Top 10 Highest Scoring Strikers 2016/2017

With the 2016/2017 season now at an end, this is the perfect time to examine some of the stats around the best performing players to give us an insight around who to pick next time around. Below I’ve examined the top 10 highest point scoring strikers.

1. Sanchez – Arsenal

Points: 348
Games played: 51

With 24 goals in the Premier League and 13 star man awards to his name – Sanchez comes out on top of the list of highest scoring strikers. He did however feature in the most number of games of any striker on the list. He should be one to keep a close eye on for next season despite speculation around his future at Arsenal.

2. Aguero – Man City

Points: 307
Games played: 45

Despite heavy competition from Jesus at Man City and various injuries and suspensions, Aguero still managed a huge points total. He’s been a consistent goal scorer for a number of years and he has traditionally been the first name on my team sheet at the start of the season. As with Sanchez there could be doubts about his future but he would be a dangerous player to ignore next season if he is still in favour at City.

3. Kane – Tottenham

Points: 305
Games played: 38

With over 300 points from only 38 games, Kane could be the first name on my team sheet for next season. He’s had another consistent goal scoring season and claimed the golden boot in the Premier League with 29 goals. He will certainly be one to watch for next season.

4. Ibrahimovic – Man Utd

Points: 290
Games played: 45

Ibrahimovic proved many of his critics wrong with many vital goals in the Premier League and Europa League for Man Utd. Unfortunately due to his knee injury towards the end of the season we won’t be seeing him make a return to Old Trafford next season.

5. Lukaku – Everton

Points: 247
Games played: 39

Lukaku once again makes the top 10 highest scoring strikers. He seems to score goals season after season at a consistent level – picking up 25 goals in the Premier League this time around. If a move back to Chelsea is on the cards he could be a must have player for next season. If he remains at Everton, they do have some early qualification games in the Europa League which could make Lukaku a top target either way.

6. Costa – Chelsea

Points: 212
Games played: 42

Costa had a good season at Chelsea with their run to claiming the title. However with only 212 points to his name, I’m left wondering if this total should have been a little higher. Playing for the league champions I’d have expected to see Chelsea’s main striker competing with Sanchez, Aguero, Kane and Ibrahimovic in terms of points. Either way it looks like he’s no longer required at Stamford Bridge and could be gone before the start of the new season.

7. Son – Tottenham

Points: 208
Games played: 47

Son wasn’t a player I expected to see in this list. Spurs had a great season, however Son’s point scoring form seems to have gone a little under the radar. He’s been in the shadow of the likes of Kane, Alli and Eriksen but maybe should have been a player I kept a closer eye on. He could be a good option next season if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as Kane.

8. Benteke – Palace

Points: 180
Games played: 40

Benteke is the only striker on the list from the bottom half of the table. He fired 18 goals in the Premier League and deserves his place on the list. However he’s not really a player I’d look to be included next season. With so many higher scoring strikers to choose from he’s not a player I’d consider including.

9. Firmino – Liverpool

Points: 180
Games played: 41

Based on Liverpool’s league position, Firmino is a player who always seems to underperform from a point scoring perspective. He doesn’t appear to be as ruthless in front of goal as the likes of Sanchez, Kane and Aguero. He may be worth considering at the start of next season as Liverpool face a qualifying game for the Champions League.

10. Walcott – Arsenal

Points: 161
Games played: 37

Walcott had a decent point scoring season at Arsenal as he primarily played secondary to Sanchez up front. He’s not necessarily a player I’d consider for next season, if Sanchez was to remain at Arsenal it’s difficult to see past him based on the number of points he racked up this time around.

The top 10 highest scoring strikers is another list dominated by clubs who finished in the top 7 places in the Premier League. In particular the top 5 strikers show the importance of having strikers who are capable of scoring 20+ goals in a season. Their points totals are huge compared to the rest of the list and having these players could win you a mini league by themselves. I’ll personally be looking towards the same strikers for the start of next season.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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