April Transfers 4 & 5

April Transfers 4 & 5

As I’m not going to be around this afternoon, I’m making my final two transfers for the month now. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not convinced by either of them but I feel like I need to make a proactive change with Ake being injured. I wanted to bring Stones in but this isn’t going to happen due to budget. I’ve decided to go for Shaw instead as there isn’t really anyone else that I’d want. I’m also going to swap Kane for Salah, as Salah has two games this week and Kane only has one.

Ake out, Shaw in
Kane out, Salah in

2 thoughts on “April Transfers 4 & 5

    1. Annoying that Ake came back to score midweek and Shaw lost his clean sheet late on yesterday though.

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