August Transfer 5

August Transfer 5

Tonight is an enforced transfer. I ideally wanted to take Coutinho out tonight but it’s going to have to be Ake on the assumption that he’s currently injured and may not play at the weekend.

I’ve debated bringing in Trippier, Cucurella or Zinchenko. I’ve decided that Zinchenko is probably too risky and Chelsea looked a bit leaky at the back against Leeds. After another decent week for Trippier, I’ve decided to bring him in.

Ake out
Trippier in

7 thoughts on “August Transfer 5

  1. Did you not fancy Struijk of Leeds Bargain at £1.4m ? Decent fixtures next 4 games

    1. I’ve just stuck him into one of my teams. Leeds looking decent at the moment and nice fixtures. Could be a lovely short-term value booster.

  2. Will Ake actually drop in value tomorrow so we reckon? If he does I’d imagine it’ll only be by £0.1m. Anyone tempted to hold and make the move on match day? Could swap for a player dropping further in value?

    1. I would have been doing that if it wasn’t Trippier that I wanted to bring in. I don’t see him dropping the full 0.3m but I do see Trippier rising by 0.3m

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