August Transfer Three

August Transfer Three

Really quick post as I’ve been away for a couple of days so I’m having to post from my mobile. I’ve decided to use my final transfer of the month today. No surprises – it’s going to be Aubameyang out and Aguero in. On one condition – that Aguero starts against Brighton.

If B. Silva is benched and Aguero starts I’m still going to do the Aguero transfer. I like Man City’s Champions League draw and he’s made the most consistent start to the season out of all the big names and I worry what he might do against Brighton. So on the condition that he starts. The transfer is:

Augero in

Aubameyang out

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  1. Hi DTT,

    I think thats a great shout. Aguero has been on fire recently and with more good fixtures to come it makes sense. I took Kane out for Aguero which might be deemed risky to some, but I just see Aguero banging in a couple of goals this weekend and should start given Jesus injury problems.

    I have B.Silva myself but with no transfers left gotta hope he starts and finally starts to deliver. He is definitely someone I plan to move on as soon as the september transfers become available.

    1. Glad I went with Aguero but frustrating to see B. Silva benched. Least we got a bit of luck with him scoring off the bench but I’ll be going for Mane in September I’d imagine.

  2. good call DTT, if bernado’s sluggish start continues….theres now the option of slotting in either KDB or Mane with the extra kitty
    heres to everyone having a great points total this weekend !

    1. Cheers Darren – good to see Aguero on the score sheet today. Despite the goal I think Silva needs to be moved on for Mane but that’s one to tackle in September.

    1. I’ve already done the transfer so it will just be bad luck. Typically if they kicked off at the same time and Mount wasn’t playing and James was starting I’d have gone for James. He’s now just got on the score sheet. Got a feeling its going to be one of those seasons.

      1. Yep. Fair play to James, he didn’t really impress me in that Wolves game but he’s on 🔥 right now. He’s surely forced his way into our thoughts for next month’s transfers?…. His value alone will rise for ages now never mind the potential returns he could bring.

        1. He was in my thoughts for today. Had Chelsea and Man Utd been kicking off at the same time I’d have gone for James if Mount was not playing. Typical that James has already scored – I’ll probably take Mina out for James in September. Go 343 and have Sterling, Mane, Mount, James
          Salah, Aguero, Kane

          Not sure what it will leave in the bank but should be a tidy bit for upgrading someone else. I doubt I’ll touch that front 7 then unless there’s an injury.

  3. Can’t argue with your transfer DTT. I do like Auba but City’s fixtures look lovely and he’s certainly in the groove.

    1. Yeah absolutely – he wasn’t someone I really wanted to leave out but I didn’t think I could justify the cost. With players like Mount and James playing and scoring points it’s easier to have the big three now. If only we had known at the start of the season.

  4. Jesus if I had any transfers left probably got rid of James
    and Rashford.thank god I had used all three after a goal like that and the way he is
    playing to day looks like a no brainier.
    think he will grab man of the match today hopefully.

        1. And at least B. Silva got a goal off the bench. Shame Mount didn’t do anything.

  5. I think B Silva needs to be switched out in September – if you go Mina to James you can still get KDB or Mane for B Silva?

    That’s a pretty decent front 7!

    1. Yeah I’d have started with that front 7 if I’d have known that James and Mount would be regulars in the starting 11. Pretty annoyed with how the game works to be honest – I don’t think we get enough transfers to adapt when things are so up in the air at the start of the season. I think at least one a week would be better and allow them to roll over if they aren’t used.

  6. man united midfield is absolute crap one of the biggest clubs in the league
    cant pass to save there bacon mc tom, Mata, even Pogba, do not set the world alight.
    such a big city could put a second team out and they would wipe United out.
    manager wont be there much longer Im afraid.

    1. they could not pass the parcel.
      there midfield is very poor think they need 2 mids and 1 decent striker
      they cant keep buying rubbish like Fred ect.

  7. Phew at last, a decent day for my Dream Team. Really needed a week like this to get me back amongst it in my ML’s.


    Vardy brace, assist & SM

    Aguero brace, assist & SM

    Salah assist

    TAA assist & CS

    Robbo CS

    Zinc CS


    Mount blank – still think it’s a good call to have him as I love his general positioning which allows him to get a fair few shots away. Stays.

    Kepa -1. This one has just not worked out for me and I’ll probably be going for a cheapie like yourself DTT in Patricio to free up some funds. Too much cash in Kep to be getting minus points on a regular basis. Chelsea look very leaky.

    Sterling quiet game. Can’t be amazing every game.

    67 points from one day’s work is very pleasing. AMN and Moura to come. Either a 0-0 or a Moura brace would be right up my street. 👍🏻

    1. I did notice those 20 points for Vardy and thought of you Chris. How many points are you on now?

      1. Shocking week for me, as predicted as I somehow always do badly in the week before the first international break. 15 players in double figures and I had one of them, very annoying

      2. 221 pts. After getting twitchy about him lately I’m really pleased my patience has finally paid off. Reckon Leicester could be in with a shout of top six this season and Vardy will be at the point of that Leicester spearhead. MOTD put up a stat that showed since Rogers took control, no striker has scored more PL goals than Vardy. Anyone tempted to join me on the Vardy train?

        Nice to see Aguero transfer reap big rewards right away too. Surely his game time should remain high with the form he’s showing?

        Having no Kane is a risk for me but as we saw last season, the eventual winner didn’t own him all season.

        Looking to get Mane in next for Moura (I’ll explain how I’ll fund it in another post) as I see Sterling, Aguero, Salah & Mane as the best attacking quartet combination for the two best teams in the league. An argument could be made for KDB too but I think I’d damage the rest of my team trying to get him in as well.

        1. I think Leicester might do well this season but I’m not tempted to bring Vardy in myself just yet. It was great to see Aguero get on the score sheet and as you say hopefully he will get a decent amount of minutes now. It’s very difficult to make a case for anyone dropping him.

  8. Moura likely to start again today, with Kane and Son. If this is true need them to do something so I can build on a better week…

    Although I still want arsenal to win 😏😂

    1. Hope you’re right Marc. If one from either AMN or Moura can return 5+ points I’ll be happy.

      1. No Moura but some few points from AMN for you guys. I need to look to get rid of Barkely and Moura. May have to sacrifice a big price tag to free up funds.

        1. sometimes well most of the time we have to get rid of a big hitter
          to free up funds no just how you feel.
          the worst situation is when you try your best to get the players
          you want only to be 1ml out, does your head in.

  9. My last 2 transfers returned me some joy today Walker Peter’s and moura out and mina and pepe getting me 12 points

    1. Did Pepe look any good? Now that I’ve taken Aubameyang out he’s someone I’m keen to have a look at.

  10. hi there

    just signed up to your service. Very useful i have to say. i agree NOW on aguero . before i thought he’d rotate more with Jesus however what do you think will happen when jesus comes back on i thnk the 14th

    1. I certainly thought the same way at the start of the season but he’s outscored all of the other big names so far despite the competition from Jesus. My approach will be to stick with him until his points start to dry up – regardless of when Jesus is back. However I can certainly see him being rotated a bit more.

  11. Also regarding man city ive got a short list which is naturally forming

    i’m hesitant about putting in any of the silvas. any comments?
    i read today they might be thinking of using Fernandinho in defence. This is challenging my thoughts about putting Otomendi in

    1. I’ve currently got B. Silva and I’ll be moving him on as he keeps getting rotated. D. Silva has been made captain and has started the season well – could be a bargain as he’s fairly cheap but not sure how many points he will get on the board across the season. Otamendi certainly appeals to me – I think he’s first in line as centre back now with Laporte out and Stones recovering from injury. If I didn’t have Zinchenko I’d almost certainly be looking at Otamendi.

    2. Pep has also spoken about the possibility of Walker playing CB. I guess Cancelo would could come in as RB in that instance. A bit of a kick in the teeth to Otamendi and/or Stones if he does this though.

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