April Transfer Two – Sanchez In

April Transfer Two – Sanchez In

Out: Costa
In: Sanchez

With Arsenal kicking off in under an hour, I will keep this post brief. I’ve been forced into this transfer based on Costa’s poor goal scoring form recently. If Costa was picking up a good number of points each week I’d stick with him, however he’s not scored well since I put him in. The obvious choice for me is to put Sanchez back in. Arsenal have better fixtures than most for the rest of April and have an extra game over Man City, Spurs and Chelsea. They also have favourable fixtures against Palace, Middlesbrough and Leicester.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “April Transfer Two – Sanchez In

    1. If he hadn’t got injured I’d have never taken him out. However I’ve purely gone for Sanchez as Arsenal have 10 games left and Spurs have 8. With 4 transfers left until the end of the season I may look at bringing Kane back in for May.

        1. Really didn’t see last night’s result coming. Thought they would bounce back after some recent poor form. Either way Costa had been awful for me and Arsenal still have good fixtures coming in in April. I’m hoping they will turn a corner for the rest of the season, although it looks unlikely

          1. im only messing i almost did a similar thing, didnt see that capitulation and glad i didn’t! considering firminho for costa with fixtures for liverpool

            1. Liverpool have a great run of fixtures until the end of the season. My main concern with any of their players is the lack of fixtures remaining. They have a few less than most teams around them.

  1. frustrating that sanchez keeps playing out wide. Hopefully there’ll be a reaction after the woeful performance against palace.
    Have the kdb dilemma too. Any thoughts who you might replace him with? Obvious one would be hazard if I could afford him. Would sterling or sane be a better bet?

    1. Yeah I knew it was a risk as he’s not been playing up front. Which is a little strange considering his form in front of goal at the start of the season. I’m likely to swap De Bruyne for Hazard as my next transfer. If he’s too expensive, personally I’d be looking at Man Utd players with the potential of European fixtures until the end of the season. Pogba or Mkhitaryan?

  2. “April Transfer Two – Sanchez In”

    “April Transfer Three– Sanchez OUT” ???

    1. More than likely after last nights disaster. However, Arsenal do have Middlesbrough and Leicester still to play in April. I think I’ll probably stick with Sanchez until the start of May at least in the hope that his form picks up.

  3. My front 6.
    I’ve got 2.3 spare.
    Costa has to go.
    Thinking of breaking habit of a life time by going 4-4-2.
    I’m debating whether to put in POGBA for COSTA or possibly ERIKSEN.
    What’s your opinion on that buddy?

    1. Looks like a strong line up already. I’d agree with getting rid of Costa – the third striker has been a problem for me recently as well. Eriksen has scored a good amount of points for me and Pogba has scored well over the season. Man Utd could have plenty of extra fixtures but it looks like you’ve got decent coverage for them already. I’m assuming you won’t have enough for Kane?

      1. No I’ve not got enough for Kane and Costas value is dropping quicker than Sunderland are.
        So he’s got.
        I don’t normally have 2 midfielders from the same team but like you say Man Utd have got plenty fixtures left.
        Prob go with pogba if he starts tomorrow night.

        1. Pogba always seems to score points every time he plays. They could potentially have a lot more fixtures so I don’t think it would be a bad move considering how seriously they are taking the Europa League

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