10 Team Strategy

10 Team Strategy

A quick post to give complete transparency to my team selections. I will only be documenting one team with transfers in advance this season, as I felt like trying to document more than one would get confusing. However, I do plan to mention more about how my other teams are getting on during the season. I’m not a big fan of the 10 team allowance and believe the game would be better if we could only select one team. However, as we are allowed 10 teams, I tend to fill the quota, but I do struggle to keep on top of the other teams when compared to my main team.

My focus will still be my main team, but I just wanted to be completely transparent about the approaches I’m taking with my other teams before the season starts. I’m pretty much doing what other players do in covering all of the key players across different teams, giving me a better chance of a higher overall finish.

Main Team – DTT

This is the team I will blog about and enter into the DTT mini league. This team is subject to change before the season kicks off, keep an eye on my team selection post for my confirmed starting 11, but this is where I’m currently at.

Mini League Team 1

I plan to enter this team into a competitive mini league. It’s a variation on the team above, where I’ve gone for players who didn’t quite make it into my main team.

Mini League Team 2

This is another variation that I’ll enter into a competitive mini league. I wanted to try and team with the big three up front and also a reasonably strong midfield. Big question marks against the back line.

Mini League Team 3

Another team for a competitive mini league, this time I’ve avoided all of the big three up front and gone for the two biggest hitters at the back. Given that I’ve not got Kane or Salah in this team, I’ve not got very high hopes for it.

Mini League Team 4

My final team that I’ll be entering into a competitive mini league. I’ve tried to give this one a little more balance and included a couple of more curveball players such as Grealish and Lingard. It’s also the only team I’ll be entering into a mini league that features Trippier.

Strong At The Back

For this team, I’ve picked the strongest defence I could think of and then made do with whatever players I could fit in around this. I’d be very surprised if this team does well considering the lack of balance throughout the team.

Percentage Owned

In this draft, I’ve simply tried to include as many players as possible based on how popular they currently are in the game.

Good Fixtures in August

I’ve based this team around players who have good fixtures in August or in the case of the West Ham players, more fixtures in August. I’d be very surprised if I get much of a return from Scamacca but I thought he was worth a punt with the extra European fixtures.

Spurs Block

This team features a semi block of Spurs defenders, as I think they could do OK at the back this season. From there, I’ve tried to keep the rest of the team fairly balanced with consistent point scorers.

Top Heavy

My final team is incredibly strong in terms of strikers and midfielders but quite shakey at the back due to an imbalance of budget. I prefer the balanced approach so I’m not sure how this team will do but it will be interesting to see.

So there we have it, that’s my 10 teams that utilise 39 different players. I’ve also kept a log of how many occurrences each player has across my 10 teams to give good coverage for certain players:

It’s worth noting, that these are subject to change. I’m publishing them now as I’m away on holiday next week and may tweak them further but I won’t have chance to publish the final versions (other than my main team).

22 thoughts on “10 Team Strategy

  1. brain damage Paul.
    I stick to just one team otherwise I would
    end up in an asylum. JOKING.

    interesting reading though so many
    combinations its mind blowing.
    I could not say how many times I have
    changed my team am still not happy
    with it. keep up the good work Paul
    always giving us plenty to think about. 👍

    1. 😂 thanks Don, this one is more for fun than anything else. I won’t be developing most of these teams if they don’t get off to a good start.

    1. that’s my thinking J C .
      bit worried about no city at all also
      west ham probably will take a bantering first game.
      am interested in west ham not until first game is over.
      as we all no its a game of chance anything can happen.

    2. 1 team is enough for me as well but the problem I have is that people who run other websites pick 10 teams and then when it comes to the end of the season just talk about how well their best team did. Thought I’d better pick 10 as well, just in case one of them gets off to an absolute flyer.

      1. That’s why FPL is good for that. One team each and that’s that. Nice and simple.

  2. 10 teams….

    I’d never have time to speak to the wife….

    Interesting teams.

    Cheers Paul

    1. I’ve put a lot of time into my first team, but the others were picked quite quickly. It’s more for interest really but I won’t be pursuing most of them if they don’t get off to a flying start. The problem with the Dream Team community is there are a lot of people who run 10 teams and then talk about their best team as where they finished at the end of the season. They are at a huge advantage by having so many teams covering all bases but I won’t have time to keep on top of them all anyway.

  3. ist team.

    2nd team.


    both teams into clubs mini league.
    ist team into D .T.Mini league
    have to stop somewhere.

    1. Nice look to those teams Don. Obviously no Liverpool defence cover is a slight risk. Nice balance to them though mate.

      1. no where you are at Chris the same could be
        said if I had Liverpool defence you might say
        no man city defence is a risk.
        think realistic its one or the other.
        man cites list is so tempting that’s what
        has tempted me.

    2. Look good Don, the only question I’d have is will Kulusevski start for Spurs. Might be worth only having him in one team.

  4. Brilliant stuff Paul and very interesting to note the different strategies. It’s made me sit down and tally up my pool of players which has influenced me in making a few changes here and there……especially when I realised Dalot was in all 10 teams! 😂

    1. 😂 I’m very analytical but I’ll struggle to develop all of those 10 teams across the season anyway

  5. been looking at Ait nouri Chris.
    reading and watching him on u tube
    looks very exciting definitely on my radar now. 👍

  6. Pope


    Odergaard (or Sancho)


    I’m sure you can guess what team I support 🙂

    1. I’m guessing Arsenal JJ? Do you thin Saliba will be a certain starter? We can check the line up anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

  7. just changed my defence read an article
    whether true or not.
    Ten hag is looking for another defender apparently
    he is not to happy with Delot.
    i have switched to Ait nouri or conner coady.

  8. Hi Paul I notice no man city players in your main team how do you plan to overcome that ? Surely that is a huge risk

    1. It certainly is – I’m looking at it tonight. Tempted to take out Bowen, Diaz and Kane for Mahrez, Saka and Haaland. Not sure if it improves things much though.

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