tailored off slightly towards the end of the season. However I’d imagine he will be available at a good price at the start of next season.

10. Silva – Man City

Points: 153
Games played: 45

Silva is another Man City midfielder who had a good season in terms of his return of points. It’s worth noting although he comes in 10th on this list, he is around 100 points behind Hazard. He may be worth considering at times for next season, however it’s hard to look beyond De Bruyne when considering a Man City midfielder.

Once again the majority of the top 10 highest scoring midfielders are made up from players within the top 6 teams in the Premier League. I always tend not to look much further than these teams when selecting players and the stats seem to back this up. Interestingly Chelsea, as the league winners, only have one player on the list and Man City have three. I think the key to selecting midfielders is choosing those who play in a more advanced role, making them more likely to pick up 10+ goals and a good number of assists. The stats also show that midfielders tend to pick up more points than goalkeepers and defenders but not quite as many as strikers. As a result I personally focus most of my budget on strikers and then midfielders come secondary to that.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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