April Transfer Five

April Transfer Five

Using my final transfer.
Moura out
Foden in

3 thoughts on “April Transfer Five

  1. After much deliberation, decided to keep Ieanacho, & thankfully it has paid off handsomely tonight, although only having 1 transfer left was undecided about using it, as didn’t want to pick up an injury to a key player & have no transfers left to replace him for the last week, before we get out last set of transfers for May. RR was right picking a player with more fixtures doesn’t always equate to more pts, stick with the man in form, lesson learned their, listening to RR’s case to keep him, did sway me, & Leicester will have to continue to push hard to stay in top 4, could be a keeper for the remainder of the season, leaves me wondering, did you listen to your own advice & keep Ieanacho RR.

    1. Glad it paid off for you David. I made a good case for keeping Nacho. Did I listen to my own advice? Of course I did as I had full confidence in the man. A nice rise in the rankings thanks to a nice sharp sword.

  2. Hoping for an entertaining game this evening between PSG & Man city, still have 1 transfer left this month, but with the team going well & if I don’t pick up any injuries tonight or tomorrow, will use it next Thursday, before the final set of 5 transfers.

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