August Transfers One & Two

August Transfers One & Two

I’ve finally reached a decision on my first transfers for August. These transfers will be made before game week 3, as long as both players are starting. I’ve briefly outlined below my reasons for these transfers:

Out: Matip (3.5m)
In: Kompany (3.5m)

Liverpool haven’t made the strongest start defensively and the Champions League qualifiers are now out of the way. As a result I’m looking to strengthen my defence with Kompany who is a like for like swap in terms of price. I went for Kompany over Davies as I believe Davies will be dropped when Rose is fit again. Spurs also have the Wembley factor to contend with and have a more difficult draw in the Champions League. I’m just hoping Kompany can remain fit to ensure a good amount of game time.

Out: Baines (3.5m)
In: Pieters (2m)

My next transfer is a bit of a risky move. I’m downgrading from a 3.5m defender to a 2m defender in Pieters. He’s made a strong start with Stoke who look solid at the back with Butland in goal. I’m hoping this is a move for a first team regular for the rest of the season who won’t need transferring out. My main reason for this transfer is to free up some funds to bring in Aguero in September. I’ll still need to make two more transfers to get to this point however I’m hoping for my team to look something like this in September:

Valencia, Kompany, Pieters, Ogbonna
Mkhitaryan, Mane, Salah
Aguero, Kane, Lukaku

I’d also have 1m in the bank. This means I could upgrade Mane to Hazard if the Belgian comes back from injury in fantastic form. I’m hoping other managers won’t have planned that far ahead and will be priced out of affording Hazard. I believe downgrading to Pieters should free up funds for so much more flexibility going forward.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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57 thoughts on “August Transfers One & Two

  1. 1 more transfer left. What you thinking?

    KDB to go down in £ or At least won’t rise. Transfer KDB for Miki now who like very likely to rise

    Aguero 7m what’s your though process on affording him?

    1. That’s exactly the transfer that I’ve got in mind. But I won’t make it until after the weekend. I’d like De Bruyne in for the Bournemouth game.

      If all goes to plan the thought process on getting Aguero is:

      Foster (2.5m)
      Valencia (4m)
      Kompany (3.5m)
      Pieters (2m)
      Ogbonna (1.5m)
      Mkhitaryan (4.5m) (De Bruyne out – final August transfer)
      Mane (6m)
      Salah (4m)
      Lukaku (6m)
      Kane (8m)
      Aguero (7m) (Lacazette out – first September transfer)

      Total: 49m. Leaving 1m in the bank in case Aguero’s price rises. If it doesn’t that leaves 1m for potentially upgrading Mane to Hazard.

  2. Nice solid transfers.

    Gone Kompany/Davies myself . . . Mihki in after the weekend all being well. Both certain to rise to increase team value.

    I think Rose appears some way off fitness and might move to Chelsea/United. Not sure all is well with Rose at Spurs atm as he desperately wants out. Can’t see him walking back into the side over Davies who’s been doing so well. Spurs also have excellent fixtures upcoming in the league.

    As a Stoke fan I like the Pieters move. We look so much more solid with Butland and Zouma playing and 3 centre backs. Should work out well, shame fixtures are not great short term. There is the likes of Stephens but could be a game time risk. At that price he has no real competition . . . Playing wing back. . . And I expect no further signings in that position.

    Do you think Aguero is worth the 2 million more than Jesus? Would seem to equate to a bit extra funding for the defence for the likes of Davies? I think Pep favours Jesus long term and he’s been really unlucky thus far.. . I’m not convinced there will be much in it!

    Like the Hazard planning, he was unplayable times last season and it seems strange having no Chelsea coverage.

    Sanchez back should make things interesting as well in terms of keeping Kane for the duration.

    I normally would be all over getting Eriksen in . . . What do you think of his prospects? Maybe the staduim factor and tricky champions league draw is off putting and he’s not exactly explosive for 6.5

    Agree with the Ogbonna punt contuning as he’s in the team, fixtures are ideal and there are far more pressing matters.

    Allows you to further monitor some cheap starting defenders/injuries/fixtures to make a better decision on a replacement when the time comes and a transfer is available

    1. Are you doing the transfer tonight or waiting for confirmation of line ups over the course of the weekend??

      1. I’ve done the transfers. However I will be checking line ups. Should either player not be starting I do plan to undo the transfer. If Kompany isn’t starting I will simply go for Davies instead.

        1. I like your style, I didn’t realise you could reverse transfers, thank you as now I do 👍🏾

    2. I like Jesus of aguerro as well, hoping to see how they do this match as I feel Jesus has been unlucky last few matches, I don’t even like counting the one walker got a red card in as kdb dropped quite deep to cover.

      Kane has good stats lots of shots taken and unlucky not to score aswell

    3. I’d certainly prefer Davies/Kompany but it wouldn’t allow me to get Aguero as I’d not have enough funds. I completely agree about Rose not walking straight back into the team, there was a point where I’d have been surprised to see him play for Spurs again and I’m still not convinced all is well there but I do like Pieters as a cheap option who could be kept in for the rest of the season. Last year I was stuck with Terry and Shaw for months, neither were scoring points so having a cheap defender who plays regular football and returns a few points here and there is fine by me.

      I think if both Aguero and Jesus continue to play that Aguero will score more points and goals over the season. It’s probably psychological based on Aguero’s history in the Premier League and he was always historically the first name on my team sheet but there’s something about him that I worry about when he’s not in my team.

      I also normally have Eriksen, the only thing that put me off was the extra £0.5m. I’m not sure why anyone would go for him over Alli or Pogba who are both a little cheaper. I also only wanted one Spurs attacking player with the Wembley factor this year and this happens to be Kane at the moment.

  3. Evening ,
    When are you looking to transfer these in? Today or Monday?

    I’ve gone for these two changes aswell 🤔🤔
    I’m left with 1.5 mil in bank after I have made these changes


    1. I’m making them today (unless either player isn’t starting). I favour Kompany over Matip for this weekend. Everton also play Chelsea so it makes sense to remove Baines.

    1. At the moment I plan to take him out before prices change. I’m going to swap him for Mkhitaryan to free up some funds for Aguero. This may need to be reviewed if he does well this weekend.

  4. I got De Bruyne in my team and I am quite reluctant to transfer him out even though his price is likely to fall at the end of the month. He is a world class player and when City click and score a lot of goal (which they will) he will racking in the points. Over the last two season, De Bruyne has accumulated more sun dream points than any midfielder in the game (average is 226 points per season). I’m not sure on Jesus or Aguero yet but still want to retain some city attacking coverage.

  5. Are you doing the transfers tonight or waiting for confirmation of line ups over the course of the weekend?? God forbid if they pulled up in the warm up 😞

    1. I’ve made the transfers – but like you say, should either player not be starting I’ll undo the transfer.

  6. What’s your plan re Ogbonna if he is not a regular starter.Will he not be very difficult to replace.

    1. Yeah I agree – it could become a big problem but I’m hoping he starts on a regular basis. I’m sure with price rises coming soon it would be easy enough to sort out though.

    1. I think he’s made a good start but I don’t need Mane and Salah. I think Mane is a better option but Salah is a great price considering how far advanced he plays. I think Mane will get more game time though so it’s a tricky one.

      1. Currently debating keeping mane and bumping up Salah to mkhi.

        This way I have a million left to bump kdb to hazard but this move is on the basis I choose Jesus over aguerro and Sanchez.

        May even move kdb to Ericson to hold value while I wait for hazard

        1. Yeah I’m not favouring De Bruyne the moment he’s had a poor point scoring start. Aguero not starting today hasn’t really convinced me that he’s the best person to bring in either so may go for Jesus instead.

  7. Any advice on a keeper, I have Hennesey currently. I can either choose Foster or Pickford. Is it worth investigating/upgrading to a keeper with Europe football? Etc


    1. Everton have a terrible run of fixtures in the Premier League coming up, I’d personally avoid Pickford for this period. I’ve gone for Foster in my team and I can’t see me changing him all season. Purely because keepers don’t pick up as many points so I’ll probably stick with what I’ve got.

  8. Just pulled the trigger in KDB out and Mikhi in . . . Bizzare how differently both have started the season! Today’s performances has made this a no brainer

    Already lucked on Jesus rather than Lacca . . . Now I’ve got 1.5 million spare for an upgrade on Ogbonna! Any thoughts? Jones at 3.5 looks annoying nailed but I really can’t see that lasting.

    I think it’s probs worth going for a 2 million option Pieters, Schindler, Stephens

    1. I’m going to have to do the same with De Bruyne and Mkhitaryan. To be honest De Bruyne was the same for the majority of last season so I’m not sure why I put him in. He just had a few good games towards the end of the season. I’ll need to add a Man City striker to address De Bruyne going so will go for Jesus or Aguero, after today I can’t decide which one to go for.

      I don’t blame you for upgrading Ogbonna, he’s had an absolute shocker and I can’t even see him being a regular for the rest of the season. Personally I’d go for a cheaper option. Pieters at Stoke was my choice based on game time for the rest of the season. I’m not completely sure Stephens will be first choice indefinitely and although Huddersfield have made a great start I’m not sure I see it lasting.

      1. I stuck jesus in for the moment Pep just seems to favour him all the time, plus obviously he’s much cheaper with possible value to rise?

        Man city kick off game week 4 so we can see if jesus gets the nod once again…

        1. I like Jesus over aguerro as well at the moment, with all the speculation about pep preferring him and aguerro being benched it’s hard to shell out that much on aguerro.

          Depending on how he plays today I may well consider Sanchez

        2. Yeah I think he might be a better option. He may rise in price or stay the same with only one goal from the first three. He may well rise just because he started at only 5m but not sure if they work it out based on performance or current price in relation to others.

  9. Is it too late for any more August transfers as the new ones take effect from 1 September?

    1. You can still make transfers. Dream Team support said transfers will be pending but will come out of August allocation if made before 1st September.

      1. what a frustrating month, i think we can now put in jesus above aguerro now, saving 2 million, is it now time to consider moratta, chelsea fire-power, and again 2 million cheaper than hazard, i think they have turned a corner, lacazette benched a worry, i know u don’t like to tinker with defence, but even when cahill finishes his ban, rudiger should still make starting 11, when will u b taking out debruyne for miktharian as the last August transfer.

        1. I agree about Jesus looking more favourable than Jesus after this weekend. I agree Morata would also be worth considering as well. Both are good value, but you can almost guarantee as soon as we remove Kane he will bang in a hat trick. I’ve got so many players to consider replacing – I’ll be waiting until mid week to make my final transfer of August but I’ll be sure to publish in advance who I go for. Rudiger could be a good shout to replace Ogbonna if funds are freed up by having Jesus rather than Aguero.

          1. Perhaps, de bruyne out, Mktharian in for last August transfer, laccazette out, moratta/jesus in, ogbonna out, rudiger in cld b tight with funds available, leaving 1 transfer in September, alot to ponder, will look out for blog next couple of days concerning that last August transfer.

            1. That’s pretty much the lines I’m thinking along at the moment. Disappointing there’s an international break already, I was keen to improve my position as soon as possible.

      2. Hope you’re right and their twitter is wrong – at 12.26 today there’s a reply saying it will come out of September allowance. I’ve made 0 transfers!

        1. I’m purely basing it on this…

          I have just tried to make a transfer and it came out of my August allowance.

    1. Not happy at all going into the international break. I’ll put a full blog up reviewing the weekend but as far as today goes:
      – Let down by Foster and Pieters. Can’t expect a clean sheet every week but it had draw written all over it. If it had stayed 0 – 0 I’d have been much happier.
      – Matters were then made worse by Lacazette being dropped. Absolutely fuming about that, wanted Arsenal to score to take a clean sheet away from Liverpool.
      – Kane then drew a blank again. Was hoping this weekend was going to be his turning point and he might grab a goal or two against Burnley.

      Mane and Salah saved my game week being a complete disaster but I’m way off where I want to be going into the international break.

  10. Likewise, was on 10 points before the liverpool game kicked off! Wasnt looking good.

    What way can you see to get Ogbonna out? West ham look shocking at the back so think he will score poorly all season.

    Tempted to drop Kane, but Aguero doesnt look like a guaranteed start and wouldnt be suprised to see him punished over this steward incident. I hope not as its ridiculous but you know what the papers are like on things like that!

    1. I don’t think Aguero will face any action over the incident but I’m more concerned that he started on the bench. I’m favouring Jesus slightly after that. I agree completely about Ogbonna but if I opt for Jesus, I’ll have plenty of funds available to upgrade Ogbonna eventually.

      I was hoping this weekend was going to be turning points for a few of my players, in particular Ogbonna, De Bruyne, Kane and Lacazette. I hoped fortunes would change for all 4 of them but they all carried on their poor start.

  11. Lots to think about, yes I have 2mil left over so I’m looking at getting shot of Ogbonna defiently. I’m sticking with Kane, he’s bound to score goals if taken out. Morata is looking more confident especially over Lacazette.

    Be interesting to see we’re you go

    1. I’ll probably look to get rid of Ogbonna as well, I’ve tried to give Ogbonna, De Bruyne, Kane and Lacazette time but I feel like all four have let me down from a point scoring perspective. I’ve not had a dreadful start but I’m no where near where I want to be. If De Bruyne, Kane and Lacazette had just done a little bit more in August I’d be fairly happy.

      1. Agree Kane unlucky to not score in first two games. De Bruyne not playing as advanced imo, goes quiet. Lacazette, well arsenal have been abysmal. I hate to say as an arsenal fan I’ve kept away

  12. I have a feeiling a lot of guys gonna start ditching kane and sergio as a knee jerk reaction to a poor start
    Kane will fire soon trust me….if sanchez doesnt go to city sergio will be there no 1 striker still
    I still think both will polish 300 pts come may….taking them out now plays into other managers hands in my view……

    1. Yeah I agree, I think taking Kane out now could be a mistake. He’s surely got to start finding the back of the net at some points. It’s just frustrating not getting off to the start I’d hoped for.

  13. so can we use September transfers before the prices rise? it seems to me that September transfers open on Friday at 00.01. The new gameweek starts at 7am. between midnight and 7am could we potentially use 3 september transfers to take advantage of expected price rises?

  14. Spot on phil
    I think it might be a one off and the 1st falls on a friday….but take advantage ….i am looking at sergio tho and i think he will drop .3 anyhows whilst repacing him through lacc who will probably be the same price drop
    However swapping the likes of lacc with morenta of chelsea is probably worth doing at 00.01 and before 06:59 to take advatage of the loophole

    1. Thanks Darren. I’m considering hegazi and schindler in def as i expect they’ll rise, brady in mid too. On the other hand otamendi looks like his game suits the scoring system well – 2 star men from 3. Outscored David silva last year and looks like he will again with a better keeper behind him. But doubt he’ll rise and I’m tempted to try to build team value using this loophole.

      1. I like your thoughts on Otamendi. You are right, there are players who the scoring system fancies, that are not the obvious choice. I will be keeping an eye on him

    2. Also, Sergio? Isn’t it clear pep simply prefers jesus? If he sticks with 1 up top then Aguero is a bench warmer no?

      1. I was tempted by Aguero but must admit after the weekend Jesus could be a better option as he’s much cheaper as well.

  15. If so phil
    Tempted with
    Lukaku morenta jesus
    Mikth mane salah
    Kompany pieters valencia rudiger
    ..then with my profit bang in hazard for mane at some stage
    Its all mind boggling at the moment

    1. Great side, strong across the board. Is rudiger nailed on? I wonder whether otamendi and mane will outscore kompany and hazard, especially given kompany’s inevitable injury (although I accept u can transfer).

  16. Kompany will if fit as you say can transfer out
    I think eden will have the edge on mane over the season in my view
    Its just a shell of my transfer thinking
    Still tempted to stick with harry tho and wait for the man city line up at 12:30 on the sat before opting for sergio or morata

  17. In danger of repeating what has already been said….

    I am looking to get rid of De Bruyne before Sep. Swap with Miki before the price rises. That should give me an extra £1.5m to upgrade Obgonna in Sep.

    Then move out Laca, probably for Jesus. Need some City contingent in my front 6.

    Sticking with Kane. I think a lot of people will ditch him. So could become a potent weapon. That said, his price will drop.

    Also, with the imminent transfers of Laca and Ogbonna out, I always like to keep something in the bank for injuries and suspensions

    1. Completely agree, that sums up exactly how I’m thinking as well. I’m also considering Morata but then I’d be left with no City players which is a danger.

  18. West ham have some decent games in oct ogbonna plays maybe worth hanging on to ?
    I do hope vincent comes back and plays so we dont have to use a forced transfer…….front 3 should be stable not looked at stokes oct games but upgrading pieters might be an option…..having 1 utd 1 city 1 chelsea def might work
    Imo i would leave morata alone now….we have a solid front 3 why tinker bar suspension or injury…another option just here me out is that those who have doubled up on either utd chelsea city defenders have a 90 to 110 lead on us….going all defensive now would that in time claw the gap? Or the approach of best front 3 in sergio lukaku kane
    With then a midfield best of hazard eriksen coutinho and downgrade defence be too much gung ho and leave us finished ?
    Just putting it out there as options to claw back this 100 pt interested to hear peoples comments….

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