August Transfers 3 & 4

August Transfers 3 & 4

I’ve decided to hold back my final transfer for the time being, however, I’m still making two tonight to avoid the team losing value.

Sancho out, Mbeumo in
Man Utd have been awful and I don’t fancy them against Liverpool this weekend. Mbeumo was an enabler I’ve had my eye on since the start of the season. He started at 2m and has already scored 8 points so I’m going to stick him in given that it’s a potential double game week for him. Although selection in the EFL Cup is a lottery.

Mahrez out, Diaz in
I’m biting the bullet and putting Diaz in. I was 50/50 on them in my initial team selection and I’d have been better off going with Diaz from the off. Mahrez blanked again at the weekend and there’s a big risk that he won’t start against Newcastle. Diaz should be a certain starter who will go up in value tomorrow.

I was tempted to take Coutinho out for Cucurella. However, given that Cucurella isn’t certain to start and Villa have two fixtures this week, I’ve decided to hold the transfer for now. If Coutinho doesn’t play, the transfer will still be on after the prices change so I’ll wait and see how the weekend pans out.

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    1. Yeah something’s going on there. WhoScored website currently has no record of the game so I’m assuming Sun is doing default scores.

      1. I think they will update it at some point today because WhoScored probably didn’t do ratings for that game.

  1. It’s a pity Chelsea weren’t starting the same time as Arsenal, slightly favouring a Chelsea defensive double up, James/Cucarella, as oppose to Ramsdale/Saliba, more guaranteed game time for Saliba, but Cucarella more assist potential & 7+ rating, can also play left-back, & left wingback, but Chilwell waiting in the wings, if Perisic starts tomorrow will transfer him in & take out Saka, that’s my final 2 transfers I’m contemplating.

    1. I was tempted by Cucurella and put him into a number of my teams. Didn’t expect that result.

  2. Back from a lovely stay with our neighbours north of the border. Absolutely stunning part of the world. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ⛰

    To describe my start to the season (for my main team) as anything other than disastrous would be a dis-service. I made two changes before the deadline; taking out Mahrez and Bailey for Diaz and Mbeumo. Have a horrible feeling about the Mahrez move but we’ll see. I think in future seasons I’m just going to avoid him altogether if I can as it’s just too stressful owning him! I’ve left him in one of my better performing teams though as insurance.

    I have a couple of teams doing pretty well but it’s really frustrating when the team you put the most thought into lies at the bottom of the pack of your teams (exactly as it was last season!) I think it goes to show though that there is little to be gained by overthinking and trying to be too clever. I’m certainly guilty of it this season by being seduced into Ward when I should have just stuck with Lloris.

    All a learning curve to hopefully let us make better decisions moving forwards.

    1. Welcome back Chris – hope you had a good week away. I was glad to see Mahrez on the bench again after taking him out myself – I also went with Diaz and Mbeumo coming in. Having a very difficult start myself once again this season.

  3. hi Chris my thoughts entirely .
    this season for me also is a struggle
    its a funny start seems underrated players
    from lowly teams are performing great the only
    good thing its not a sprint but a marathon.
    must say though my 2 teams where 40 and 46
    last week at least this week funny enough both teams
    are joint 25th in our clubs mini league.

    1. He’s certainly been a train wreck of a choice in SDT early doors. Like I say I think I’m just gonna avoid in future, unless it’s something like a short-term punt with plenty of transfers left in the back pocket. £5.5m tied up in a player who is hardly getting on the pitch is a bitter pill to swallow.

    2. I’ve taken him out, thought he would be a certain starter given the players they’ve lost and he signed a new contract but it hadn’t happened. I’ve moved over to Diaz.

  4. Yeah great move with Harrison Don, picked up a nice 10pts of Perisic, Man city defensive double up didn’t work too well, but still good fixtures rest of the month, see what Salah & Diaz can do tomorrow.

    1. its a funny season Dave.
      top pick players have just not come to
      the party yet. teams like Leeds look like the have
      improved big time on last season.
      early days yet, have to make hay while
      the sun shines.

    1. I’ve got two…………bloody two!

      I’m looking at my points tally for my “main” team and it actually makes me feel physically nauseous. 😂🤦‍♂️

      Absolute train wreck. Season after season I seem to get off to horrendous starts for some reason.

      1. I’m already considering if TAA needs to come out but I’m out of transfers anyway pretty much. Will have to see how they get on next week.

  5. why have the sun put players in our clubs money mini league
    without them having the pass word our manager try as he might
    cant take there name out which makes it unfair for others
    in the league.
    my daughter is one of them she has picked a team but never had the password
    she was in it last year did not want to be in it this year.
    trying to contact the sun through the robot talk line
    and even emailing is fruitless why cant you just be able
    to deleat some one who does not what to be in it.

    1. It’s just a free mini-league Don that you automatically get added to if you select a football team you support when you sign up (as far as I know). I just ignore it if I’m being honest.

      1. chis its a money league £10 fee
        you have to have a password to join
        its our working mans mini league 66 players
        its not a free one so the sun should not put players
        in willy nilly.

        1. Assuming it’s the same league as you ran last season? What they do is automatically enter people into the same league that they were in the season before, every season I have to make a new mini league for DTT to avoid people being automatically entered into the old one.

          1. bit unfare to do that Paul is so confusing for other players who have paid
            but trying to get in touch with the sun
            is a night mare when you had a phone number is was so easy
            why they stopped it heven knows.

            1. I agree, it’s really annoying, all leagues should be deleted at the end of the season.

              1. Agreed. Most who run ML’s just rename the “expired” mini-leagues as VOID to try and avoid confusion, then just start up a brand new one. Why on earth they can’t just creat a “delete mini-league” button for the chairman of the league though is beyond me.

                Apologies for the confusion Don.

                1. thanks Chis.
                  its so annoying my daughter is one of them
                  plus 2 others.
                  there points will keep being added on every week
                  none of the other players no who they are
                  so it can affect the way players do there transfers.

  6. So with it now looking like Ake will be facing a spell in the sidelines (shame as he’s been playing very well), who is everyone looking at bringing in (if you own Ake of course)?

    Think I’ll be jumping on the Saliba bandwagon with my last transfer in a bid to gain some value. Would love to get shut of Ward too as I’m getting bad vibes from that Leicester camp but needs must.

    If last night’s game isn’t a flash in the pan for United, dare I say does De Gea become an option again? 😬

    1. It’s a difficult one, with one transfer left I’d have loved to have taken out Coutinho. It’s looking like Ake is going to have to go though. No idea who to bring in at the moment, not sure I’m brave enough to triple up on Arsenal defenders.

      1. Yeah I think at least one Arsenal defensive asset is a must now with good fixtures still on the horizon. Zinchenko still looks a good option though if you did fancy the triple up Paul.

        I just hoping that this period is as bad as it gets for Liverpool and that they pick up from now on. I could really do without Trent and Robbo dropping too much further is value. They need to get Fabinho back into that holding role asap though to steady the ship.

        1. You’d think they would turn a corner over the next week but they’ve not looked very good at all. I’ll hold onto Trent for now because I’m sure they will come good.

      2. Wouldn’t you bring in Trippier? He could be another Trent this season, on all set pieces and Newcastle not looking too bad. If I had the transfers left I would be swapping him for Ake, too bad I’m out so having to stick with what I have till next month.

        1. Wilson out for a while now though, can Wood get on the end of those crosses/passes as well as Wilson? Trippier has looked excellent though.👌🏼

        2. That’s exactly what I’ve done, seemed like the obvious choice given the points he’s already scored and his high ownership.

  7. Trippier for me next week, even when Newcastle concede, still gets goals assists & 7+ ratings, after Liverpool next week, good run of fixtures.

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