August Transfer Two

August Transfer Two

I’ve decided to make a transfer today. I’m taking Moura out and replacing him with Mount. The reason for making this move is to try and make the most of the price changes in the morning. I am however saving my final transfer to check line ups at the weekend.

Based on his value I think Mount is a better option than Moura who may be at risk of being benched. So the transfer is

Moura out

Mount in

I’m holding the other transfer as I want to see how Man City line up at the weekend. If Aguero and B. Silva start then I’ll probably bring Aguero in for Aubameyang. However I’m not prepared to make this transfer today regardless of the price rises as I think it’s too risky. If Aguero doesn’t start or picks up an injury in training I won’t be able to reverse this transfer. Equally if someone like Kane was ruled out for the weekend I’d be unable to take him out. I know it’s unlikely but I’m prepared to take the risk on Mount but not on the more expensive players. Obviously if Mount is ruled out of the weekend before the end of the day I suggest that we reverse this transfer. I won’t have time to publish a blog if this happens but I’ll be backing out of the transfer if news does come through that Mount is injured.

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  1. DTT, looks likely Mount will play, so the transfer makes sense, I can understand your reasoning behind waiting for lineups before making the probable Aguerro switch, who knows Aubamayang may rise tomorrow along with Aguerro, as we will probably have enough funds to do B. silva to Mane in September, on this occasion the risk may pay off, but in the future losing 0.1/0.2 per transfer, by not making a decision on the Thursday may result in us being short of a potential target.

    1. To be honest I regretted making the move before Friday morning. As Chris pointed out Moura went up anyway. We would have been better off holding the transfer and waiting to see line ups to make sure Mount was starting. Had I seen James starting for Man Utd I may have gone for him instead and bottled the Mount transfers in case he was out injured. Might have got us more points on the board. I personally think holding off if we’ve got the option to check line ups is a better option to avoid risk.

  2. With an average rating of 4.3 will Moura not rise again bearing in mind he’s only valued at £3.2m currently?

    1. Good shout Chris – I did think this myself but there was a lot of comments about making the moves before the price rises which made me think twice. Could have been a mistake – thankfully Mount started (not that it drew in any points anyway).

  3. Chris, I have a similar dilemma to you regarding Martial, 1 transfer left 0.4 ITB, don’t want to put in another striker which I don’t intend to keep, can’t see anywhere else in my team to strengthen, so either relinquish the last transfer, or take Kane out for Aguerro & assume he will outscore Kane at the weekend & beyond.

    1. After looking at Leicester’s fixtures again, I don’t mind them as much. United and Spurs are part of the big 6 but United and Spurs have at times looked suspect at the back. Throw in Newcastle and potentially Luton too and Vardy could start to bang a few in (for the love of god please!!!)

      For that reason I’m taking out Martial for Aguero most likely. Martial can be a bit delicate on the injury front. I’m gonna keep him in my FPL I think though.

      Vardy and Aguero Hattys would be nice this weekend! 😂

      You don’t fancy Tammy, Pukki, Haller, Barnes? Tougher call for you than me with the sounds of it. GL with your decision mate.

  4. Hi guys, after some advice/opinions. I have one transfer left, I was thinking of taking moura out for James to get more money itb. I was thinking of taking the risk and doing it tonight before losing out in tomorrow’s price changes. What do you think?

  5. I don’t get why many seem to be thinking Moura won’t rise in value himself? Remember price changes aren’t based on the previous week’s score, more over the past 4 or so GW’s. Moura has an average points score of 4.3 thus far, which for a £3.2m player gets him a rise in my book. I’d be happy to be told different though if something has changed from last season?

    1. Think you will be right about Moura Chris I am thinking about taking out Aubameyang average 4 points but he is a£6.1m player

      1. Yeah, not quite sure which way Aubameyang will go. I’d say he’ll either stay at £6.1m or maybe drop?

        1. Wish it was easy to work out the price changes think I will do Aubameyang out aguero in tonight just to make sure

  6. My decision has been made easier, only had the one transfer left.

    Martial – Aguero I believe the latter will miss Southampton and I’m happy having Aguero in for Brighton at home.

    Next month will be repairing the midfield and possibly upgrading a defender?

  7. well done chris on predicting Moura will rise – I held my nerve and didnt transfer him out and he rose to £3.3 mill – if i had done the transfer of him to pepe last night I would have lost 100k as pepe stayed the same so now it’s a straight swap and no cash – thanks Chris.
    Took Walker Peters out for Mina last night and that worked out as Walker Peters dropped and Mina went up so right result all round for me

      1. Wow! Neither can I. Kane hasn’t scored a point since GW 1 and he rises too, averaging 6 points. Salah’s price got battered last season when he had a few blanks. I’m still non the wiser sometimes.

    1. Just catching up with comments after being away – decided to just go with Aguero anyway. Had a feeling he might score. Got lucky with B. Silva scoring off the bench.

  8. Good move in my opinion. Mount looks like that player that will rise and rise in value this season, getting him in early is a good move, also frees up funds to bring in Aguero, so all in all a perfect play.

    Are you worried about the defence at all? You said at the beginning of the season you were looking to spread your budget across the whole team. With a keeper outside of the top 6, Mina out of top 6 and in a team who (despite the start to this season) have been suspect at the back, and 2 players who are not guaranteed first team football when the squads are fully fit… could this cause problems later down the line?

    1. I’m a bit worried about the defence but I’m tempted to move Mina on for James and B. Silva on for Mane.

      This will leave:

      Robertson, Zinchenko, Maitland-Niles
      Sterling, Mane, James, Mount
      Salah, Kane, Aguero

      I’d be fairly happy with that. I think it would leave a lot in the bank to upgrade Maitland-Niles. I haven’t done the maths but hopefully it will leave enough for a big upgrade. I like Robertson and Zinchenko (hopefully he stays in the team) but his value is going up nicely. My main issue is how many transfers have been needed to reach this team – given that everything is always up in the air at the start of the season I’m convinced we need more transfers.

  9. Can anybody tell me, if I keep hold of my final transfer, does it have to be used as a pending transfer no later than next Thursday, then we get given September transfers on Friday 6th.

    1. Seen a few articles coming out of dream team recently that are stating the last chance to use transfers is 12:30 on Saturday but that goes against what the rules clearly state so I am unsure

      1. You can transfer any player right up until their game kicks off. Obviously it would have to be for a player yet to play in the current GW though.

        1. Yeah I’m aware this is the ruling but it was concerning me that more than one dream team article was saying that last chance to make a transfer was 12:30 tomorrow. I’m assuming it’s bad wording or a misunderstanding but prices rose before the rules said they would as well so I am cautious

      2. Also, how do you get the profile pic up? Noticed Dean’s had a profile pic too since I joined in.

        1. Genuinely no idea; I think I set it up years ago and it’s obviously linked to email but I have no clue how to change it.

  10. I believe so.

    few hints about Trent ALX will be replaced by Gomez
    owing to his height. only what I have read.

    1. FFS, just my luck for Liverpool to start getting CS’s and TAA not play! 😢🤮😂

  11. Hello, I have otamendi and B Silva in my team, should I be transferring them out and if so, who would you suggest as replacements. I’d really appreciate some advice. Thanks

    1. I’d be tempted to leave them both exactly where they are Ruth with Stones probably still missing for the Brighton game. B.Silva could get some joy from this juicy home fixture too. Do you already have Sterling or Aguero?

      Just out of curiosity, how and transfers do you have left and do you have any money ITB? Also, gives us a gander of your team and we’ll be in a better position to advise. 👍🏻

    2. Just catching up with comments after being away – what did you end up doing Ruth? Should have paid off nicely if you kept them both?

  12. looking at the suns team news this Morning
    surprised to see that they give Nelson the nod over pepe
    surly you don’t spend a record fee of £72 mil and not play him.
    will be surprised if happens.

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