August Transfer 1

August Transfer 1

Massive shame that there’s uncertainty about when Bertrand might return. He should have picked up 8 points for the team at the weekend but got ruled out with Covid. I’ll cover it in more detail in the weekly review but I’ve decided to make a change tonight.

I’m taking Bertrand out and putting Tanganga in

Tanganga should go up in value and will hopefully get some decent game time for Spurs over the game week. He’s also dirt cheap so will be a good enabler for getting more of the big guns in.

That’s my only transfer before the prices change in the morning. I’m looking at swapping Kane for De Bruyne at the weekend to target the Norwich fixture. No need to make that move now though as De Bruyne won’t go up and could go down. Kane will stay the same.

9 thoughts on “August Transfer 1

  1. Does KDB get less assists without Kane, Aguero or Gundogan to supply, Jesus and Torres aren’t exactly prolific, and Grealish may also steal some assists as well. Just playing devils advocate and fully aware KDB could be in my team immanently 🤣

    1. I agree, he’s not top of my list out of the big guns but the problem is every will stick him in.

  2. Also I went Bertrand to Cash at the weekend which clearly didn’t pay off. Tempted to use a 2nd transfer to do Cash to Tanganga just for the fact he’s £0.5m cheaper now and both are going to swing in value in the morning which could be closer to a £1.1m net gain overall if both swing £0.3m. Feels rash but there’s some logic. Villa do have good fixtures but interested to hear what others think of this move.

    1. I’m in the same situation but with Ashley young instead of Cash. Tanganga could be a decent move but playing up against Traore won’t be easy plus I can’t see him starting over Doherty in the 2nd leg of the playoff. Knowing my luck I will take Young out, Villa will get clean sheets in there next 2 games and Young will score lol

      1. Young could have two games this week with the Carabao Cup. Probably not at his age but it’s possible.

    2. I hear what you’re saying with regard to the price changes but I’m going to hold Cash for now. Villa have three decent fixtures (both PL ones at home most importantly) coming up and could easily get a couple of CS’s amongst those. Hopefully Smith will have addressed the discrepancies shown in that game at Watford.

  3. I stuck in the end. The 3 good fixtures for Villa swayed me. I’ll work on budget when better opportunities arise.

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