April Transfer 1

April Transfer 1

As I’m not sure that Bowen will play this week, I’m taking him out. I’m bringing in Mount as a good consistent point scorer at a decent value. With Sterling starting, I’m leaving him in for this week.

Bowen out
Mount in

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  1. Anyone noticed the sun ratings not matching up with the who scored ratings for todays games?

    Sun moving the goal posts again … Shocking !!

  2. Well guys, as we move to the business end of the season, have a 40pt lead in my cash mini league, the guy in 2nd place has made 3 transfers already, to my one, finishing 2nd will be a big disappointment to me, he has, Jota, Benrahma, & Grealish, to my TAA, Maddison & B. Silva, I believe I have the upper hand, but Jota concerns me, I can put Jota in on Thursday nite, but will cost me 2 transfers, Bowen back & scoring is an option, swap for B. Silva, which would more than cancel out Benrahma, check my lead on Thursday night & make a decision, RR, makes some interesting pts as always on either chasing or defending a lead, some cracking champions League games to look forward to, Liverpool to win great, but not Jota to score until i reacces on Thursday nite.

    1. I think you are in pole position David and a player of your quality and experience should get to the finish line smoothly. At this stage though, every game week is big. Anything can happen. Big leads can still be overtaken but with transfers in hand you have a strong position.

      If behind, you do need keep those transfers in hand. 3 transfers used this week feels strange as April is a long month and with March being a short month, some of those transfers should have been used to set for this month nicely. In your position, I would be happy. You mostly want your opponent to make the first move so you can evaluate it, deactivate or counter attack it (if he brings in Benrahma, you bring in Bowen).

      I only used 1 transfer and probably wait until after the FA cup final to use the rest but it all really depends on how your team is shaped. Not sure about Benrahma, nothing major to worry about him and maybe your rival has other weaker players in his team. Just go through his team and critically analyse it and if you know your opponent well (you might know what transfers he will do next) some players are predictable, they will pick obvious players (just scored a hat trick in the last game) rather than push the boat and be out of their comfort zone.

      Person in 2nd place might just be concentrating on securing second place particularly if prize money is on offer outside the winning position. So just monitor his next transfers to see what his goals are. If he brings in the same players you already have then all smiles.

      Finally you are having a great season. Well played. You are definitely my DTT manager of the season. All the best.

  3. great article from RR. about blocking he has opened my eyes
    up now understanding the way you block.
    that will set me right up for now, and other seasons. well done to him.

    1. Thanks Don. I always try to make the game interesting for me whether having a good or bad season. Nice to bring a tactical element to the game as tactics can really pay off at this end of the season. In fantasy football you got to have a good strategic game as you will come across good knowledgable players who already know who the best players are.

    1. Wrote this on Friday:

      Mahrez: Strengths = Most explosive player, killer instinct in front of goal, on penalties and free kicks. 5.8pts per game, top scoring midfielder in game. Relatively low ownership at 13.1%. Downside: Very expensive (7.2), rotation risk.

      KDB: Strengths = Consistency, on set pieces, likely to play every game as City need to win every game, well rested over the international break, star man favourite 4.7pts per game. Downside: Expensive (7.0), not explosive. Heavily high ownership at 22.2%.

      Not much between these players but I think I going to go with Mahrez just because he has that Salah like selfishness in front of goal. A great goal scoring record against Burnley (Edit: didn’t play) and in the champions league.

      Hopefully that answers your question Don.

  4. Great praise indeed RR thanx for that, the thing is with countering your chasing opponent, your lead may have gone in a week, if the opposition’s player has a double gameweek, playing my own game has got me into 1st place, might just go with that attitude for now, you also have to worry about the rest of the chasing pack, who can come up on the rails, joint 109th last season, no where near that this season, just happy to win my mini league.

  5. Any advice please
    I’ve got degea trent cancelo castagne b.silva mahrez de bruyne kuluveski mane havertz kane….

    Feel I’m top heavy on city mid.

    Would you change any of these before tomorrow and who for? I’m thinking bowen, Harvey Barnes?

  6. Following on the one I’m trying to beat is top heavy on Liverpool so I’ve gambled all out and made all 5 changes my team now is degea cancelo walker castagne mahrez de bruyne mount Barnes kane havertz son.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™†

    1. Did you end up making all 5 transfers? Tempted to make 4 myself tomorrow but I’ll probably resist

    1. I’m just glad he scored something this week. Will hold fire on him until we see what happens in Europe this week

  7. Right fellow dream team players, I’m in 2nd place in my mini league and have a 70point lead to hunt down so any tips or thoughts would be much appreciated.
    My team is –
    De gea
    De Bruyne

    The team top of the league is –
    De bruyne

    He has 4 transfers left and I have 5, I think he’s trying to block me as put Diaz in the week after me.

    Be interested to hear your thoughts and will be much appreciated πŸ‘

    1. D gea for Ederson James for Walker.
      Madison for Mahrez funds permitting.
      its only my opinion.

    2. If Chelsea go out of the Champions League, I’d get rid of Rudgier. I’d also be tempted to lose De Gea if you can. Not sure I’d do much with the rest just yet but you need to do something different to close that gap.

    1. I’m personally thinking of moving Sterling on and I’m not sure I’d want Gundogan either. Any other options?

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