April Transfers Two & Three

April Transfers Two & Three

For most of the season I’ve had transfers left over towards the end of each month. However as we are coming to the end of the season I’m going to be forced into two changes due to the injury to Kane. I’ve decided to go for:

Kane out
Firmino in

Coady out
Walker in

I’ve documented this in more detail in my last review of the game week. However the general logic is that Liverpool have some good fixtures coming up and with Kane having to come out it makes sense to use the funds to upgrade Coady to another Man City player.

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  1. Done it too , was tempted by Son with the good fixture today , but really like firmino so hopefully it turns out good !

  2. Right call
    Son on bench.must be saving him for 2 City fixtures.
    Cant see him doing much there.
    Firmino it is then

  3. Well left the Sheffield United match in a foul mood after conceding a 95th minute equaliser, forgot to check the Man Utd lineup 😂. Had I known Rashford wasn’t starting I’d probs have swapped him out for Firminho.

    I’m now likely to use my final transfer on Sane instead. If he doesn’t start tomorrow he may make way for either KDB or B Silva.

    1. Top 10 I think:

      1. £100,000
      2. £50,000
      3. £20,000
      4. £8,000
      5. £7,000
      6. £5,000
      7. £4,000
      8. £3,000
      9. £2,000
      10. £1,000

  4. Hi all.

    This was lost at the bottom of the last thread so trying again.

    Been away with work for a bit so not able to post a great deal recently. I would really appreciate some thoughts on the below


    I have 2 transfers remaining and 0.8itb. Currently in 200th position overall and top of my mini league by 5 points.

    Tempted to go Azpillicuita > KDB and Auba > Faminho today if both are starting. I planned Doherty to KDB yesterday but missed the deadline which was annoying!

    Why are people’s thoughts?

    Thanks all, any thoughts would be much appreciated.

      1. Mind you, I might be tempted to shift out Doherty too as I have a feeling Wolves may drop off a little now after the excursions of the Cup semi-final. Laporte?

    1. I’d personally be tempted to go Auba to KDB and go 4-4-2. Leaves you with that bonus transfer if/when required.

      Whilst there are some decent alternatives as that third striker, none stand out at this moment in time. The only reason I went with Firmino was to block my rival.

      Good luck mate. 👍🏻

    2. What did you end up doing? Hopefully you kept Aubameyang for the time being given his goal last night?

      1. Changed auba to Firminho as think that’s a better longer term move.

        Plan to do Doherty to KDB next next I think…

  5. Moura comes into the reckoning now (I know won’t get hat trick every week) but cheap 2.9 playing as striker or just off with son/llorente as competition! After city spurs got really good fixtures and have settled in nicely at the new stadium!

  6. Everybody has gone for son and forgot about him! In my ml anyway presumably most peeps looking to replace Kane brought in son.

    1. Always easy to suggest a player after they’ve just cracked in a hat-trick. 😜

      Decent option to be fair though and with Kane missing out, he seems to have been off the radar with most going for Son or Firmino. Could be an excellent differential.

  7. Waiting game for you DTT and any other Rudiger owners:

    Sarri on Rudiger. “I hope it is nothing serious of course, but at the moment I am not able to say anything. We need to go to Cobham and have another visit with the doctor, and probably we will need something else tomorrow to be sure the injury is not serious. I am not sure.” #CFC

    1. Yeah really annoying after using all my transfers. I’m on a bit of a bad run at the wrong time in the season. I’ve been overtaken in my mini league and our teams are so similar that I’m almost resigned to defeat.

        1. I’m 27 points behind. Which will probably be an even bigger gap come May. Annoying because I’ve been top pretty much all season. I’ll have to go very different to his team in May and hope for a big chunk of luck by going for someone I wouldn’t normally go for.

  8. 32 points ahead now in ML , 2nd place clawed back 20 points – thinking need to block off one of 2nd places main threats with my last transfer – we have 7 players the same and he has used all his transfers , I have 1 transfer left here are the options:

    The 4 players I have that he hasn’t are Aguero, Sterling, Azpiculeta & Coady

    The 4 players he has that I don’t have are Matip, VVD, Luiz & KDB

    To me the biggest threats he has are VVD & KDB + to him my biggest threats are Aguero & Sterling, I am hoping they will cancel each other out almost in terms of points as those 4 are all similar in terms of point scorers, however what I am thinking is either ;

    I have £4.3m in bank
    Azpiculeta out for VVD ( purely to block him as VVD is big threat and doubles me up on liverpool defence, pretty confident that Luiz , Matip + KDB are a weaker threat, but leaves with me with Coady !!)

    Coady out for Matip or TAA – the matip option matches him and doubles me up on liverpool defence + leaves £1.6m in bank for may when I plan to upgrade Azpi for Laporte or VVD then – the TAA option cleans me out money wise.

    What is anyones thoughts please?


    1. Remind me of your team, formation and budget again please AJF.

      I reckon KDB stands a good chance of outscoring VVD for the season remainder. If I wasn’t blocking my rivals I reckon he’d be in my team now (I must make sure I enter multiple teams next season, some being duplicate initially, so I can avoid this tactic with the other teams). He looks close to his scintillating best again now and he’s at a great price all things considered. That being said, would an Azpilicueta/Matip (or) TAA combo outscore a KDB (or) VVD/Coady combo? Extremely tough one to call. I’d probably go Coady to TAA all things considered.

      1. Thanks Chris, my team is
        Coady Robertson azpiculeta
        Mane hazard b Silva sterling
        Salah aguero firmino

        4.3m in bank 1 transfer left 32 points ahead

        My rival team is
        Matio vvd Robertson Luiz
        Kdb mane b Silva hazard
        Firmino Salah

        Hes used all his transfers

        What do you think

        1. My only fear with Matip is that Gomez or Lovren could come in at any time now. I’d probably go with TAA all things considered but you probably couldn’t go wrong with someone like Laporte either. I reckon TAA has done enough to cement his place over recent weeks and Laporte is pretty nailed on as he has been all season.

          Good luck AJF. 👍🏻

          1. Thanks Chris – going for TAA does double up my Liverpool defence and he does get assists, so I suppose he can match VVD or certainly stay close to him I guess so could nullify any big point gains from VVD, the downside is it leaves me with no money for May – which worries me if i needed to bring in KDB for B Silva for example in may –

            1. With City in the Cup Final already and maybe going further in the Champs league, it would be worth leaving enough for KDB for May. He is almost back to his best and has had a good rest with his 2 injuries this season.
              He is a consistent point scorer since he came back and could explode any time.

              1. Thanks Kurbs – I think KDB is a must for May and for the last few weeks of the season – Putting TAA in for Coady cleans me out money wise and leaves me vunerable for may / run in with no cash to swap B Silva for KDB.
                I could mirror the 2nd place challenger in my league and go 442 by swapping firminio to VVD and leaving £3 mill in bank for may when I could swap B Silva for KDB and if chelsea or arsenal make it to Europa final put rudiger or mustafi in for coady?

                1. Agreed on KDB and I like your foresight. I’d fancy Aguero to outscore Firmino so that move for VVD sounds a good stroke, leaving you with the funds for KDB in May. 👍🏻

  9. Thanks Chris, I think I’m going to put laporte in for coady thinking ahead for the fa cup final as much as anything and keep the rest of the team as it is for now. Only leaves me 300k in bank but once I know whose made the champions league and Europe semis I can look to see what needs to be done – with B Silva and Azpi on the radar perhaps for Gomez and KDB hopefully.
    How you doing in your ML ?

    1. 93 pts clear as it stands so happy with that cushion at this stage. B.Silva to KDB is a move I’m considering come May also.

      Laporte is a solid option imo and the moves you talk of in May look good choices too. Good luck mate! 👍🏻

  10. DTT, have you considered making the DTT league a cash league next year? Would others be keen? Could get a very healthy pot and do some good prizes?

    1. I’d be up for it, although I think the competition would be very tough compared to the ones I’ll be in with workmates and mates. I think Roumeli Rangers look to have took this years crown in the Dream Team Tips ML, do they post on here whoever’s team that is? Well played. 👏

      I’m in a respectable 5th in that ML. Really pleased with that for my debut. Would love to get into that top 1000 now.

      1. I don’t think they’ve ever posted having just looked them up, which is a bit disappointing. I’m assuming that’s you in second place Dan?

    2. If it could be managed via the Dream Team website I’d have been up for that (as it used to be) but not sure I’d be keen on holding people’s money for a whole season. I do know a very good group who are beyond just friends and family who run a very good cash league though so that could be an option.

      1. Yeah I’m in 2nd in the DTT league. Defo up for a cash league next year, not sure the best way to facilitate it as I only play work leagues for cash and we generally just pay the guy who organises it.

        I’ll do a bit of research as it needs to be secure for everyone. If others can do the same we can look at something for next season. Obviously if you’re happy with those DTT.

        In my work league we do a top at Christmas prize, top on Halloween and a spot prize for a single game week over 150 points. The rest goes into top 5 places. We do £20 entry and have 50 in the league so it’s very competitive.

        Not sure whether you could set up a new chat at the end of the season around this subject as I’m sure others will have good ideas etc.


        1. Think the general consensus from everyone else is that a cash league probably wouldn’t be the best move for the blog. I can send over a link to the group I use on Facebook though as they run some reputable mini leagues.

  11. Bloody hell, been driving down to Margate with the family this evening. Looks like I’ve missed the CL game to end all CL games. 🤦‍♂️

  12. I think the secret of dream team success- is not to talk about fantasy football. Evidence – not heard anything from this years likely DTT mini league winner. Maybe that’s how winning is done. Current winners don’t share thoughts, ideas. The only in depth winning strategy discussed is on FPL – even to win that takes the most amount of luck with so many variables involved – hits, captains, chips plus of the highest number of teams (4m) and restrictions – only one team allowed. At the end then you receive no cash prize just some tickets to see a game. Anyone heard from previous sky, telegraph and sun dream team winners on their strategy. Not me maybe because the prizes are in their thousands and who wants to give out free advice.

    I am against the cash mini league – money can bring the worst out of people and if I was in one I would be less inclined to post my ideas or thoughts here (I guess others will too) as I don’t want my competitors to know what I am thinking. I rather just donate some funds to DTT who is doing a great job with this website and hope it grows and become better in future years.

    1. I love a bit of competition, even more so when there is money to be had but I think RR is right with his views on thought sharing. The fact everyone(nearly) shares their views and advice, is what makes this site different from the rest. Money could effectively destroy this site, I personally think it would be a bad decision.

  13. Do we still think KDB is essential rather than some Tottenham representation now with extra fixtures and a more kinder draw against Ajax ?

    1. I think you can quite easily argue for both. Whilst Spurs have the greater number of fixtures, I’d expect KDB to outscore all of their midfield for PL games. I’m quite keen on Son now though. 👀

  14. Agree with rr peeps wouldn’t post and share advice and suggestions if were all competing against each other! (Or give bad advice/suggestions to conceal ideas) 😜

    1. Crikey, didn’t realise it would all be so cloak and dagger. 😂

      Fair point though I guess.

      I’d like to think the enjoyment I get from sharing thoughts and opinions on here would outweigh any urge to scupper anybody else’s fortunes.

      It would certainly halve my enjoyment of Dream Team if this site no longer existed.

      1. I’d agree – think the general consensus is not to have a cash league associated with the blog.

  15. I’m switching from 433 to 343 getting rid of stones and putting in moura! Classed as a mid, plays striker in a 2 or support striker, cheap price going to carry on rising due to recent hat trick! Son is suspended for 1st leg at home v Ajax! Using my last sub! Spurs got gd fixtures mostly at the new whl ! Going to take a chance !

    1. Are you chasing in your ML Gurdip? Excellent, positive move if so. No point matching those above if chasing. 👍🏻

  16. Happy good Friday everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed your fish and chips today! I’m in the northeast this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed them!

    Onto more pressing matters. Some advice on the below would be very welcome. Current team:


    I have one transfer left, want to bring in KDB but question is for who. Either;

    A) Azpillicuita
    B) Doherty

    Would love to get a few votes, I’m sterling towards Doherty due to Chelsea’s europa involvement but happy to open up a debate.

    Thanks all

    1. Yep, agreed. I had a moment where I was regretting removing Doherty out a few weeks back but it’s actually turned out ok as he’s dried up somewhat with those double digit hauls. Keep Azpilicueta remove Doherty for me. What a player for Fantasy Football he’s been though. 👍🏻

      1. Cheers Chris. I will be sad to see him go. One of my favourite picks for the season based on value.

        Good luck this weekend chaps and have a great Easter

  17. Yes Chris I’m about 40 points behind in my m/l I did the transfer b4 city game didn’t expect anything from him (moura) there brought him in for the easier fixtures and 1st league v Ajax couldn’t resist with price (free up some funds for next month) and out of position classed as mid! 🤞pays off he’s got son !

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