April Transfer One

April Transfer One

As Van Dijk is starting tonight against Southampton I’m going to bring him in for Stones. I could take a cheaper option in Alexander-Arnold or Matip but with the points Van Dijk has scored this season I’m leaning towards having him instead as he’s significantly higher than both. This doesn’t leave me much for upgrading Rudiger but he’s still scored fairly well so far this season anyway and hopefully Chelsea will progress in the Europa League. If I were to go for TAA instead this would only allow me to upgrade Rudiger to B. Silva and I may have missed his patch of form.

As a result I’m going to risk it with the premium option of Van Dijk, so the transfer is:

Stones out
Van Dijk in

87 thoughts on “April Transfer One

  1. Good move in my opinion. Liverpool have a good month ahead, and VVD is high point scorer.

    I am now torn though… As a Saints fan I am hoping he does a Gerrard tonight… Without getting all Kevin Keegan, I would fucking love that! 🙂

    1. I think VVD has played every game as well so unless he gets injured I think he’s one player we shouldn’t have to worry about in terms of game time. As a Man Utd fan I’ll still be cheering on a clean sheet for Liverpool and a few goals for Mane/Salah – criminal I know.

  2. Thanks for letting us know DTT. I’m going the TAA and KDB route

    I think TAA is in the best 11 and has both set piece involvement and attacking potential.

    I think he’ll score slightly less than VVD but KDB is the massive upside. He looked well and truly back in the week

    Would you keep Azpi this week or cash in for KDB?

    1. I was very tempted by TAA but after looking at the points on the board I noticed Van Dijk have about 60 more points across the season so for the extra 0.3m I thought it was worth a punt. If it mean’t that I could get De Bruyne in I may have thought twice about this though. It’s a tough call about bringing KDB in now or not – mainly because of him coming back from injury and then picking up another injury very quickly.

      1. Fair one, TAA looked so good on the eye test the other night hitting the post and getting very involved.

        In my eyes TAA can only improve his scoring VVD will struggle to maintain

        Think he’ll have a superb end to the season now he’s back and firing again espically if Liverpool need to keep the winning up. He’s not been fully fit for a while

        If KDB is in the team tomorrow I think he has to come in. He’s litterally a class above even anything city have.

        Azpi plays last so no issues if KDB gets eased back in slowly this week.

        Just don’t trust the Chelsea defence really and Azpi could get rotated in Europe given the game time he’s had this week

        Good luck DTT

  3. At least the clean sheet lasted longer than Coady. I expect nothing less thesedays

    1. Yeah it’s a joke – I read earlier something along the lines of Southampton had failed to score against Liverpool for a while. It looks like I’m going to have one of those bad runs – couldn’t be a worse time of the season for it.

      1. Most of the best teams in DT have at least two Liverpool defensive options so shouldn’t effect rank too much I’d imagine.

  4. Thought I’d avoided the curse going for TAA after that assist . . .only for him to get subbed on 59 mins. Unreal

  5. Need some help as I’m struggling to think of the best way to go for April;

    Points 2038


    VVD (Made the transfer from Stones at the last minute)



    2 transfers left, 0.6 ITB.

    Only real concern is Lindelof now, what are people’s thought on best thing to do?

    1. Kolasinac – £3m
      Jota – £2.2m

      Kolasinac basically plays as a left winger when you watch him, great attacking potential.
      Jota is a midfielder playing up front so again, great potential in an impressive Wolves side. If you’re going for Jota though I’d do it this weekend to make the most of the cup game.

      I’d also suggest Loftus-Cheek but he’s got an ongoing back issue that he’s having to manage so his game time may be limited. I do expect both his and Hudson-Odoi to play more for the rest of the season now though.

      Good luck mate. 👍🏻

    2. I’ve had to go very different, teams to similar and im dropping position. Kane will go for Son and because everyone owns Salah I may need to sacrifice him for another differential striker. I’m looking at Deeney. Desperate times now.

    1. Whoops… not watching the game… was fed wrong info from my brother ha ha ha KDB assist 🙂

  6. Well that semi-final was a bit of a damp squib. Plenty of endeavour from Brighton second half but Ederson essentially was a spectator. 😐

  7. Not the weekend i wanted;

    Decided not to make the Transfer from Auba to Frimino last minute on Friday – (10 points missed, Auba on the bench to come on for 0 points).

    Made the Stones to VVD transfer (Stones comes on for CS, luckily VVD still got 3 points).

    Put Kolasinac in for Lindleof – Arsenal continue their away form.

    Need Auba and Kolasinac to put in good performances in Europe as they are my differentials atm, although the way Emery has been, both will probably be on the bench.

  8. Slightly disappointing all round!!

    I made my first sub by swapping Sane for B.Silva. Sane scores well when he plays, but is benched too much for my liking!

    I was hoping for a bit more from B.Silva given his advanced role, but the pattern continues of him getting 0 points when in my team! Early days of course, but that’s 8 blanks from 8 games when I’ve had him over the course of the season!!

    Next move looks to move on Auba! It’s been a long time coming…. utterly useless! For who though?… Don’t like Kane’s fixtures and Firmino has been pretty crap most the season!

  9. I’m in the same boat regarding Auba, I’d keep him if he was starting but its not happening just now.

    I’m thinking of switching to a 4-4-2 and changing him to VVD. Has anyone used 4-4-2 before? Can’t say i’m overly keen but i don’t see a better option at the moment.

    Also contemplating Lindelof to Azpilicueta but he will most likely rested in the Europa league so its holding me back.

  10. I hear a lot of people talking about moving Hazard on…. assume they change their mind when he keeps popping up with a performance like last night!!

    Personally, his ownership in my ML is too high to even consider it, irrespective of purple patches or dry patches!

    1. I think he’s one of those players who once he’s in your team, you’ve just got to stick with him. He’ll have lean patches but he’ll also have double digit hauls throughout the season too. Scored a decent amount of goals this season too which is something he did need to improve on to be considered one of the best in the world. An excellent season for him on a personal level.

      1. I must admit, I didn’t start the season with him because he started the first few games on the bench, but fortunately my timing of getting him after that was quite good.

        He seems to be a lot more consistent than the likes of Mane who is brilliant in patches, but falls away for months at a time!

  11. Last night’s match was a perfect game for me. Kepa and Azpilicueta keeping a clean sheet / over 7 ratings (minus the yellow cards) plus Hazards points haul! I’m now 77 points clear in my mini league with two transfers left and finally back into the top 2,000 with 1,778 overall.

    Surprisingly I’m the only one in the top 6 in my ML to have Hazard which makes him a massive sword in my team.

    For tonight’s game I’ve opted for Rash to Kane swap purely because he’s a shield with 5 teams below me all having him. He’s not really sticking out for me at the moment but I think with the new stadium and winnable games in between the City’s games there’s a chance to pick up some points.

    With my last remaining transfer I now looking to swap Schlupp for a player of 3.1 million or less. A few players I’m looking at are Loftus cheek, Ramsey and Gundogan. They all look set to rise over the next few weeks hopefully, freeing up some funds for the final month. There’s a few defenders I fancied between Leicester, Wolves and Everton but with the extra fixtures this month from the three above I feel there’s a better chance to pick up a few extra points, hopefully.

    The only other way to free up some funds would be to not do the Kane move for someone like Firmino/B.Silva and a premium defender but as I don’t need to chase the leader I’m finding it hard not to shield a move from 2nd and 3rd place.

    Any feedback or advice is more than welcome

    1. Muscular injury according to Ben Dinnery’s website. 😩

      Hopefully back for Sunday. 🤞

  12. Kane out for rest of season? I’m glad I have one transfer left although NO idea who to bring in for him. Already have Aguero and Salah…

    1. Just waiting to see the extent of the kane injury.

      Alexander Arnold’s 10points killed me, needing a Lindelof mirical clean sheet tomorrow ha ha. No a cat in hells chance 😳🙈😂

  13. So…… quickest transfer in and out I’ve ever made in three seasons playing 🤣🤣🤣 I’m just glad I still have one transfer left.

    I said above that i didnt fancy Kane! I should have gone with my gut.

    Schlupp unpack your case, you got a three weeks extension 👍👍

  14. Think Son is decent shout, Apart from the Man City games spurs have some nice fixtures coming up, Might play up top in some of them.

    Firmino the other striker option I would think or maybe switch to another midfielder

  15. Yeah seems a toss up between those 2 but it’s a tough choice as always. Son always seems to step up when Kane is injured but Firmino is also in form and you’d fancy them to progress to the semi final after tonight’s result.

  16. Yep looks like Firmino & Son are the inform strikers at the moment. Leicester have turned a corner and may be Vardy is in with a shout. Kane inkury is a big blow for me, No transfers left this month.!! And Aguero goes and misses a penalty turning a potential 8 points or more to -3. AAaaaaarggghhhhh.

  17. That’s a hard one for Kane owners. Just glad I stuck with Rashford for an extra week as Kane was going to come in for him. Will probably swap Schlupp for Mane next GW to act as a 🛡. Only threats to me from my nearest rival would then be Doherty, Firmino and Foster. Might stick with Rashford till GW 34 now (Chelsea) as he has the extra game (albeit against City). Will probably go Firmino at that point as another 🛡. Good luck for the run in everyone. 👍🏻

  18. Yeah I think, as I have Salah, I will switch to Son this week with my final April transfer. Then will review for the last couple of games in May whether to switch from Salah to Firmino if he is still struggling for form.

    On the plus side going from Kane to Son gives me just under 4m in the bank for May as a last push with my team looking like:

    B Silva

    So if I did switch Salah for Firmino in May I could easily switch Coady for Azpulicueta and probably upgrade B Silva as well – always look for the silver lining!

  19. Kane injury has potentially toppled our season. Ironically one of the biggest scorers in the game was actually a differential due to his high ticket price and people not being able to afford to draft him back in after his injury. In the last few weeks I have been overtaken in my ML by 40pts and 3rd place is now only one point behind me (Mainly because he drafted in Keita this week!!! Jammy git!!! Bloke knows nothing!! Lol)

    Kane was my hope. Now I don’t see where I am going to make up those 40 pts. One bright note, we still have 2 transfers, so should be able to upgrade Coady as part of the Kane transfer… Firmino and Laporte is an option (must admit haven’t spent long looking!) Doubling up on both City and Liverpool defenders seems like a smart move. Or can go Son and almost any midfielder in the game

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. Kane for Firmino and Coady for De Bruyne or Laporte?

      1. When I already have Salah & Mane in my team I worry Firmino limits scoring opportunities, plus with Kane out you would expect Son to get more the chances in the team?

        And you wouldn’t consider Azpulicueta over Laporte?

        1. Rudiger hasn’t really done that well for me and Chelsea are a little inconsistent. I like Firmino in comparison to Son for the price difference which allows a better upgrade on Coady.

  20. Help guys – Worried Kane Owner here, looking to nail my Mini League in the run in now.
    600k in bank – 2 transfers left and 41 points clear at the top. The guy in 2nd also has kane and only 1 transfer left so here are his and mine teams –




    B Silva





    B Silva


    I cant preempt what he is thinking but I reckon he will be looking at swapping Kane for Son/Aguero or go 442 and put sterling or hazard in – his current threats to me are VVD, KDB and firminio

    With all this talk about shields and swords on MY team any advice on who I could swap Kane with to keep my lead and stop any threat from him at this late stage.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I’d block him with Firmino. He’s probably the one I’ll go for anyway. If I was him I’d bring in Aguero.

        1. That might be a better option. VVD is probably more reliable in terms of point scoring.

    2. Pretty much in agreement with DTT mate. I think by bringing in both VVD and Firmino you are only left with KDB as a risk to your position. Reckon you’ve got him/her nailed now mate.

  21. I’ve been looking across a few sites and the general consensus is Bobby or Son to replace Kane at the moment but depending on Europa results Laca/ Auba or Ruben/ Hudson could be big differentials. If City/Spurs and Arsenal/Chelsea get through to the next round they have an extra fixture this month before the next transfers.

    Champions League
    1st Legs (Semi-Finals) 30 April – 1 May 2019

    UEFA Europa League
    1st Legs Thursday 2 May

    Personally I think a lot of people will be swapping Kane for Hazard/Bobby as they seem to have found some form again. Bobby’s on in brilliant form and has the best run of games from the top 6 after the Chelsea game until the end of the season. I think Hazard has upped his game due to Zidane mentioning him in every sentence.

    Don’t underestimate Son either, if he goes on a run like earlier in the season he can easily pick up a goal and star man in every game. Poch also said during his last good run of points that he was fatigued and look at the run he’s went on! Could this be the start of another? Recent DT points suggests not but if you look at the stats, Son also plays better when Kane isn’t playing?

    This is just my opinion on things I’m looking at before making my last transfer. Hope it helps

    1. I think Son would be a fairly safe bet. The thing that draws me to Firmino is the price difference.

  22. Who would you be choosing between Son and Bobby?

    Very difficult decision if you ask me. I’ll probably make a decision Thursday before the price changes on Friday. I’m going to use my remaining 2 transfers to get rid of Lindelof and Aubameyang.

    Current options are,
    Option 1
    Auba – Son
    Lindelof – TAA

    Option 2
    Auba – Firmino (although I do have Salah and Mane)
    Lindelof – VVD

    Thoughts welcome lads.

    1. I think you could literally toss a coin between those two options. Both are good but it could go either way.

    2. I think you are right there DTT I will wait to see the spurs lineup on Saturday but after the price changes it could block option 1 for me as I think Auba and Lindelof will drop whilst the others rise, which would leave me with option 2

    1. Yeah I think either could work well but nothing seems to be coming off at the moment.

  23. So, I have an 86 point lead going into GW 32 and the only players my nearest ML rival has that I don’t are Foster, Doherty, Mane & Firmino. I’m pretty sure he’s used all his transfers (VVD, B.Silva, Firmino).

    I have two transfers left with £5.7m ITB.

    The two players I’ll be offloading this month are Schlupp (immediately) and Rashford (may delay till Chelsea game due to double Gameweek 33).

    Do I play safe and simply bring in Mane & Firmino with my two transfers or do I have enough of a buffer to trust my instincts and go with what I feel would be the best transfers at this stage and aim for the highest overall position I can manage.

    I just feel KDB is set up to have a real good end to the season. He looks bang on form, he’s fresh due to his absences earlier in the season and City are still fighting on all fronts (i think they will overturn the one goal CL deficit against Spurs).

    So my options essentially are:

    Schlupp to Mane
    Schlupp to KDB

    then on GW 33

    Rashford to Firmino (I’ll review the lay of the land at this point though, if no other strikers are in form at this point I may just get Laporte).

    I’d love to hear your thoughts guys. 👍🏻

      1. Hi Chris,

        I like the idea of Schlupp to KDB I think 86 points is enough to give you that freedom to do it – I think firmino is a must as well to block him I don’t think Mane will massively outscore KDB if at all

        Good luck

      2. Incidentally Chris, I value your advice you’ve helped me a lot this season, would you scroll up and see my earlier post as I have the same conundrum you have regarding holding on to my lead – thanks

        1. Comment added to your thread mate and thanks for your kind words. Really enjoyed my DT debut and I’ve really enjoyed sharing comments and ideas with everyone involved in this forum. Had no idea I’d be so into it when I started out!

    1. Hi Chris,

      I think you should block, I lost a healthy lead 2 years ago with 3 weeks to go due to Harry Kane banging in a couple of hat tricks. Blocking is boring but it gets results, I got someone doing it to me now and its infuriating, it also means I have to take all the gambles on lesser players. Your rival only has to beat you by 17 points a week to take the crown and that’s not including any cup finals!! That said I am going to go for KDB myself but then I am swapping him for Pogba….enough said.

      Good luck with whatever you do and thanks for keeping the site interesting with all your thoughts & advice.

      1. Thanks Allan. I guess that would be the sensible choice. I’m wondering if I could get away with a ‘partial’ block by going KDB and Firmino. Whilst 17 pts doesn’t sound like much, I think when you take into account the same players we do have (me and my rival) I think I’ve got to be dreadfully unlucky for him to sustain that kind of return for the rest of the season. Opinion seems pretty split on here and Twitter.

    2. It would be tempting to block him off at such a late stage in the season. But I don’t think you can really go wrong. I don’t think Mane will outscore De Bruyne by enough to make up that lead. I think Firmino and Laporte will probably score a similar amount between them as well.

      1. Thanks DTT, much appreciated. Do you think it’s wise to hold onto Rashford for that double Gameweek or would you bring in Firmino now?

        1. I have to agree with DTT with the block approach. This is the approach I’ve started to use with my last 2 transfers. I know it’s boring but it will hopefully win me my mini league. I’ve mentioned a few players above that I’ve been keeping an eye on recently to gain an extra few points but having a healthy lead at this point in the season I don’t see the need to take the risks.

          I think the main question for DTT and Chris is if you’re in if it for the mini league cash or the DreamTeamFC glory? Whichever you choose I think you need to stick with it for the rest of the season.

          You’re both in really good position at the moment with your teams, funds and two transfers so it’s definitely going to be an interesting race until the end of the season for you both.

            1. I should have done it last night but time got away from me. I’ll probably make these changes tonight or tomorrow but it’s going to have to be Firmino and Walker now.

          1. I’m in it for the mini league glory. Obviously the plan is to finish as high as possible throughout the season but when you get to the money end – I’d rather secure a mini league win than finish a few places higher on the leaderboard as this means very little unless you’re in a cash winning position.

            1. I think I’ll probably go for the blocking option to be on the safe side. Next season though I’ll probably create additional teams to enter and have one that’s identical to my mini-league team. Towards the back-end of next season I’d then have the option of blocking with one team (should I be fortunate enough to be leading again) and going for it with different transfers with the “duplicate” team. Thanks DTT.

        2. Is that the Everton/Man City week? I’d personally slightly favour Liverpool playing Cardiff that week but it’s another one of those that could really go either way.

          1. Yeah, United play Everton away at the weekend then City at home in the week. As you say Cardiff looks very tempting also. Think I might stick with Rashford this week having having a listless West Ham at home then move him on.

    1. That’s an excellent question Allan. Just checked FFS website and they have pens down as Kane, Alli and Lamela in that order. With Kane out and the other two doubtful, maybe Son or Moura would be my guess.

  24. Just wondering if anyone is thinking about switching Kane out tonight before the price change and if so who for ?

    1. Done kane for firmino tonight leaving £4.3m in the bank and 1 transfer, will check tomorrow to see what my rivals do after 7am and possibly replace coady with either TAA or laporte.
      Incidentally did anyone know that if you log in on a PC after 7am you can see the transfers your rivals have made this week

  25. I’ve tried all sorts to try and see my rivals changes but it never seems to work until the weekends fixtures are finished. I think the app updates quicker on iPhones than Samsung 🤔

    1. Log into your dream team on a PC at 7 30 tomorrow morning and you will see all the changes works for me every week and then you can do your changes based on that if you are in a position where you need to block opponents

    2. I am in that position, currently holding a 30 point lead at the top. The guy in 2nd place hasn’t made any changes yet but I’m thinking about using my last 2 on Saturday.

      Thanks Ajf I’ll give that a try.

  26. Just used my final 2 transfers of the month before the price changes.

    Aubameyang to Son
    Lindelof to TAA

    Really hope they can get me over the line in my mini league. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    It was a really tough decision as I could make a case for VVD and Firmino as well. Opted for Trent to block 2nd place and hes currently racking up those assists. I feel Son and Firmino could score the same but with me already owning Salah and Mane all 3 can’t win the starman and if Son manages to grab a goal he could easily earn those extra 5 points which would be crucial at this stage of the season.

  27. The guy who I work with likes to have a flutter every week with football betting (accas). It got me wondering whether there would be any value using what we learn from playing Fantasy Football, and applying it to an accumulator say, with the bookies.

    Say we know that two teams play each other this weekend who both create lots of chances and have lots of shots, both are shaky defensively though. This type of fixture would be a good “over 2.5 goals” bet or “both teams to score”.

    Another example, using the “goals imminent” table on FFS website could give good clues as to who has a good chance of scoring in the upcoming fixtures. You could therefore place a bet on that player to score during the 90 minutes.

    Similar logic we learn from playing Fantasy Football could be applied to a whole host of other types of bets too. Do any of you guys have a flutter each week?

    Can well applied logic bring in success with the bookies or is it ultimately a mugs game?

    1. For me it’s ultimately the latter. I rarely bet because I don’t see it as a sustainable way of making money. I think in most cases the bookmaker wins. If I do have a bet it’s more for a bit of fun or to make specific big tournaments more interesting (World Cups/European Championships) but other than that it’s not for me.

      1. Yeah, I think you’re probably right. I am keen to search out cash leagues next season though for Dream Team. Do any of you guys play in a cash league that’s NOT just with a bunch of mates?

  28. Your last sentence summed it up really well! It is s mugs gsmevisnt it , funthough…

    C&B makes a good about abou Son and starman. Spurs also have one more fixture as things stand.
    I’m think of either putting in son or firmino for Kane.
    Then either Laporte, or De Bruyne for coady.

  29. It’s a good question Chris. I think it could be either one of them. Pretty sure Erikson has took them in the past though.

    1. I’m sure I remember Trippier taking one once too (and missing?) although i could be wrong.

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