August Transfer 1

August Transfer 1

With prices changing tomorrow morning, I’ve decided to take Gomez out. He was benched at the weekend and Liverpool aren’t looking as strong defensively at the moment. I simply don’t want to have 3.4m invested in a player who is likely to be rotated a lot and even if he were to come on may be at risk of the clean sheet bonus already being gone.

There were a few candidates to bring in. However I’ve opted for Mina. He’s cheap and Everton have started the season well. I’m already regretting not going with the fixtures and picking at least one of their defenders from the start of the season. I’m sure by going for one now their form will quickly change but Mina looks almost certain to rise in value tomorrow morning and at the moment I can’t see any reason why he won’t be starting tomorrow evening.

I’ve opted for a cheaper player, as I think this will help to free up funds to create some good options going into the weekend. The transfer leaves me with 1.8m in the bank. 

The players I’ve got question marks next to at the moment are B. Silva and Moura. The 1.8m in the bank will allow me to check who is starting for City against Bournemouth. If Silva is benched I’ll probably be bringing in De Bruyne (if he starts). Unfortunately Moura isn’t playing until 4:30pm on Sunday, as a result I think I’m going to keep him for another game week regardless of him starting against Newcastle or not. I know many people are thinking about moving him on already and I can see why after he was benched against City. However he’s picked up 5 points and 8 points over the first two game weeks. I’m delighted with this return from a 3m midfielder and I believe he will rise in value again tomorrow morning. If Spurs were kicking off at the same time as Chelsea, I’d be tempted to swap Moura for Mount, if Moura was benched. We won’t have the opportunity to check this with Chelsea playing on Saturday. As a result I’m going to stick with Moura for the time being. 

I’ve also got slight reservations over Maitland-Niles (tough fixtures but has started well) and Aubameyang. Despite scoring two goals in as many games Aubameyang is a player that I never seem to have any patience with. It’s completely irrational as he’s keeping up with all of the other more expensive strikers but as I’ve decided Kane and Salah are going no where the third striker always seems to be the one I constantly question. With the likes of Martial and Rashford scoring well for almost half the price it’s tempting me already to bring one of them in. In an ideal situation both B. Silva and Moura start and score well over the weekend and this could save me a couple of transfers to reevaluate the whole team before the end of the month.

Just for clarity, the only change for the time being is being done tonight:

Gomez out
Mina in

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47 thoughts on “August Transfer 1

  1. Cheers at DTT, a compelling argument you make! I was fairly set on my triple move this morning but the more I think about it there is sense in playing the long game… will probably bottle it and then lament not bringing Mount in 😂

    1. 😂 having said that I wouldn’t listen me too much. Whatever I say the opposite is almost certain to happen so just go with whatever feels right for you.

  2. I’ve already made them exact changes with Moura and silva for de bruyne.just struggling on what to do with van dijk weather to keep him or not

    1. I’d have been tempted to keep Moura and Silva and just swap Van Dijk for De Bruyne.

  3. I have Pickford in goal so not sure about doubling up on Everton but I want Gomez out so looking for ideas as to a replacement? I have zero money and it has to be a defender as I’m already 3-4-3. Any help guys?? My other defenders are Zinchenko & KWP.

    1. Tough one – there’s not actually that many options for a straight swap with Gomez. All I could really see is a Chelsea defender, Shaw, Wolves defender or another Everton defender.

    1. Yeah might be a blessing in disguise if B. Silva doesn’t start because I’ll be forced to go for De Bruyne.

    2. What’s the opinion on Barkely I have him in and he looks to have fallen down the pecking order. I’m thinking if he doesn’t start against Norwich to transfer him out?
      Only at 2 mil he was my cheap pick, Mount is a obvious pick or any suggestions. I want to pick a similar price player as I’m looking then to get in Mane or De Bruyne.

      1. I’d take him out if he’s dropped again. Mount looks like the obvious player to bring in if he starts.

  4. Dtt ….I forgot to swap Gomez /matip first game so was stuck with matip but did get me 3 points this week and has gone up to 3.5m….do you think its still worth taking him out for mina?

    1. Completely up to you – I personally would to free up the funds for potentially going for De Bruyne and I’d imagine Matip will start to be rotated as well.

  5. Hi DTT,

    Just went for the Gomez out Mina in transfer and said the transfer is pending and will go live at 7am Friday morning. Will this change be in time for the price changes?

    1. Yeah it’s the same for me – the transfer will go through before the prices change.

  6. Right, I’ve had a complete about turn. 😂With Arsenal’s tricky fixtures and the likelihood that Aubameyang will be rotated for next months Europa League game, I’m going to bring in Martial for him. He’s performing well and United have nice fixtures. I really love his price too. Of course he himself may be rested too but I’ll take the risk. This frees up funds to bolster one of my midfield options.

    I’m also moving out Fraser for Mount as I’ve said previously, further boosting the coffers.

    I’m then tempted to leave Moura another week in the hope he starts or plays a part against a porous Newcastle or I might switch for KDB. I have the luxury of a bit more time to consider this move as I don’t need to do it before the deadline for price changes.

    Thoughts much appreciated guys.

    1. You could just do Auba and Fraser to Martial and KDB. That way you get to keep Moura for another week, save a transfer and even if you do end up getting Mount in a week or two it’s not going to make a huge difference at the price he is now cos he will still be an enabler at 2m or under

      1. Yep, 100% agree I should’ve done it that way. Why the hell did I not see this route staring me in the face! 😂 Thanks anyway District. 👍🏻

        Anyways, I’m committed to the Martial and Mount options now as I did it before going to bed after the night shift. Still time to ponder the Moura to KDB option. I really wish I could read Poch’s mind right now.

  7. Cheers for the transfer update DTT.

    Personally i was looking to bring in Digne as a replacement for Gomes however the Mina transfer makes sense. That extra 1m saving can definitely be used better elsewhere in the team plus you still have the Everton cover.

    You do know Gomes is gonna get a crazy clean sheet run in that Liverpool side now though right? 😉

    Moura im happy to hold on to this week, he’ll feature v Newcastle at some point. Not an essential transfer right now IMO.

    What’s your thoughts on Patricio? Frustrating to see he’s dropped points tonight. I know theres a bit of a price difference but I can’t help see by Ederson as pretty much the only guaranteed starter in that City defence.

    1. I think it’s inevitable that Gomez comes in and gets a clean sheet at the weekend but what can you do. Mina will probably blank tonight as well but it’s a long term strategy. I’m not too unhappy with Patricio but I’ll certainly be evaluating the goalkeepers over the next few weeks.

  8. On your moves DTT, I’m in complete agreement with you on Gomez. Even if he does play this weekend, Arsenal are more than capable of scoring against Liverpool.

    On Maitland-Niles, I think I’ll be keeping him until Bellerin gets back to fitness as I think there is good value in him. He’s showed he’s even capable of a Star man award. Not too shabby for £1.5m starting price.

    The Moura decision is beginning to drive me insane… 🤯😂

    1. I still think I’m leaning towards going Moura to KDB this weekend although I’ve been swaying both ways with it. KDB looked so good last weekend and a lot of my main ML rivals have him to. I can see him doing some damage to that Bournemouth team whereas I have no idea just how many minutes Moura will see, albeit against the lacklustre Newcastle. Three transfers in one fell swoop though. 😬

      Team will be:


      ITB: £5.8m
      Transfers left this month: 0

      1. Surely you don’t have that much money in the bank Chris? you should be looking at doing Mane instead of Mount if you have!

        1. £5.8m itb is correct mate now I’ve brought in Mount and Martial mate. After the potential move for KDB (Moura out) though that would then leave £2.9m itb (at the time of writing).

          With the current values, I’d just be able to switch Vardy to Kane next month. I haven’t ruled out Son though as a cheaper alternative so I’ll see how he performs when he comes back. Could then maybe consider Kepa for Ederson and leave him in for the season. I don’t see a Mendy return just yet but he’s back in training so this could put Zinc’s place under threat.

    2. 😂 I’m the same with Moura. I’m just glad I was out last Saturday as I’d have probably taken him out when he was benched. I’ve decided to just take the hit this weekend if he doesn’t play because I think getting 13 points from him so far is a good return but I’ll move him on after that. What did you do with him in the end?

      1. Still not decided and feel like my brain is melting…

        I’ve been doing my best to trawl Twitter for folks in the know about what chance Moura starts. Guess what I’ve got so far? 50/50. 😂

  9. Any thoughts on shipping B.Silva out and changing to 433 then bringing in someone like Pukki, Rashford or Martial? This is my most likely transfer for tonight regardless if Silva starts or not.
    I don’t have funds for KDB at the moment as I already have Sterling and Mane.
    Also not sure if I should ditch Robertson to free up funds for someone better in Mid and go 343.

    1. I’d be keeping Robbo David. Liverpool will start keeping clean sheets soon enough I’d imagine and Robbo is one of the best attacking full-backs in the game. I’d also be keeping hold of B.Silva if he starts too. City could annihilate Bournemouth this weekend.

      Go with what feels right for you though mate.

      1. Thanks guys, I decided to hold off and give them 1 more week – what is the cutoff for transferring B.Silva out if he doesn’t play? How will I know?

        1. If you’re swapping him for someone else who hasn’t already played during the weekend you just need to do it before Man City kick off. So I’d check the line up which is normally an hour before kick off.

  10. Hi All, I’ve made my 3 transfers under the logic of there is only 2 game weeks till transfers refresh, thoughts appreciated on my team 🙂

    3rd in my ML, only behind because of bloody Pukki…🤦🏻‍♂️

    GK Caballero (Seems to working ok for me not having a regular starting GK and most likely will play at some point)

    CB Robertson
    CB Zinch
    CB Mina

    CM Sterling
    CM Moura
    CM B.Silva
    CM Mane

    ST Kane
    ST Salah
    ST Rashford

    1.0mil ITB
    TAA -> Mina
    McNeil -> Mane
    Aubameyang -> Rashford

    Can see Aub getting less points than Rashford in the next 2 game weeks, most probably wrong but what’s life without risks😊

    1. In a bit of bother with my team couple of price drops have left me with a quandary as wanted to get Mane in , Dont want to panic but to get him in now I would have to drop 2 of my big guns – salah or Robertson which I am not sure is right thing to do – team;

      Walker peters



      Thinking this week swap Berkley for mount once I see team news or do I go salah for martial and berkley for mane? Or is my obsession with mane unhealthy and swapping salah is a like for like ?

      1. I’d personally do nothing at the moment with this team. Other than swapping Barkley for Mount if Mount starts ahead of him.

    2. Looks like some decent changes. Although TAA to Mina is a bit of a downgrade but McNeil to Mane is certainly an upgrade.

    3. I was torn between Rash and Martial. Rash will probably be on pens now but Martial playing as the central striker. Probably won’t be much between them points wise.

  11. Seems to be a lot of people going for kdb over mane? Mane plays one of the front 3 while kdb although has had a good start and will assist for fun isn’t as attacking as mane therefore expect more goals from mane. Would like to hear people’s opinions on kdb or mane?

    1. I see Mane as that explosive scorer in games, sometimes he isn’t a consistent point scorer across a season.

      DeBruyne seems to be a player who will get better ratings at a consistent rate, chipping in with the assists.

    2. For me it’s about the fixtures coming up. City have a slightly easier run and De Bruyne appears to have started well.

  12. FFS tipping Mount, Mina and Shaw for good weekends. For those interested in Mount:

    GW3 Opponent: Norwich City (away)

    Before August 2019/20, Mason Mount (£6.1m) hadn’t even played a minute of Premier League football and yet in the space of two games, he has already begun to make a name for himself at Stamford Bridge.

    The young midfielder is already displaying the kind of form that steered Derby to the Championship play-off final last season.

    Of course, the Rams fell at the final hurdle but the fact that Frank Lampard managed him then and now is very significant. Whisper it quietly, but is he moulding Mount to follow in his own famous playing style at Chelsea?

    In the first two Gameweeks, Mount ranks second for goal attempts among for midfielders priced at £7.0m or less.

    Of course, it’s still early days and he isn’t going to score in every other game but a generous fixture run points towards the potential for Mount to continue his form.

    Up next for Chelsea is a Norwich City team that may have impressed with their attack against Liverpool and Newcastle but who also have a questionable defensive record.

    Even if Chelsea can’t defeat them, I would expect Mount to cause trouble to their unreliable backline.

    1. How do you find FFS with regards to the statistics they provide? Do they translate well for Dream Team? I’m half tempted to sign up just to get access to some of the tools they talk about in their podcast.

      1. The stats tools are second to none. Obviously it is all set up for FPL but it can all be applied to DT too. The player comparison tool is a great one if you’re undecided on which of two players to go for. Loads more stuff on there too. I simply don’t have the time to dive in as deeply as I’d like but I do subscribe and have a good root around in there now and again.

        I’d recommend it. 👍🏻

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