August Transfer Three

August Transfer Three

With today being the last day of transfers for August – I’ve got one left to use. Although I’m fairly happy with my team as it is, I’ve decided I may as well use my transfer anyway, to try and take advantage of the price rises which come into play tomorrow.

Out: De Bruyne (6m)
In: Mkhitaryan (4.5m)

I’ve decided to ditch De Bruyne for a couple of reasons. Firstly he’s playing in a much deeper role at the moment, if this continues I can’t see him picking up as many assists or goals. That’s not to say his form has been bad, he’s played well in all three opening games however he’s just not playing in the point scoring position I’d like to see him in. This has a knock on effect when it comes to prices changing tomorrow. I can’t see his price dropping but at the same time I’d be surprised to see it rise either. Ideally I want to grow the value of my squad so it makes sense to bring in a player such as Mkhitaryan, who is almost certain to rise in value. He’s scored well in August and is £1.5m cheaper than De Bruyne. The main advantages of this transfer are:

– Mkhitaryan likely to rise in price
– Mkhitaryan plays in a more advanced role on the pitch
– £1.5m price difference frees up funds for pretty much any other player I’d want to go for in September. If Aguero, Hazard or Sanchez become essential in September I could effectively get one or two of them in my side quite quickly.

During September I’m looking to create a team at it’s strongest that looks something like this:

Valencia, Kompany, Pieters, Ogbonna
Mkhitaryan, Salah, Mane or Hazard
Lukaku, Kane, Jesus or Aguero

I had considered Pogba rather than Mkhitaryan, however saving the additional £1.5m swung it for me as it gives me more flexibility.

Can September transfers be used before player prices rise?

I’ve noticed a few people asking if we can use September transfers from Midnight tonight until 7am tomorrow morning to take advantage of player prices rising. I asked Dream Team support earlier in the week who confirmed this would be possible. However I need to clarify that this has now been changed. September transfers will not be available until after 7am. I’ve embedded my conversation with them on Twitter which confirms this.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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85 thoughts on “August Transfer Three

  1. I have got De Bruyne in my team but no transfers left. I am hoping De Bruyne can turn it around and get points. He has been playing well but concerned about his lack of shots at goal. I am hoping Pep plays him in further forward and so am willing to give some more games. Anyways to keep my options open, is there are any midfielders you would recommend for less than 5m? I already have Mkhitaryan and Salah. Thanks.

    1. I think as you’ve already got Mkhitaryan and Salah you’re in a great position. I’d agree with your choice to see how De Bruyne gets on during the start of September. If he still doesn’t come good I’d probably consider trying to upgrade him to Hazard. There’s none under 5m I’m currently looking at but if Mahrez moved to a bigger Premier League club today he could be a bargain at 4m. Sigurdsson should do well at Everton. Mata at 3m isn’t a bad price at all but he’s often the first to come off.

      1. Hi their, i’ve followed ur team closely, but i also have a 2nd team which is,
        Man utd still have good fixtures, so doubling up at back ok for now, back end of month may switch to Pickford and leave for season, unless i pick up suspensions or injuries, no plans for any transfers
        initially would u agree, no money in bank at present.

        1. Looks spot on to me. I’ve just put Mkhitaryan in. Lacazette out for Jesus or Morata is likely to be my next transfer so you’re already ahead of where I’m hoping to be shortly.

  2. happy with my front 7…. one transfer left…..really stuck with what to do here….any ideas

    Matip Daniels Kompany Valencia

    Was thinking maybe a spurs defender for matip or getting pickford out?

    1. Davies would be a decent option for Matip. If I had Pickford I’d probably stick with him as I can see him scoring well over the season.

      1. Thank you for replying. I was thinking Davies, bit worried about rose. Was also considering danials to schindler but I think you could be right.

      2. Disappointed not to be able to take advantage of the september price rises – they’re changing the rules when they want. Lots of money to be had there. Lacaz to morata sets you back 0.5m now.

  3. Well it turned out you were able to make a transfer before 7am today from your Sept allowance and before price rises kick in. I made 1 however this is still showing as pending and its now 07:40. There have been a few reports of some peoples Aug transfers being taken out of their Sept allowance in some forums so I guess things are a bit screwed DT end :-). Will have to wait and see if things sort themselves out as it doesn’t look like the next game week has officially started yet !

    1. What transfer did you make? Is it one that you couldn’t afford if it was made after the price changes? I’d be interested to see if they allow it

      1. Hi Phil I shipped Jesus out for Morata for the same price (£5M) at 06:55, so using a Sept transfer.
        I see post price changes that Jesus is now Minus 0.1M and Morata Plus 0.3 M so effectively I saved myself 0.4M 🙂

        1. great move! their official customer support made it clear this wasnt possible but you’ve found a way to beat the system? any idea if mini league opposition teams have been updated? hoping my opponents have forgotten the deadline but it may be the game hasnt updated

    1. i think they will all have a good month and i don’t think it’s worth wasting a transfer to go from one to the other this early in the month.

      1. I’d agree, although I think I’m stuck with the worst one out of the 3 – Lacazette. Having just taken out De Bruyne, I’m not left without a Man City or Chelsea player in my attacking six. As a result I’ll almost certainly be going for Jesus or possibly Morata depending on form. I may skip Morata and go for Hazard instead.

  4. Need some help with my transfers, I’m currently on 192 points and my team is as follows:
    De Gea
    Valencia, Matip, Kompany, Baines
    Mane, Alli, McClean
    Lacazette, Lukaku, Kane

    Any ideas? Do you think any transfer are needed.

    1. I’d be tempted to lose Matip and McClean. I’ve also got Lacazette but I’m tempted to swap him for Morata or Jesus. The rest of your team looks strong.

      1. Right, that’s the end of the internationals, let’s get back to picking up dreamteam pts, so maybe 1 more game for laccazette home to bournemouth, assuming he starts, last game he started on bench, we wld need some assurances he is going to start, man-city early game which doesn’t help, any other players in danger of being dropped.

        1. I’m tempted to leave in Lacazette as well but not sure about him starting in Europa later in the game week. Morata or Jesus may be better options at a similar price but I’ve still not decided who to go for or stick as I am

  5. The Fiso mob are idiots ! The transfer rules are clear. You’ve got 3 each calender month, which meant you had to use any August transfers, on August 31st. ( September allocation starting the next day.
    These cheats ( or attempting to. ) & idiots decided that we’ll keep some of our August allocation & use them between the period of midnight & 7.00am thinking that they were going to be able to use “August transfers” on September 1st, trying to gain some advantage. Now it appears they’ve lost them & they have the audacity & stupidity to complain & moan !!!
    The rules are perfectly clear, as per usual, the Fiso mob are “trying it on” to look for any “loophole” they can take advantage of. If they’ve lost August transfers, serves them bloody right !!! ( & it’s hugely funny ! )

    1. You are actually incorrect in respect to my personal experience. I used all my August transfers prior to the final week and in accordance with dream team T&Cs was allocated 3 September transfers at midnight on Thursday. I made 1 transfer out of my sept allowance on 1st sept before 07:00. All this was in line with the game rules. I’ve now been notified that this transfer has been reversed. The problem seems to be DT computer coding not being able to process both the last week of pending transfers and the new allocation of sept transfer available at 0:00 on Friday morning. Those people having pending transfers were effectively locked out from making any sept transfers which has created this unfair playing field. Personally I’m happy they have now now reversed things so no one has an advantage however DT have not been accurate in their communication as to what has happened. In my opinion additional Aug transfers were not given and it was limitations in their coding that resulted in this mess. They have also now gone against their T&C which says transfers are available from 00:00 of 1st of month so are they now going to amend these as this mess will happen again in October.

      1. Yeah & people tried to take advantage of a loophole, trying to make transfers in the Sept 1st 00.01 -7 :00 am period, to transfer in players, that they wouldn’t have been able to afford, after 7 :00 am which is clearly an unfair advantage & the powers that be, realised their balls up !

        1. Anthony it wasn’t a loop hole, it was clearly allowed under DT terms and conditions. The DT balls up was in their computer coding not allowing a fair playing field. Im happy they have reversed things so we can move on !

          1. Why would ANY of you need to do a transfer between 00.01 – 7 : 00 am, when the next game doesn’t start till Sept 9th ?
            The only reason, was to buy a player, before their price change. How would have that been a level playing field ?
            Did SDT, send e : mails saying, “If you stay up between 00.01 – 7 : 00 am, we have an offer where you can buy a player, before their price changes”.
            All these forum users complaining that they’ve been wrongly cheated, are deluded ! ( & cheats, or attempting to cheat. )
            It’s SDT’s inept balls up & is rightly rectified. Tough titty if you can’t get the player “you thought” you had, in !

    2. Yes I agree. But September transfers should have been available from midnight to 7am. That’s what the rules said. And their official twitter confirmed. Then they changed it.

      1. I don’t think Anthony understands that every week from now on you can buy a player before the price will potentially rise. No cheating involved just playing by rules and those rules have now been broken by DT.

  6. Am seriously looking at making a move on the Transfers for Sep already. Nervous about not having any City players….

    Moves would be:
    Mane > Hazard
    Laca > Aguero

    Dont wanna get rid of Mane, but you need to have Hazard when fit surely! With 7 games in Sep, Aguero will play enough, and (this might be wrong) I believe that he scores more goals when he is being rotated. Remember taking him out when he was suspended last couple of seasons and every time he comes back with a brace or a hat-trick!

    1. I’m thinking along the same lines with Mane going out and Hazard coming in. With Aguero a bench risk, I’m considering Jesus instead. There could be little between them this year if Jesus gets more game time. It’s a tricky one to predict at the moment. Morata could be a good option as well. But I agree Hazard and a Man City striker is probably the best option.

  7. The Fiso mob have had the transfers reversed, what they made, between 00.01 – 7.00 am….and rightly so !!!
    Trying to bring in players, before the price increase, knowing they wouldn’t afford them after ! Cheats, trying to take advantage of a loophole, created by inept, Sun Dream team HQ !
    Serves them right & they’re still claiming they’ve been wrongly done ! Idiots !

    1. I don’t think that’s cheating so long as everyone had the option to do it. I’d say that’s good planning and tactics

      1. That’s the whole point, that option wasn’t open to EVERYONE. Rightly, their balls up has been corrected.

  8. I need some advice from anyone ….

    Shall i get rid of jesus for morata?
    or Williams for Aurier ( but will aurier play all games) ?

    1. How’s the rest of your team looking? It’s difficult to know what to suggest without seeing the rest of your side. I’d be tempted to keep hold of Jesus.

      1. My team is


        I want to swap out williams for a defender who will go up in price by the end of this month

          1. Ben Davies or Rüdiger might be good options. Both Spurs and Chelsea should have good months.

  9. Still mulling over transfers. Didn’t play last year so that’s my first experience of prices changes. Haha…i’ll be ready this month. Not too bad a start with 215 points and 1m in bank. Team is-


    Valencia Matip Davies Baines

    Mhki Salah Sane

    Lukaku Kane Rooney

    My first thoughts are i’m now too heavy on Everton and i need that back line and keeper sorted.
    I’m actually thinking of Pickford out first before Baines as i believe Everton fixtures will see goals shipped but Baines as pen and dead ball guy could cancel that out. Also, Rooney will go sooner than later but next game at home so he surives this time.

    1. I’d be tempted to keep Pickford – I’m sure he will come good after the tricky fixtures and he’s good value for money. I’d probably get rid of Baines for someone like Kompany. I’d probably replace Rooney with someone like Morata. I think both of these changes would strengthen your team.

      1. Cheers. My goal is to get Morata and Bailly in there asap but don’t think it can be done this month.

    1. It’s a tricky one. The only real position I’ve got any doubts over at the moment is Lacazette. In the short term Morata could have a great game week but ultimately I want either Jesus or Aguero up front with hazard in midfield. I’m going to leave it a week to see how this pans out after the international break. If I do make a change I’ll be sure to put a blog up.

      1. I think Moratta will outscore Jesus and Aguero this month,better fixtures for Chelsea overall, plus the City strikers are not on form.

    1. I think Pickford is a safe bet for the rest of the season. I’d be tempted to downgrade Baines to a really cheap defender if you wanted to free up funds.

  10. Hi just looking for a bit of advice on who to transfer in/out this month. Current team:
    Current points: 164
    3 transfers remaining.
    At the moment I plan to lose lacazatte after their game with Bournemouth. Any advice to gain maximum points this month would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Looks like a really strong team. You’re only really missing a Man City attacking player and Harry Kane. If you’ve avoided Kane on purpose, I’d probably go for Jesus instead of Lacazette as their prices are similar. The only other options would be to downgrade a defender to free up some funds for Kane. Getting Lacazette out would be the only transfer I’d be bothered about making at the moment with a team that strong.

      1. Yeah I have avoided Kane for August because his goal scoring stats for that month haven’t been great over the years and he has once again proven that. I do plan to put him into my team at some point this month, as well as Hazard ( if he’s in good form). He does look positive after scoring a few goals in the Gibraltar game. If I take out Lacazette for Kane do you think i should take out Mane or Pogba for Hazard? To free up the funds for these transfers i would need to get rid of Azpilicueta and it would leave me with 1.7m for a defender. Any advice on this would be great.
        Thanks for your time.

        1. 1.7m for a defender might not be enough. I tried this with Ogbonna and it’s been a disaster. If you were to put in Hazard – I’d probably take out Mane as you’ve already got Salah. If you didn’t want Hazard, Morata could be a good option as a Chelsea attacking player.

            1. Yeah that’s what I mean – you wouldn’t need Hazard and Morata so could just stick with Morata. At the moment he looks sure to do well.

    1. Yup….you will see from my side above that i have Valencia and i want to get Bailly in as soon as i can. I’m gonna start by getting shot of Pickford short term anyway and Lossl in to free cash. I fully understand the logic in keeping Pickford (pardon pun) but i can live with that short term as i have my own thoughts on it.

  11. Ok, in a bit of a sticky situation going into this month, need some advice on what transfers I should make. My team currently is on 198 points and looks like this:
    De Gea
    Valencia Matip Stephens Hegazi
    Mane Alli Mahrez
    Kane Lukaku Lacazette

    Alli is suspended for first few cl games, hegazi and stephens aren’t looking likely to start with the returns of evans and van dijk and mahrez and lacazette are not looking like great picks on the long run taking europe into consideration (mahrez not playing in europe and arsenal not looking like they will put out strong team).

    Salah, Mkhi, Sigurdsson or Silva are some of the midfielders I am looking to at the moment and I’m looking to put in Morata or maybe Jesus up top instead of Lacazette. Defenders aren’t my priority, but I’m looking at Wimmer/Pieters or Nyom/Evans as it stands. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  12. With 198 points on the board already you’ve made a great start – better than I’ve done. From your explanation you’re already looking at making the best transfers I think. I’d probably hold onto the defenders for now and see what happens – they are unlikely to be dropped straight away.

    Mkhitaryan or Salah in my opinion would be stronger than Mahrez, especially with the Champions League fixtures coming up. And like you say Morata or Jesus for Lacazette would also be a decent move. I’m considering the same transfer but can’t decide at the moment when to do it. Arsenal play Bournemouth at the weekend so Lacazette could do well but then I’m not sure he will play in the week in the Europa League. Morata could have a good game week as Chelsea play Leicester then have an easy fixture in the Champions League.

    1. What a surprise, possible injury to Kompany, what replacement if needed, have to wait till later 2day 4 update.

      1. Would be really annoying if he needs taking out, however Danilo, Stones and Mendy are all roughly the same price now.

  13. What are your thoughts on Silva and Sigurdsson, although salah and mkhi have both got off to great starts, I can see salah getting rotated for the cl games and I’m not sure I trust mkhi. I can see sigurdsson playing in both and I lack city players in my team.

    1. I don’t really fancy Sigurdsson at the moment Everton have a tough fixture at the weekend but they do appear to be taking the Europa League seriously. Again with Silva I’d rather have Jesus or Aguero and go for a midfielder from a different team who is likely to score more goals, like Hazard for example

  14. My team is
    De gea
    K.walker peters,T Alexander-Arnold, Valencia, hegazi
    Salad, pogba, eriksen
    Kane, lukaku, Jesus
    I know I need to change my defenders but do I do it straight away??? I’m thinking about taking out eriksen to free up funds to get rid of the youngsters, any suggestions???

    1. Looks very strong going forward, it would really depend on who you plan to change Eriksen for. I wouldn’t want to downgrade him too much. You could go for a cheap defender at say Stoke (Pieters) and this should allow you to keep a strong front 6.

      1. Confirmed, Kompany out, how long who knows, 3 games in injured, we should know better picking an injury prone player, i c no point at all in replacing him with another city defender, the way they play, yeah they will win most games, clean sheets not many forthcoming.

      2. If after cahills ban, Rudiger is still in the starting lineup, then he has to be a better option than any man city defender.

      3. What’s the latest on the Kompany predicament, ben davies looking favourable, game-time assured till at least the end of month, will have to wait on cahills return to make decision on rudiger, man city backline to rotational.

  15. Kompany may be injured, considering he missed most of last session I’m wondering if he’s worth dropping before sat.

    1. I’d dump him right away, he’s a waist of time completely, I was tempted a few times to pick him but I just couldn’t justify it.

  16. My team currently is on 224 points and 3.5mln budget looks like this:

    I need to change Kompany if he is injured. I think about matip and rooney but for who? I want to transfer out lossl aswale…help ;l any idea? Kane is realy expensive but 3mln for rooney plus my budget is already 6.5mln. What do you think?

    1. I’d be tempted to downgrade some defenders and try and accommodate a better striker to replace Rooney. If you couldn’t stretch to Kane perhaps Jesus or Morata with the Champions League games coming up.

  17. Torn between transfers ? Hazard’s return could be essential as Chelsea have some easy fixtures ahead and not many ppl will get him so early on due to fitness ? My current team:
    Valencia hegazi ogbonna kolasinac
    Mane Pogba Alli
    Kaku Kane Lacazette
    Thinking morata/Jesus in for laca and Alli out for hazard as banned for 3 champ games ??? Any advice

    1. Sounds good to me. You’ve got a similar team to myself. I plan to take Lacazette out for Morata – probably today. I’ve then got the chance to swap Mane for Hazard and then swap Morata for Jesus possibly.

        1. It can be done after this game. Before 3pm would be fine I think but I’ve already done it.

        1. I’ll go with Morata for now. But I’m definitely going to get a City attacking player at some point. Might swap Morata for Jesus and then swap Mane for Hazard at some point.

    1. Not for this game week – it’s apparently a minor calf injury so going to wait and see how that pans out. Don’t want to rush into making a transfer.

        1. If that is the case, I’ll probably take him out for the next game week. I expect them to concede today so hopefully won’t miss out on too many points.

          1. You still looking at picking a Man City forward, I’m thinking Jesus would have been a better option than Moratta now, seeing he’s not being picked for easy cup games?

            1. Yeah I still want Jesus but with Mane and Kompany needing to come out, this may need to wait until October. Far from ideal at least Morata will be playing and Kompany is unlikely to be.

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