August Transfers 4 and 5

August Transfers 4 and 5

I’m going to use my final two transfers today as we will lose them if they aren’t used.

I’m taking Alisson out despite his good start. He might drop in value and I think its a decent time to cash in on him. He’s currently 4.4m which compared to Ederson is overpriced. As I think both will score the same amount of points. The problem is, Ederson currently doesn’t have fixtures on his side. For a short term solution, I’m bringing in De Gea who should rise in value and does have good fixtures. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have these two transfers in hand but I think it could be a wise move considering I’m simply optimising the team at this stage.

Alisson out, De Gea in

My second transfer is to take out a player who has so far misfired. Moura started well but was benched at the weekend. It wouldn’t be the end of the world for me to hang onto him as I think he could do OK across the season in the lesser European competition but as I’ve got a transfer I’m going to move him on for someone more likely to pick up points in the short term. I’m going for the popular Benrahma, he’s started well and West Ham have Europa League fixtures in September.

Moura out, Benrahma in

This should set me up for September, where I’ll have funds in the bank to swap Son for Ronaldo and De Gea for Ederson (at some point). I’ll then still be in a good position with three transfers.

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  1. Can someone help on explaining transfer rules…

    I can’t transfer these as they played, so will be completed 7am tomorrow, does that mean it will use up September transfers when it goes through?

    1. You have transfers left Alfie I presume? If you make the transfer now it will show as “pending”. When the deadline passes though, these transfers will go through fine as part of your August transfer allowance. 👌🏼

  2. Good moves I think Paul. Just need to keep an eye on Tanganga’s situation with Royal joining. I’m pretty sure he will still get some game time and may even move to centre-back.

    1. Thanks Chris – I think you’re right, he could need moving on before long. Not easy when he’s so cheap so may need to start thinking about that sooner rather than later.

  3. Nice one Paul good work. I went Alisson to DDG and Cash to Matip with my remaining two transfers. Could have freed up more funds with Tanganga instead of Matip but with Royal coming in I guessed he may start sharing game time whereas I’m hopeful Matip has done enough to secure his place as 1st choice CB starter for now, even if to just get me through Sept and reassess as Liverpool do have good fixtures this month.

    1. Thanks Brad, I don’t think I’d have gone for Tanganga either (if I didn’t already have him) with Spurs signing a new RB. I thought he was going to be rotated with Doherty anyway but there’s even more competition for that spot now.

      1. One enabler that might be worth considering soon is Vestergaard at Leicester. There’s probably a good chance his price falls again after the next GW (as they play City) but the next few fixtures are pretty decent after that. He’s £2.6m currently but I can see him dropping to around £2.4m if City score a couple of more. I’m also keen to see how Bertrand integrates into the Leicester team as he could also be a great option too. If he’s involved in that City game his price could fall below £2m.

    1. Difficult one, I’d probably stick as I only made those transfers as I had left over ones to use but felt the team was in good shape anyway. How did you miss them if you don’t mind me asking? Are you in the WhatsApp group as I’d posted them fairly well in advance compared to usual.

      1. Yep on the group seen the message on way home from work intended to do when home but england on watched that went to bed woke up early driving to Wales thought about it about 8 o’clock but was too late my bad

  4. What do we reckon to the price changes this week folks? It seems to me that they’ve been pretty generous with the rises and not as harsh with the falls. Bruno has returned -2 points over the last two game-weeks and only fell by £0.2m. At his price-point I would have expected the full £0.3m.

    I get the feeling that the rises put more emphasis on the last GW performance than equally taking into account the previous two game-weeks as a collective. Son for instance, over three games in the last two game-weeks scored 0,0,13, giving him an average score of 4.33 for that period. Yet he rises £0.3m. That to me says more importance is placed on the most recent GW when it comes to pricing.

    1. I think there’s more importance placed on the most recent game week or it goes over only the past 2 weeks. I’m not sure how it works to be honest but I was fairly happy that most of my team went up in value after a decent game week. De Gea going up by 0.3m was good after bringing him in for that reason, with decent fixtures on the horizon as well.

  5. With Covid cases now on the rise once more, I can see this impacting some of players before long. I think it could be wise to keep at least two transfers in the back pocket this month for such eventualities.

    If OGS confirms Ronaldo is fully fit and available for the Newcastle game then I think it’s going to be Son for Ronaldo with my first transfer then I’ll probably try and sit on my hands for a while.

    1. Same Chris. Would be happy with Salah, Kane and Ronaldo personally and just hide behind the side every time Lukaku plays! Everyone will be missing at least one of the big 4 strikers but by being on any 3 you’ll have the funds to rotate between them if needed. Those with expensive defences could pay a very high price down the line.

      1. That’s why I think this season could be one of the most exciting we’ve seen for a while from a SDT perspective. With so many big names now and so matter different strategies as options, it really has shaken things up.

        Many SDT teams have often ended up looking very similar in previous seasons. I think this time it could be very different and I for one welcome it.

        On Lukaku, I’m just about able to resist him for now but come October I’m going to have to find a way to get him with those fixtures. The big dilemma will be who makes way…

  6. Who is everyone aiming to have up front for the first game week in September?

    If they are all fit to start, it’s going to be a tough choice between Kane, Ronaldo, Lukaku and Salah.

    I’ve currently got Kane, Salah and Son. I’m considering swapping Son for Ronaldo for the month. Mainly because Chelsea have fairly tough fixtures. I’ll then review going into October if Lukaku needs to come in for one of them. Having said that, I can see Kane and Ronaldo both being a pick and stick for the season so it may be a case of rotating between Salah and Lukaku at times.

    How is everyone else approaching it? Picking three and sticking with them or rotating all of them based on fixtures?

    1. Sounds like a similar strategy to my way of thinking Paul. There are still questions that need to be answered moving forwards with some of them though:

      Will Ronaldo be on pens and free-kicks?

      Will he play most matches?

      Will Kane play in every Europa Conference game?

      When Jota plays for Liverpool, Salah (and Mane) tend to play wider and offer less goal threat than when Bobby plays. If Bobby is sidelined for a period do we stick with Salah?

      I’m probably overthinking all that but that is where I get my enjoyment from the game. If you love a bit of overthinking you should definitely listen to Mark Sutherns on FPL Blackbox. Great show.

      1. Ronaldo will be on everything, it would of been in his contract before signing! Look at Portugal Bruno only takes them when Ronaldo is absent. He’s massive on the individual accolades and I expect him to start pretty much every league and champions league game.

        Although a bit worried about Kane vs a very poor palace side at the weekend I’m hoping Lukaku out scores him over the game week as he is against a villa side without Martinez in goal and then Zenit at home!! My front 3 will be Salah, Lukaku and Ronaldo 🤞! Then once Chelsea’s fixtures take a turn for the worse switch him for Kane!

        1. That’s a decent position to be in, I’d probably prefer to have Lukaku for this week than Kane but because I’ve already got him, I don’t fancy using two transfers to get him out and back in again. I’d imagine if I did it, Kane would outscore Lukaku. Stick how I am, and it will probably go the other way. It’s one of those situations that will come down to luck.

      2. I agree Chris but my problem is, with Ronaldo, do we want to wait a week to find out what the answer is to some of those questions? Imagine if he starts with a hat trick and loads of people will throw him in without even thinking about it. My worry is Lukaku, but it’s an easy decision to leave him out while Chelsea have tough fixtures and I don’t already own him. Not sure it will be that straightforward though.

        1. If it wasn’t Newcastle at home next up then I could have probably waited to see. Will it take time for United to get used to giving him the right service? I just keep coming back to the same answer every time though………….it’s Ronaldo. One of, if not the best player to ever play the game and I still believe he’ll be as high get as ever.

          Lukaku is gonna be the player I’m most afraid of next GW though facing Villa at home with no Martinez in goal. I have Lukaku in a couple of my other teams but it’s my main team that I want to succeed the most.

          1. I’ll put Lukaku in some of my other team as well but I’m only really bothered about my main team. Think it will have to be Ronaldo for me

  7. I do look at fixtures, but when I have a settled team
    I tend to think the players I have are capable of scoring
    whoever the opposition. my front three are Renaldo Kane Salah.

  8. Just updated my league analysis spreadsheet, this was done after the end of the game week so it does include numbers for people who were using up their transfers.

    I generally find it useful for sense checking my own transfers. It’s also quite satisfying to see a player like Torres being heavily transferred in knowing that I was ahead of the curve with that one. I was also torn between Benrahma and Fornals – clearly in this league anyone Benrahma is the popular choice and the less risky option. From looking at the overall ownership of other players, I can also see that there aren’t many players who can do too much damage as ownership is fairly spread out.

  9. Son also may have picked up a injury.

    These potential forward injuries making the Ronaldo decision easier.

  10. All the players below will be banned this weekend, as their clubs didn’t release them for Brazil:
    Thiago Silva
    Roberto Firmino
    Gabriel Jesus

        1. Yep, and he’s still only owned by 14% of managers… He is potentially a massive cheat code to success if playing through the middle up top for City this season!

      1. Couldn’t agree more, a nice price rise and then Alisson not playing. Fingers crossed for a De Gea clean sheet at the weekend

  11. Annoying to see Coleman pick up a hamstring injury so looks like I’ll have to dip into those transfers early doors. Can just afford to do Coleman to Dier and Son to Ronaldo. Leaves £0m itb annoyingly though.

    If Spurs hadn’t signed Royal I’d have gone Tanganga most likely but I think maybe Dier is assured of more starts possibly. Tanganga nailed for next GW though you’d think with Romero & Sanchez out.

    1. Oh FFS! 😂 Just read that Everton are now “hopeful” that he might be ok after appearing that the injury wasn’t as bad as first feared now. The trouble is Everton play on Monday night so I can’t wait to see the line-ups. Hopefully Benitez can confirm if he’ll be ok or not and not leave me hanging…

        1. Hope you’re right Brad. If he says, “he’ll have a chance of being involved” I’m gonna cry in a dark corner. 😂

          1. Everton manager Rafael Benitez on the injury to captain Seamus Coleman: “It was not very bad, I think he can be available for Monday.”

            I’m gonna have to take this as he’ll most likely play now haven’t I? 🤞😅

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