August Transfers 1 & 2

August Transfers 1 & 2

I’ve decided to make a couple of changes this evening (before the prices change in the morning). I’m firstly going to correct a mistake in my initial team selection. It was 50/50 but I went with Kane over Haaland, I fancied Kane to get off to a better start with an easier fixture but it wasn’t to be. I’m looking to bring Haaland in now as he’s certain to rise in price. It may well be that I need Kane at some point as well but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Kane out, Haaland in

I was tempted to leave it there as I don’t want to hit the panic button after a slow start. We can’t just chase after points and value after each game week as we will quickly run out of transfers. However, Man Utd did look very poor once again. As a result, I’m going to take Dalot out and bring in Ake. Ake should get some game time during the rest of the month and should also rise in value. City have favourable fixtures until the end of the month.

Dalot out, Ake in

I’m going to leave it there for this evening. However, if we were closer to the end of the month Sancho would also be coming out but as we’ve only had 1 game week, I’m going to give him a little more time. I will be monitoring Mahrez at the weekend as well though, if he fails to start again, I’m likely to swap him for Bowen due to West Ham’s extra fixtures. But I’d rather do that move once I’ve seen the line ups.

Other Teams

This season I’m going to share some brief insight into my other teams, despite focusing on one team for the blog. As a result, I just wanted to mention some of the other transfers I’m making across my other teams – due to extra fixtures for West Ham players, in some teams I’m taking a punt on Scamacca. I’m also bringing in Bowen and Cresswell. I’m also bringing in Haaland in some other teams, Saliba in one, Trippier in another and Kulusevski in a couple of teams. I considered these players for my main team but at this stage they haven’t quite made the cut.

42 thoughts on “August Transfers 1 & 2

  1. Wise moves, need to get City players in early doors, especially with having Bournemouth at home this weekend.

    I had similar worries about Ake’s longevity in the side, but he played well against West Ham and Pep tends to stick with players who perform well. Plus Ake recently said he wants to fight for his place.

    1. Cheers Steve, fingers crossed it pays off and hopefully Ake can hold his place for a while.

  2. Unable to post much for the next week as I’m away in Bonnie Scotland with the family. Keep me posted guys on here with any important team news etc… Much appreciated guys!🤝🙌

    Good luck for the GW!🤞

    1. That’s if I can get a signal when I’m out and about! Feel like I’m Highlander out here with my surroundings.

      Winning SDT? There can be only one! 🏔 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🗡

      1. Yeah was poor today, don’t see him starting the next game, sancho needs to go for sure man u are horrible and not sure about coutinhos injury today as well

        1. I’d happily swap them both for Mbeumo and Cucurella. Mahrez to Diaz or Bowen as well potentially.

  3. having a tough time this season
    have what I think a good team with good
    players trouble is they are not scoring
    many points where other peoples
    teams are flying 79 points to some
    teams 140. must say though that there
    team has players in scoring well with players
    that most punters would not consider.

    1. Agreed Don, it’s been a very difficult start again this season but hopefully our luck will change

  4. Quite true Don, I think everyone’s expected players aren’t performing as they should and players not on their Radar are, hopefully things will click in later, but saying that managers could be 100-200 behind and then it’s a chasing game with players prices and dropping as we speak

      1. Son could be a good one, or Jesus if you’ve not got him. Or dropping down to a midfielder or defender – Diaz maybe

    1. Agreed with you on that one. Worth a punt given preseason but time to move on already.

    1. have already got Jesus that’s my problem
      think looking at the fix I may plump for
      Ivan Toni from Brentford they looked impressive
      against M.U. only until Nunez gets back
      it could be six weeks though.

  5. You can put me in the category of struggling aswel, Cucarella is interesting, will probably go down to 3 million, the worry is Chilwell is to good a player to be kept on the bench for too long, I already have James, if I was going to double up on a defence going off fixtures till the end of the month, I think it would be Arsenal, already have Ramsdale, should just be able to afford Zinchenko after price changes on Friday, & with Tierney back, Zinchenko should play higher up the field, it’s a marginal call between the 2 though, going to keep hold of Bailey probably till the end of the month, carabao cup next week he should play in that, even better if Gerrard recalls him this weekend, my replacement would be Elliott looked really good against Palace last night, may go up to 2.1 on Friday, but thiago out for a few weeks, could be worth a punt.

    1. I think Cucurella will go up slightly after scoring 4 points at the weekend. It’s been another tough start to the season though.

  6. Thoughts on these three transfers:
    Sancho out, Mbeumo in
    Coutinho out, Cucurella in
    Mahrez out, Diaz in

    My opinion is that all the moves make sense BUT we’ve still got two game weeks in August where things could change rapidly.

    Is it essential to take Coutinho out now? Given that Villa have an EFL Cup game this week – assuming he’s fit to play.

    Is it essential to lose Mahrez with good fixtures for City during the rest of the month.

    I’ve also got my eye on Liverpool defensive assets. If Arsenal keep a clean sheet at the weekend and Liverpool don’t, there might not be much difference between Ramsdale and Alisson price wise so it could be a good time to switch, then stick for the season.

  7. Paul, you might need to re-think your transfers, theirs talk Saliba’s place in the team is in jeopardy, what with player’s due back from injury, added to his disappointing display last week against Leicester, furthermore Chilwell could well be back for Chelsea on Sunday, you might be able to make some transfers on Thursday saving funds, but others may need to wait for lineups.

    1. Tbh I can’t see Ben White starting over Saliba, be scored a own goal yes but he still put in a solid performance. Only changes will be the right and left back where Ben White will drop out and Zinchenko moved into midfield once Tierney fully fit.

      1. I hope you’re right Jamaine, I’ll leave a transfer in the bank just in case I think.

  8. Mahrez is a tricky one, with there fixtures he could end up scoring big but at the same time you can’t go wrong with Diaz. Having Diaz and Salah with Trent basically covers you for Liverpool. Sancho for Mbeumo is a no brainer I feel. Cucurella is another tricky one, hopefully he keeps starting but tough competition with Chilwell.

    1. Does the 5 transfer rule help Cucurella even if Chilwell is eased back in and protected/rotated?

    2. I think I may do Mahrez out, Diaz in and Sancho out, Mbeumo in then hold the last transfer. Might still make it at the weekend but wait and see what Coutinho’s situation is.

  9. Hi guys, I’m back and liking the new look of the blog Paul, well done mate. After a really tough season last year I fought back hard few months and pipped second in my main cash league which I was really happy about but not going to lie, last season really stressed me out. I switched off completely over the summer but now keen to do well again and get my crown back! I’m probably more active on FB (diff name) but will try and drop in here weekly as well to help the blog followers/seek advice myself ha! Good luck all! Brad x

    1. Btw, is Gomez an option into the Pool backline now both Kanoute & Matip are out injured? He’s only £3m and will certainly take the CB slot alongside VVD for rest of month at least. Phillips only started there v Palace as they weren’t 100% sure on Gomez’s fitness but he came on and they looked much more assured.

    2. Hi Brad, glad you’re enjoying the look of the website. Thought it was well overdue an update.

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