August Transfer Three

August Transfer Three

Making a tactical change tonight. I’ve lost faith in Man Utd defensively and I thought Shaw was a little overpriced anyway. My attention has been turned to Traore. He’s a bargain price and has attracted star man in both opening fixtures despite losing 1-0 in both. That suggests to me that he won’t have to do much to get it if he grabs an assist or goal. This also frees up some funds for bringing in the big guns or possibly replacing Tanganga at some point.

Shaw out
Traore in

I’m not making any other transfers tonight.

8 thoughts on “August Transfer Three

  1. Like the idea of traore with star man etc but did benrahma cross ur mind at same price with poss extra games with West ham & Europe in September?

    1. Yeah he did but I might end up swapping Moura for him at some point. I know less about him so not sure if he will keep it up

  2. Traore is a player I’m considering too but I’m holding off this GW. I’ll be moving out Matty Cash for him I think at the end of the month. WhoScored certainly love a dribble (no matter if there is an end product or not it seems) so Traore should score well and easily rise in value.

    No Europe is the downside but I think there is room for the exception that is Traore. Traore v AWB will be an interesting match up on Sunday.

    1. Yeah it’s definitely a downside but plenty of options, I’ll give him a go for the time being

  3. How do we see West Ham approach Europa this season? Will they be playing a strong team regularly or will it be diluted? I like the idea of Antonio (I do have him in other teams) and I can’t really see any alternative up front for West Ham this season so will he play most games both domestically and in Europe? He’s had injury problems in the past and I wonder if he’ll be able to sustain such a heavy workload. He’s also been called up for Jamaica so that’s further workload for him too. Can his body hold up?

    1. Surely they will have to go for it more than teams with bigger squads, it will be interesting to see how it pans out for them

  4. Benrahma, not only has Europe, but also has a better league fixture this weekend home to Crystal palace, as oppose to Traore home to Man utd, if he doesn’t start taking some of his chances in front of goal, there is several Man utd players who will rival him for starman, team value will go up for sure, with taking Shaw out & putting Traore in, not sure it’s the right move though.

    1. Early days, it won’t be difficult to correct if it goes wrong and I could potentially be looking for a replacement for Moura or Torres soon. Could stick him in then

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