August Transfer Two

August Transfer Two

It looks like Mahrez is on the bench and I don’t fancy going into the fixture against Norwich without a City player on the pitch. My team is in fairly good shape so I’m not bothered about blowing a transfer at this stage. After Torres played up front for 90 minutes last week and starts again today I’m bringing him in. He’s also much cheaper so frees up budget when it’s going to be difficult to get all the big guns in.

Mahrez out
Torres in

I’m fully aware this could backfire with Mahrez coming on and scoring well, then Torres being benched next week. However, at this stage it’s a move that makes sense.

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      1. I don’t think you can do that mid game. I think once the game starts (if you’ve left a player in) then you can’t take them out mid game for someone else (before they come on off the bench)

  1. It’s a transfer that could pay dividends longer term also if City fail to land a striker. I’m gonna go Mahrez to Torres in my main team (and a couple of others), Grealish in a few more and leave Mahrez in for another. Also have Gundo in another which is also a decent option whilst KDB is missing.

    Of course I’m now expecting a hat-trick from Bernardo or Jesus! 😂

    1. Such an unfortunate outcome tbf. Pre-game it was a good decision given the opposition. If his goal would have stood he could have well gone on to haul. The logic was there so no need to be too down on ourselves (if you did make the Mahrez to Torres change). We move on…💪

      1. Completely agree Chris! Its one game day down(almost), I am sure if we make changes in time for tomorrows matches they will work out. As a chelsea fan I am hoping the lukaku for kane change I am making tomorrow (provided lukaku starts) will pay off.

        1. I’d agree as well. Torres to Mahrez also unlocks my team to move to Kane, Lukaku, Salah and Fernandes within one transfer if I should want to do this at any point. I’ll certainly be looking at taking Kane out if he’s not playing tomorrow and Lukaku is the one I’m looking at

    2. My thoughts exactly, no regrets on the decision. Torres good value going into that game and playing through the middle

  2. Relieved to get the CS for Cash today, although it sounds like they were fortunate on occasion. Hopefully he’ll get onto the pitch for that Barrow game.

    Looking forward to seeing the Ings goal tonight on MOTD. Sounded like an absolute belter. 🚀

    1. Add to that the CS for Sanchez and the 7 rating and it’s a decent day defensively. Hopefully he’ll play Tuesday as well with the reserve keeper being injured.

      Just need United to keep the CS tomorrow for the full-house in defence. 🤞

      …..I’ve gone and put the mockers on it now I’ve said that haven’t I? 😂🤦

      1. I’m desperate for a big day tomorrow, taken a heavy hit on the leaderboard today.

  3. Was also looking to put De bruyne in today, but got a nagging feeling Grealish could match him this season, will be looking to see if Sancho plays tomorrow & what impact he can make, instead changed formation & put in Walker, @ 3.5 for a regular City defender to good an opportunity to miss out on, as long as he gets regular game time just leave him in team for a while, Tsimikas paid off today, put him in Thursday to get the 0.3 rise, looks like he’ll rise a further 0.3, Robbo could be back in team next week, but objective achieved, need to accrue funds for Chelsea defender in. October, still very early days for everyone, average start see what tomorrow brings.

    1. Agreed David, very early days at the moment. Slightly frustrating day for me but hoping for something to happen tomorrow

    2. Walker linked up with Jesus really well from the MOTD highlights. If he can play most games he’s a steal at that price. I do think he’ll face rotation with Cancelo from time to time though. One thing that might work in his favour though was Mendy’s horror show against Spurs, which might make Pep play Cancelo at left-back more often than right-back. There is still Zinchenko also mind you. I’ll be amazed if Mendy is still a City player this time next season.

      Missing out on Tsimikas (for my main team at least) feels like a missed opportunity on my part and I do regret it now I think. He’s played better than I expected and Matip and VVD appear to look as solid as ever in the middle. It was VVD’s long-term injury that put me off investing too much into Liverpool’s defence early doors but they do look good. Allison is a big factor also I feel so it’ll be interesting to see how they fare if he has to miss a few GW’s isolating etc after international involvement.

      I also want to go heavy with Chelsea defence come October. So many good options makes it difficult for regular starters now though. Rudiger, Mendy and Azpilicueta are probably the only ones who’ll play week in week out. Frustrating because I’d love to get Chilwell and James into my team if they were guaranteed starters.

  4. Working my way through MOTD, onto the Leeds Everton game. I can’t see me investing in either team with Europe on the horizon but worth noting that DCL looks to be on pens now and he has little competition for his place in that team. Demari Gray looked pretty impressive too and took his goal well.

    Raphina is a player too and he’ll get on the scoresheet many times this season. The boy loves a dribble and a shot.

  5. Villa very fortunate to get the CS but I’ll take it.

    After the calamity of VAR last season, it’s feeling like it’s actually being used properly this season. Common sense being applied and no more “off-sides by an arm pit”. Refreshing to see.

  6. Kane is on the bench lads – whats everyone thinking? Stick with him or swap for another centre forward?

    With spurs losing in the conference league I wonder if he gets a run out on Thursday, if he does, he could bag goals a plenty!

    1. I left him in and my logic was if he doesn’t come on and block transferring him out then I was going to move him on for Lukaku. Obviously, he came on, got booked and ruined that.

    1. Well I’m sure glad I choose him and over Mahrez but I wish I hadn’t lost signal this afternoon so I could have swapped Kane for Lukaku oh well!

    2. It’s going to be hard to find a reason not to bring him in at his price. Two star man awards despite losing 1-0 both times. Crazy

  7. United not keeping CS’s whilst all the other big teams do so really damaging at present for my ML teams. Fixtures still remain good however so hopefully patience can be rewarded.

    1. That’s cost me big time as well. It’s made for a massively disappointing start to the season so far. Son, Moura and Torres all blank. Kane comes on to block the Lukaku transfer and then gets booked. I can’t remember such a deflating weekend of football for a long time

      1. Very early days though Paul. I think there could be more good options players wise this season (than in previous seasons) meaning more opportunities, which will hopefully separate the good managers from the average.

        1. Yeah it makes it a bit more of a lottery though as well. Will do everything I can to turn it around but I hate getting off to a bad start

  8. Traore is coming in for me. He’s almost certain a 7+ rating most games and he starts finishing these chances he could accumulate a lot of points

      1. Exactly the same player I’m thinking to swap him with. Shaw will drop at least -1 again and Traore will rise by 3. United will have a problem dealing with him that’s for sure

        1. I’ll probably make that transfer but you know what will happen – Traore blank and a first clean sheet for Man Utd.

          1. Very good fixtures for Wolves too after that United game. If I do move for him I’d quite like a CS for United but another Star Man for Traore…😂

            Not beyond the realms of possibility with how things have panned out so far.

      2. Yeah, I’m thinking of moving out Cash for him also. I can’t see him being this price come the end of the season. Just think if he actually got the odd goal and assist as well! To get two star man awards from ZERO attacking returns shows that there are perhaps some flaws to the WhoScored system.

        1. I remember he did it the season before last. Played a lot and scored a massive points total from star man awards. Might be a good idea to get him in sooner rather than later.

          1. Also importantly guys Jiminez is back… If he can’t start supplying him with a few assists his points and value could rocket! Shaw to Traore is looking very likely for me this week but I do also want Reece James!

  9. You have had some bad luck Paul no doubt about it Bertrand/Mahrez/Torres, Chris is correct though, good managers which you clearly are will always shine through, I’m going to go Traore in September excellent fixtures, sticking with Buendia for hopefully some minutes midweek & a potentially good league fixture next week, the transfer for me this week to ponder over will be De bruyne or Grealish, hope to have on the 11th September, Bruno, Salah, Lukaku, Kane, but it may have to be Grealish not De bruyne, I see the other big 4 if they get going essential, wish I’d made a better start, what you need Paul is Kane to score heavily on Thursday regardless of where he might end up, if only to say to his peers I’m still the man to beat.

    1. Thanks David, just catching up on some comments after sulking over the weekend. Hoping for anything from Kane tonight.

  10. Well having Kane hasn’t paid off so far for us Kane holders. Hopefully he starts Thursday!

    If he doesn’t get any points in that game then surely he will be down in value -0.3 so thinking if it would be worth taking him out for someone who will gain value then put him back in after the international break?

    1. Of course! What a nightmare start this season is so far lol. Still early days though and will just keep making logical decisions.

  11. A decent start to the season for me with my team on 140 points (always want more but I usually get better as the season moves on so not too worried, my gameplay is more suited a marathon runner than a sprinter hence why I suck at international tournaments). Time to move Tsimakas on this week with Robertson back. Happy to bank 18pts and a expected 0.6m price rise. I will be sad to see him go. Good thing about August, you can plan these short term moves before the season begins. So glad I choose Tsimikas over Bertrand but fine margins overcome and hard to resist an attacking Liverpool defender at 2.5m (it doesnt happen often so need to take advantage of it).

    Another thing I liked about my strategy pre season was being very flexible with money in the bank. Going without Kane helped my cause – although I wish I went Greenwood – and I wouldn’t mind a price fall before I look at him more closely in September. His future will be sorted by then – either Man City or Tottenham. In times of covid, flexibility has become very important. I do enjoy those 50/50 decisions as it can separate a good manager from a very good manager and the extra research (it’s hard work) on most occasions pays off.

    Now time to get rid of Utd defenders. I doubt they will clean sheets in the easy games coming up as they look soft in the midfield. This is what I wrote in pre season:

    ‘I thought about Shaw with Maguire as a double up in my team but am not sure that the Utd defence is very solid. Varane will improve them but it will take him a while to settle. United are a strange top 4 club as their play evolves on the counter attack. The defenders sit quite deep and allow the opposition to have a go at them. They are very direct as they have real pace and trickery to hit teams. They can be fragile at corners. They don’t play short passes from the back like Chelsea or Man City nor have solid defensive midfielders (Kante, Rodri, Jorginho, Thiago, Henderson) that offer protection to the back 4 or good at holding onto the ball. Watching them in the Europa league final, they looked like playing 4-2-4 allowing the opposition to play 4-5-1 and controlling the midfield. Against Everton last season at home, it looked like they were playing 2-4-4 with Shaw and AWB pushed really high, great to watch but Richarlison and DLC had great joy running in the spaces behind and United conceded 3 goals. So their defence can be stretched and probably why Maguire and Shaw frequently get booked. No wonder AWB does well in the tackling department. So I ruling out two Utd defenders for now. ‘

    So far Maguire and Shaw have been booked so far with two games in. If you got Utd defenders, my advice (take or leave it) get rid as you will get 0 points for clean sheets (relying on attacking returns) and their price will continue to drop making life difficult in the long run. Maguire out for me this week as I can’t imagine Wolves not scoring for 3 games in a row in the league.

    1. Interesting about ditching Utd defenders. Then if I swap Shaw for Traore, I can quite happily cheer on Wolves Sunday night. 👍.

      Like people have said Traore’s fixtures in September look inviting.

      1. There is a convincing argument for ditching United defenders I agree RR, but the defensive stats suggest that they’ve been unlucky not to keep a CS thus far. They are amongst the best defences for shots conceded (actually joint best for inside the box) and for chances conceded too.

        Obviously football isn’t played through stats and they can’t predict future events, but with decent fixtures in the mid-term still, I’m going to remain patient. It’s been a consistent weakness of mine to jump ship too early on players so I’m going to make the extra effort to resist making knee-jerk decisions this season.

        It’s been a bit of a weird start for me this season. All ten of my teams are nicely over the 100 point mark thus far, but ironically it’s the team I refer to the most as my “main team” is propping the rest up on 108 pts. Hoped for more from this team if I’m honest but it’s very early days and I’m confident I can make inroads over the coming weeks. My top team is on 145 pts.

        I’m actually considering sitting on my hands again this week with my main team as I quite like the fixtures for most of them. I don’t want to get too obsessed with chasing the value rises whilst sacrificing what could be decent points from the Gameweek. It’s very much a delicate balancing act.

        Here’s the team & fixtures for each player. Comments and ideas always welcome folks:

        Sanchez (EVE)
        TAA (CHE)
        Maguire (wol)
        Shaw (wol)
        Cash (BRE)
        Moura (WAT)
        Bruno (wol)
        Torres (ARS)
        Son (WAT) – will move on if injured
        Salah (CHE)
        Mane (CHE)

        3 transfers left, £4.4m ITB at the time of writing.

        1. Completely agree with you mate, I’m holding onto Utd defenders they’ll come good. Ultimately the two goals they have conceded have been unlucky really (a 35 yard hit from Ayling and own goal deflection from Fred)

        2. What do you think you will do about Son? I’m tempted to switch him for Lukaku but really not keen on Chelsea’s fixtures.

    2. BTW mate, that’s a very decent start. Well played RR, you’re on the front foot with that score. 👏

    3. I’ll probably ship Shaw out tonight for Traore. Early days but the fixtures haven’t paid off for them

  12. As a side note……, Man Utd have Newcastle, Villa and Everton at home in September, so might be a good idea to hang on to United defenders for now??

    1. I think we’ll see more home wins this season than we did last now the stadiums are packed again. You can really see the home teams being spurred onto an extra gear this season imo.

    2. They also had Leeds at home and Southampton away and still managed to concede in both games… lucky goals though tbf

      Not sure whether to keep Shaw now but this early on in the season i want to gain as much money as i can from price gains to benefit me down the line

      1. I’m tempted to do Shaw to Traore tonight. Not sure the double up is worth the risk when they’ve not kept a clean sheet yet.

    3. I’m going to stick with Wan-Bissaka I think but don’t fancy the double up now

    1. I’ve got an Antonio and Benrahma double up in one team so I was quite chuffed last night. I think he’s a great option this season IF he can stay fit. He can be unplayable at times and I see him as the budget version of Lukaku if you wanted to free up money for elsewhere. Hopefully he’ll still be on pens too after his recent miss but we’ll see I guess.

      I’ve made a note that they have a really good run of fixtures in December.

      1. Benrahma is definitely one I’m looking to bring in, especially seeing West Ham have European games next month.

        1. If West Han don’t suffer too many injuries this season, they could conceivably finish top six again this season imo. Some real talent in that side now.

      2. He’s hard to ignore now but it’s so hard to look beyond the big guns in those striker positions

    2. Yes very but not for Salah, Son is to become Lukaku and now Kane’s future appears sorted I’m thinking of keeping him so don’t know who for/how!

  13. I’m seeing Kane is being tipped to start the game tomorrow. Could be the ultimate differential for that game folks. Moura also expected to start which is nice too.

    1. About bloody time something went for me lol so hope he and Moura bang! Son too if fit! 🙂


    Hopefully starting with him makes it easier for me to keep him and perhaps he plays and scores tomorrow too fingers crossed!

    1. Lets hope he starts with Kane, Son and Moura up front. Can’t see it happening but we can only hope

  15. 3 nice goals and an assist 👏 tomorrow for Kane would be amazing! Glad he’s staying at Spurs for now 👍🏻

    1. It’s good news for us Torres owners as well as he should hopefully get plenty more time leading the line for City. 🤩

      1. Yer I’m still looking for any positives to take after my Mahrez to Torres move last weekend… This, and the extra cash in the bank is all we can take. Expect a benching this weekend lol!

      2. I’d love Torres to come good but he will have to do it quickly to stay in my team

    1. I’m going to wait and see with Lukaku, not the easiest September, but its Lukaku. Expect the champs league draw today will have a big say on my plans.

    2. Are you going for that as soon as possible? I could do it this weekend but not sure when to make the move

  16. Morning all, no Kane for tonight, please blank 🙂

    3 transfers left, I will be making 2 this weekend.

    1) Kane – Jesus
    2) Pereira for Tsimikas (Nice fixtures in September and Europe, also expecting Pereira to drop at least 0.2 after the minus 4 Monday night)


      1. I would imagine it’s bringing them in? Tsimikas is likely to be benched now Robbo is back and Kane will no doubt be the most transferred player IN tonight!

          1. Sorry lads yes bringing Kane and Pereira in. Slight change, swapping Son Out – Kane In before the price changes to take advantage of a 0.5 / 0.6 price swing.

            Pereira will be coming in for Tsimikas tomorrow.

            That leaves me with Jesus still in with 1 transfer left, so i will see if he starts in the early KO against Arsenal, if he starts ill probly stick, if not i may swap for Lukaku dont really want to though with them playing Liverpool however i would rather wait.

  17. Robertson was on the bench last week so i can’t see him starting many more games. He could start against Chelsea but after the international break Robbo definitely back in the starting 11.
    Kane will drop in value but after he’s claimed he will be staying surely he starts against Watford.. could and should be at least 2 goals there

  18. Kane starts tonight! And Lucas!

    I took Kane out for Lukaku this week so personally hoping he blanks :p I am sure he will bag a hatful tonight as he will want to make it up to the fans after committing his future to spurs

      1. haha I feared the worst when he was confirmed as starting! Guess who will be back in my team for son lol!

      1. Fair fucks for holding i took out last weekend for Jesus, only cost me 5 points as Jesus scored me 12 and Kane got 17 for the game week.

        1. I wouldn’t be too unhappy with that, as you say, only cost you 5 points which is nothing at this stage

  19. Mane out tonight for Kane for me. Son looking fit and sharp (unlucky not to have scored a couple on his cameo) so he stays. Fancy Son v Watford more than Mane v Chelsea. Will then find the right time to go Son to Lukaku when Chelsea’s fixtures improve.

    Leaves me with two transfers for the end of the month.

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