April Transfer One

April Transfer One

As planned I’m taking out Schemichel and putting in Mendy. No brainer given Chelsea’s fixtures.

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    1. Yeah he’s not starting. I might take Foden out later if he’s not starting either for maybe Shaw.

    1. Funds really. They have all become quite expensive. Glad I didn’t now.

  1. How much do you have in the bank Paul? I have missed a couple of transfers, but did the Schmeichel/Mendy transfer last week.

    I have been stuck with Dier for months, so will use this first transfer to upgrade him. Don’t want to be priced out of bringing Salah back in

  2. Who would be a better option?
    Jota or Iheanacho? Thinking jota because of the champions league game but obviously could get rotated out?

    1. I don’t think I’d go for either personally but probably Jota given the extra fixtures

      1. As Mount scored I’m just going to hold the transfer until next week as I’m undecided.

  3. I need some advice please I’m top of my mini league with

    De bruyne

    And 2nd has closed with

    De bruyne

    He’s got 1 change this month where as I’ve got all 5 and there’s a 58 point gap…what shall I do? Cheers

    1. Not much wrong with your line up tbh, maybe considering the European fixtures to move out some of the Spurs players?

      Tbh I’m gutted I didn’t go with Jota yesterday had him as a top transfer. I put in Salah and I’ve kept Son for today’s game.

      1. Marc I hope son does well today. In thinking of going Jota and Salah but I’m also thinking of putting rashford back in?

        1. Yeah they seem like logical moves. Maybe see how Moura does and perhaps look at Mount to come in? Always seems to perform well for Chelsea. He didn’t start yesterday but came on and got a goal.

          1. Yeah I will. Hope moura starts but I can’t see it. Just hope son does well for us pal 👍

  4. I jumped on Jota this week. After seeing him on international duty. 3 goal in 3 games! Bargain at just under 3 million. I used my last 2 March transfers 2 bring him and Salah back in. Paid off massively! Jota is on 🔥! Definitely a must. I did mention in comments on Saturday he could be the secret weapon for the last few games. Great to see Kane pick is 18 big ones yesterday. I’ve a feeling he’ll get injured before the season is out. Don’t know why. But I do. Rashford will be an ideal replacement. Liverpool haven’t a bad run in either. Trent could be one to consider also.

    1. Is Jota a must have? I personally would chose Salah with pens over Jota and that leaves using DTT’s strikers as a example Kane and Rashford. Now do you take out Kane (less games, one of the best strikers in the game, high ownership) out for Jota or Rashford (Europa league easier than champions league, plays every game, one of the consistent players in the game) for Jota. So I don’t se how Jota is a must have myself as if you got those three strikers I wouldn’t take them out for Jota. I can understand in the FPL and TFF games but the rules are different you can bring in and out more freely and he is listed as a midfielder. But yes it will be interesting if DTT brings in Jota as he can use the funds to upgrade Moura as finances are tight.

      1. Worked out well for Mick but Jota isn’t on my radar and never has been really. I won’t be bringing him in. I’d rather have Salah, Kane and Rashford. With regards to Moura, I’ll swap him at some point if I can. But if I can’t it’s not a huge problem.

  5. I took out Foden for Azpil. Spewing. 17 point swing. Would be 16th on the leaderboard if I didn’t make that move 🙁

  6. Chelsea had to defend for there life last night
    cant justify 05 for both Azpilicueta and Rudiger disappointed or what.

  7. I put Salah in thanks to RR persuading me, that’s the beauty of this blog.

    With my funds I may have to go for Jota, I would have wanted Rashford but my budget is tight and I have to remove some of the Spurs players. Probably Son will make way, can’t lose Kane.

    Who are people thinking of getting in for the rest of this long April?

    1. Orite mark I’m making 4 changes mainly to cover the guy in 2nd but Shaw, Trent, mount, Salah in for Maguire, moura, son, aubamayang. Going 4 4 2

  8. Or a Chelsea defender instead of Trent who is cheaper but then I can take foden out for rashford

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