August Transfers

August Transfers

Update: I’ve put in Pedro and Van Dijk for Mahrez and Lowton. As Mahrez and Stones have been benched.

As I’m unlikely to have the time to post an update before 12:30pm (when City kick off). I’m publishing my likely transfers now. I’ve made a decision about the way I want to go but it does depend on a few things before confirming the transfer. However here is what I’m going to do:

If Mahrez starts:

Do nothing today. Then go 3-4-3 and swap Lowton for Pedro tomorrow.

If Mahrez doesn’t start:

Transfer out Mahrez and Lowton. Bring in Stones and Pedro. Both need to be done before 12:30pm today.

If Mahrez doesn’t start and neither does Stones:

Despite some tough fixtures coming up, my choice would be Van Dijk. He’s certain for game time and always seems to score well in terms of points. So worst case scenario is that neither Stones or Mahrez start and I’m going for Van Dijk and Pedro to come in.

Personally I’m hoping that Mahrez starts so only one transfer is required over the weekend. I’d rather hold back on the final transfer for before prices rise next week. The decision on Van Dijk may also appear a little strange given their fixtures however I’m in a big league with over 300 participants. Each week I’ve been logging how many times each key player has been selected – Van Dijk is the second highest selected defender with 159 people picking him. This has done some serious damage to my overall position in the league. As soon as September comes I’m likely to review this position again and may bring in a Chelsea defender given their fixtures.

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    1. Not ideal but bigger priorities for this week. Not sure they will keep a clean sheet against Spurs anyway.

  1. No Stones or Mahrez today. My transfers for the week:

    – Mahrez out for Pedro, like yourself. I believe Pedro will be a bigger threat long term than Richarlison, but the potential rotation does worry me

    – Keita out for Mikhi. I’ve been impressed with Keita but I can’t see him being a DT scorer. He will pick up plenty of 7+ games but in my opinion will lack assists and goals. Plus I feel like Arsenal will pick up now with their fixtures, and Mikhi will pick up points here

    Leaves my team as :
    Robertson / Shaw / Mendy
    Mane / B Silva / Pedro / Mikhi
    Aguero / Kane / Silva

    Obvious concerns now are Shaw and Hart

  2. With the Luke Shaw doubt I’ve tweaked my selection once more as I can still get to where I want to be in the next window. New line up:

    Robertson Mendy Gomez
    Mane Arnautovic B.Silva Richarlison
    Kane Aguero Salah

  3. I’ve decided to go mahrez for mki worried about Pedros minutes with hazard getting fully fit.

    Probably come back to bite me on the ar@e.

    Good luck all

    1. One of those typical situations when making transfers – impossible to see that one coming.

      1. I also put him in just before yesterday game so not happy to see him red carded does anyone know is the 3 game ban just in the league if so will he play in the cup on Wednesday

        1. Three match ban, misses Everton’s next three games INCLUDING the League Cup. Recent rule change for this season.

  4. spoke about my team in the last post and came to the conclusion of bailly out for stones. stones was named on the bench so i reversed the transfer and thinking of going for ether pedro or luiz, who do you think will be better DDT? any insights welcome and/or other options will be considered, thank you.

    1. I’d say wait for the line ups.

      Pedro might not start due to the return of Hazard. Luiz should start but im not sure chelsea will keep a clean sheet today, but the fixtures afterwards look really good.

      Wait for the line ups then decide but i personally would go for Luiz. Depends if you need the extra 0.5m to invest elsewhere whilst risking minutes with Pedro.

      1. my thinking is that pedro might play league and europa whereas luiz might be rested for europa because he’s got strong back up with cahill and christensen, also pedro is more likely to increase in price next week

  5. Well that was a mixed day for my team. 35 points from the day with only Hart and Kane left to play this weekend.

    Glad I doubled up in Liverpool defenders in Gomez and Robbo as they brought me 16 points in. Disappointed with zilch from Mane but I guess we can forgive him given his start to the season.

    Good to see Arnautovic scored again but gutted that he went off injured. Anyone heard how bad it is or how long he’s expected to be out?

    Richarlison’s red (idiot) also adds to my woes for next week as I have zero transfers left.

    Although I’d have liked to score more at this stage of the weekend, I’d be very surprised to see anyone getting close to a triple figure score by the end of Monday night.

    I can see my lead in my mini league being eaten into next week. Just got unlucky I guess this week.

    1. Been a fairly poor week for most people I’d imagine. A lot of the players who started well didn’t have a great week. Not many clean sheets around either.

  6. Taken from Fantasy Football Scout website:

    The most wide-reaching Fantasy event of the match was a straight red card for violent conduct shown to Richarlison (£6.8m) in the first-half. The Everton man flicked his head towards Adam Smith (£4.5m) and was given his marching orders. He will now miss two FPL Gameweeks, with the EFL Cup still able to absorb one of his three suspended matches. The rule change at the start of this season simply removed a cross-over between yellow card counts, it did not entirely separate league from cup entirely on matters of discipline. Richarlison should return for Gameweek 6 when Everton travel to Arsenal. Manager Marco Silva was not best pleased with the 21-year-old.

  7. DTT: do you think it’s worth looking at moving out Hart, seems like Burnley aren’t quite the team this season?

    1. Potentially but no where near enough funds for a significant upgrade. He’s definitely one to keep an eye on though.

  8. what does everyone think of this team?

    GK: Hart (Burnley)
    Def: Robertson (Liverpool)
    Def: Van Dijk (Liverpool)
    Def: Daniels (Bournemouth)
    Def: Mendy (Man City)
    Mid: Hazard (Chelsea)
    Mid: Mata (Man Utd)
    Mid: Mane (Liverpool)
    Fwd: Salah (Liverpool)
    Fwd: Kane (Spurs)
    Fwd: Aguero (Man City)

    I would be taking out Shaw for Daniels, B.Silva for Mata and Pedro for Hazard..

    The only players I would not be that excited about having would be Hart, Daniels and Mata (but they are cabable of getting some points between them and they will get game time) and the other 8 players will score lots.

    What is everyone’s thoughts?

    1. I’d agree that I wouldn’t be a fan of the players you’ve mentioned. It comes down to if you think they will get enough points to balance out the other big scorers. I’m not sure that they will.

      1. How about swapping Van Dijk for Gomez? I know Van Dijk scores well but Gomez isn’t far behind if they keep a clean sheet. Then you would only have to swap Daniels in for Shaw, keeping B.Silva over Mata and can still swap Pedro for Hazard. That may weeken the team less if you class Gomez as good as Van Dijk because you would only have 2 players to be worried about instead of 3.

        I would even consider swapping Hart for Begovic then as Hart isn’t doing great right now and they are the same price, then you would have a team full of high scorers with 2 from Bournemouth.

        As long as you rate Gomez as good as Van Dijk and your happy to stick with B.Silva of course.

        1. I rate Gomez but I’m not sure he will keep his place. Lovren/Matip are almost certain to come in at some point. I can’t see them ever dropping/rotating Van Dijk. It’s definitely worth considering but we can’t make any changes for a while now anyway.

  9. DTT, unless the front 3 are scoring heavily every week we have problems, I can’t see how we can get Hazard in, it would take 2 transfers in September, B. silva + Van dijk, which wouldn’t make much sense after just putting Van dijk in, Hazard & Gomez =8.5, we wouldn’t have enough, forget about Hart, on present form Allison is the only keeper worth having, & he’s way out of reach, interested in ur thoughts, see what kane does tomorrow & Shaw if he plays.

    1. It’s not an easy one. I can see what you’re saying but at the same time you’re mentioning getting Hazard in. This would weaken the team even more in other areas and be another expensive player we would need to rely on scoring well every week. I’m not sure what the answer is at the moment.

  10. Really regretting making all my transfers this weekend. Joe Hart needs to come out with the next transfers, but for who? I’m sure everyone else is thinking on the same lines?

    Maybe i will reconsider Richarlison also, but by then he will almost have completed his suspension. There is options for this position with Gomez looking good for Liverpool and Pedro starting again, although no points today.

    The only plus points for me this weekend was Tarkowski gaining 4 points despite picking up a yellow card and conceding 4 goals and the Hazard transfer paying off.

    1. I’d agree Hart hasn’t started how many would have liked him too but I can’t see any decent options to replace him at the moment. I’m not sure Gomez will keep his place even though he’s started well.

  11. I think a lot of us have a bit of a headache in the next window. As C&B points out, with Richarlison only missing one more match by the time we can transfer again (for most of us), I’m leaning towards keeping him in purely because I really need to get Hazard in at the earliest opportunity.

    With no real talisman up front for Chelsea and with him being to most inventive and creative player by a mile, he’s going to get most of the Star Man awards in that team. The fact that he is also the penalty taker make him a ‘must have’player now in my opinion.

    In the next window, barring any more drama, I’m going to transfer out Arnautovic and B.Silva for Wan-Bissaka and Hazard switching to a 4-3-3.

    This would then be my team:

    Robertson Mendy Gomez Wan.B
    Mane Hazard Richarlison
    Kane Salah Aguero

    I also have £0.5m in the bank to absorb any potential price rises. I may also use any left over money towards replacing Hart towards the end of the window for maybe Ben Foster.

    Any thoughts from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I’d be more than happy with that team. I’d just keep hold of the 0.5m to replace Gomez as I’d imagine he might lose his starting place at some point.

  12. Yes that’s true regarding Hart, hes not had the best start but even so, still has more points than other keepers, especially at his price. Only the Cardiff keeper has started very well and is the same price.

    Sutton, i see your point with Wan. B and will be looking at him as well. I managed to make the Hazard transfer before this weekend by taking out Mahrez and Arnautovic for him and opting for Maddison at Leicester who, i have been impressed with so far. As you stated Hazard is a must for your team.

    Any thoughts or opinions on potential transfers on my team would be helpful as i am currently debating many. With Stones not starting against Wolves also causes problems.

    Current team:

    Robertson Stones Tarkowski
    Hazard Mane Maddison Richarlison
    Aguero Kane Salah

    1. Yeah, it was a toss up between Maddison and Wan-Bissaka for me to be honest. Maddison looks like a player and I can see him scoring fairly well. With the £1.5m enablers I think you have to expect the occasional blank but if they can chip in now and again, great.

      I can’t honestly see B.Silva scoring heavily so I took him out. I did like having Arnautovic in though to be honest as I can see him doing well. Something had to give though to get Hazard in. Good luck going forwards!

    2. Looks good – I’d be tempted to look at Tarkowski at some point. 3m seems like a lot for him considering their poor defensive start to the season.

  13. I share everyone pain on hazard and it’s like a maths equation on countdown trying to squeeze him in and still keep the big 3 , I have 2 transfers left before the next window and a little bit of breathing space at top of my league as long as kane and Moura do something tonight,
    B Silva

    0.5 m in bank
    Thinking it will seriously weaken my team dropping down mendy and vvd to someone like Robertson and Gomez which frees up 2.5 m and swap Moura to hazard .

    Then team with 2 transfers left for Sept and no money in bank is
    B Silva
    Sarah in bank and with Shaw and hart next on radar could swap Shaw for the c palace youngster freeing up 1 mill and hart for someone like Hennessey or cech even

    Grateful for any opinions please ?

    1. If you have two transfers left are you not tempted to transfer Richarlison out because of his three game ban?

      I personally will be keeping him because I’ve no transfers left and by the time I have transfers again, he only has one match left. If I had transfers though, especially two I reckon he’d be out for now. He’s a lame duck for three games after all.

      Good luck with whatever decision you take.

      1. Thanks Chris Sutton your right , I’m going to take Richarlson out along with either mendy or VVD and put Daniels in to free up the 3 mill needed to put hazard in for this weekend

    2. I personally wouldn’t want to lose Mendy. I think Robertson is a good alternative to Van Dijk but I’m not sure Gomez is going to get as much game time over the course of the season. I’d also be tempted to keep hold of Moura after last night.

      1. Yes, I wouldn’t be shipping out Moura at the moment either. He played further forwards than Kane at some points last night so bags of point scoring potential if he keeps that up!

  14. Any ideas what I should do. Should I transfer richarlisson out for the weekend and be stuck with a 3m midfielder or get Willian out and have 4.5m to spend

    1. As I said above, if I had transfers he’d be gone for now. Three games is quite substantial to have a lame duck in the team.

      He can always come back in later.

  15. DTT, looking at the start of the season to date, the logic to double up on Burnley was their, we were duped in the previous qualifying round, which cost pts, Sanchez first game was dreadful & subsequently got injured, Mahrez I think it was reasonable to think he wld get more gametime, De bruyne injury & even taking into account Guardiola tinkering, transfers in Kane had to break his duck in August & did, more of the same tonight please, Pedro proved a better selection than Richarlison with the red card he received, Van dijk guaranteed to play most games, other than naming the Liverpool back 5, the starting 11 for the season & transfers out & in that followed made sense, perhaps it cld of been mentioned or discussed why put in Pedro, if further down the line we need Hazard, Pedro came off with half an hour to go hope that won’t be telling, I believe all transfer windows are closed now, so if it takes 2 transfers to get Hazard in, then so be it, without touching the front three.

    1. I didn’t have much time to discuss the Pedro transfer but for me it was a straightforward swap. Mahrez and Lowton needed to come out. I wanted a strong defender like Stones or Van Dijk. This only left 3m. I wanted 0.5m in the bank in case Shaw needs to be replaced. As a result this left 2.5m to spend. It had to be a midfielder because I’ve already got 4 defenders. Within this price bracket the only players that stood out to me were Pedro/Richarlison if we wanted a player who made a good start. Although Richarlison is certain of more game time (when available) I noticed that Chelsea will have the additional Europa League fixtures in September so decided to opt for Pedro instead. For me it had to be one of these two – I wasn’t keen on going with anyone who might drop in value when the prices changed so that ruled out looking at Jota, Maddison, etc.

    1. I think a lot will be, he looks quality so far this season, decent value too. His price will increase next week.

    2. I’d have to funds to do it and it’s very tempting. Fortunately I’ve got no more transfers remaining so get to see how he gets on at the weekend. He would have certainly been a better option than Pedro this weekend.

  16. As it stands I’m currently looking at bringing Wan-Bissaka in during the next transfer window. However, Jeffrey Schlupp has appeared on my radar as a possible alternative. He’s categorised as a defender (clean sheet possibilities) but he’s been playing left wing for Palace thus far (goal, assist possibilities) and already has a goal to his name. I’ll be honest I know little about him though. Any Palace fans out there vouch for him as an alternative to Wan-Bissaka?

    1. I’ve heard their system may change when Max Meyer starts and Zaha could go out wide again.

      1. Thanks for the heads up Callum. Much appreciated. 👍🏻

        Think I’ll stick with my original selection of Wan-Bissaka then as I think he’ll get plenty of game time this season. As he’s an ex right winger he could chip in with a few assists too with a bit of luck.

  17. Hi All (apologies for the long post but going nuts trying to work things out lol)

    Been driving myself mad looking at how I can get Hazard in to my team as the guy below me in my Dream team league has him in and he’s 11 points behind me – I am top, but basically the difference is salah for me vs hazard for him;

    My team His team

    Hart Ederson
    Shaw Luiz
    VVD Sanchez
    Mendy mendy
    Moura Mane
    B Silva hazard
    Richalarson Moura
    Aguero Aguero
    Salah Kane

    I have 0.5 mill left and 2 transfers remaining before the 7th Sept , I am pretty confident all my players will go up in value or certainly not drop in value , with that in mind I was thinking this weekend Take out now VVD and Richarlason for Daniels(bourn) & Hazard – the argument is will hazard score more points against bournemouth than VVd will against Leic which is probably yes but is it a wise long term move losing VVD, is it worth holding on until after this weekend to do that ? Or I could swap Richarlason for Pedro(rotation risk but could counter act my competitor having Hazard) and upgrade either hart for hennessey or shaw for robertson/gomez. The thinking behind the latter move is using september transfers to downgrade VVD(if id ont swap him before ) to Wan Bissaka or schlupp , swapping pedro for gomez (if i don’t put him in now) and then swapping B Silva to Hazard getting Robertson / gomez in as a double protects me against not having VVD. Might sound confusing but in september hoping team with 1 transfer left looks like this – keeper only one needing surgery then




    Basically the question is when do I get hazard in – before this weekend or for the first game after internationals? Anyone help please? Thanks

    1. AJF, like the look of that future team, maybe try something similar, but wld have Shaw to your Gomez, the two guys in front of me have 2 & 4 of liverpool’s back 5, so it’s risky, can still see Liverpool doing well in September but conceding, I wld have to make 3 transfers on the 7th September, not ideal, but their is a short international break in September, when is Son back for spurs & will he effect Moura’s gametime, Shlupp or Wan bissaka, unsure who will be more of a regular.

    2. My main concern would be if Gomez is likely to be rotated at any point? I’d imagine he will be and I can’t see Van Dijk being benched at all. I’ve tried to resist going too weak at the back this season because I thought this let me down last time around but it’s looking like the only way to get Hazard in at the moment.

  18. Hey! I’m looking for some advice. I have the same team as DTT but I have 1 transfer left for this window as I opted for Kane from the start. Would you use the final transfer to replace Pedro with Moura?

    1. Potentially but Chelsea play Bournemouth and Cardiff next, whereas Spurs face Watford and Liverpool. So slightly better fixtures for Chelsea (if Pedro plays).

  19. 2 transfers left, proposed transfers below, which 2 of the 3 should i prioritize in the team? 5m itb.

    Thinking about giving Auba the cardiff game, if he fails to return ill ship for Kane. My problem is i could soon find myself priced out of that move if kane keeps going up in price & Auba down.

    Sanchez was dropped for the utd game which worries me, also he doesn’t get rated well and will likely drop this week.

    Sanchez > Moura (343) Alonso? or Wan-Bissaka?
    Richarlson > Moura?
    Auba > Kane?

    1. I’d be tempted to get Kane in but it’s a difficult choice around when to do it. Richarlison to Moura also makes sense with him being banned, although not essential if you wanted to use that transfer elsewhere. Could Sanchez not go to Moura? It’s always worth checking line ups before hand as well.

  20. What do people think – do we think Richarlason will go up in value tomorrow even after the sending off? And what about Hart is he looking at a drop as before tonight he only sits on 3 points in total?

    1. I think he will go up regardless of being sent off. Hart might go down after the last couple of game weeks.

        1. Yeh, 0.1.

          Unless they’ve changed the rules, I’m pretty sure of it, as last year’s only rose 0.3.

  21. Hi all I’m wondering if anyone has a link to the transfer rules regarding what date we get our new 3 allocated transfers each month and when we have to use them by in any given month, last year the sun emailed these dates around but this season I cannot find it, I would find it very usefull

    1. Yeah, Spurs draw is especially difficult.

      Liverpool’s is also tough but not many teams will want to face them and I’ll reckon they’ll make it through.

      You’d expect City to get through no problems.

      United would struggle against anyone at this moment in time. They look about as far back from challenging for the league this season than I can remember.

      Will be interesting to see the rotation strategies once the European games kick in.

  22. What’s people’s thoughts on cech as a cheap replacement for hart , I know he’s likely to be rotated in europa league but thinking of cech in for hart and ban wissaka in for Richarlson both tonight and will give me £1 mill in bank ready for September transfers . It’s either cech or Hennessey?

    1. Think doubling up on Palace in defence could be risky personally. That said, their fixtures are pretty decent till around GW9. Might be worth the punt?

      Arsenal also have some good fixtures but will Cech keep his place?

    2. Cech would be the best option for me if he was certain of keeping his place. Not sure he will though.

  23. .3 price changes showing on my app and some conflicting information with regards to transfers in the dt coach article. This game is such a mess

    1. Ive noticed this too, I thought it was just me!

      It states in their rules that this time this year the biggest changes would be £0.1m. Having changes as huge as £0.3m massively affects transfer strategy. Fortunately for me I used all 3 of my transfers last night taking into account price changes so it hasnt worked out too badly. However players I wanted to get in for September with as few changes as possible are already starting to feel out of reach.

      1. It’s not worked out too badly for me but I definitely would have done different transfers yesterday had I known. While we are on the subject how can salah out score kane by 2 points and yet kane goes up .1 and no change for salah? It’s the lack of transparency and inconsistency that really annoys me, and I never get any clarity when I ask for it from them. Drives me mad because it brings in another element of luck, some people will have got lucky with the price rises where as I planned mine on .1 price changes because they specifically stated that more than once

  24. As mentioned above the article talking about price change and when we can use transfers is a complete mess,

    1. Everything mentioned directly on Sun’s official website refers to changes in price value each week of no more than £0.1m. So essentially the Sun have not aligned to their own rules, which is shocking tbh.

      Ive added the link here for your reference:

      I wonder if the Sun will actually revert back to the pricing structure agreed in the beginning now or just go with it. My thinking is if the price changes worked out for you then isit worth getting those changes in now to take advantage of players who are now more attainable.

      Variable Player Pricing

      Over the course of a season a Player’s value will change based on their point scoring performance.

      At the end of each Game Week the Promoter will evaluate each Player’s point scoring performance against what was expected and shall calculate a new value (increase, decrease or remain unchanged).

      The revised value for each Player will be applied and published on the Website and App at 07:00:00 every Friday after the completion of a Game Week

      The maximum a Player’s value may increase or decrease per Game Week is £0.1m.

      The first round of Variable Player Pricing updates will take place after the completion of Game Week 3 and thereafter until completion of the Regular Season.

      The Promoter does not guarantee that it will enter into any correspondence relating to Variable Player Pricing.

  25. Surprised that the price changes went up by 0.3. good job I did transfers last night for my best team to raise funds so now at 52.3m.

    probably season over for my worst teams, lowest team at 50.2m and next at 50.8m as most teams now will be 2.0m richer or higher. Also, with 0.1m changes (or is 0.3m?) every week it will take forever to raise funds.

    Interesting times ahead.

    1. Ditto! It either worked for you or against you these price changes. I cant see how they are going to reverse it now as people are probably already making changes today based on the new prices.

      This is certainly a game changer from a strategic perspective.

    1. Mate it’s shocking! Poor form from Sun Dream Team.

      Guess we just have to get on with it I guess.

      1. As per usual!! But it doesn’t help with my last transfer as I wanted to use it after 12.30 tomorrow but the article in question says I have to use it before the start of the Liverpool game

        I just want some clarity and for that clarity to be correct!!!

        1. hmmmm! I am not 100% clear on the rules as this price change thing has made me doubt must things about what I assumed about the Sun DT but my understanding is:

          As long as the player you transfer in hasnt played and as long as the player you transfer our hasnt played you should be able to make the transfer and gain points for that gameweek.

          So as long as the players involved in the transfer are not playing in the 12.30 kickoff you SHOULD be ok. Dont quote me cause as i said this error has made me lose faith in their ability to stick to their own rules.

  26. I wanted to get Hazard in next but the price changes have made things a bit difficult. My defense really needs to improve as I have now two players who don’t even start in Stones and Sanchez. The Liverpool defenders seem the cheapest options but have some tougher fixtures coming up? Hart obviously was put in to get Kane but he’s value will probably continue to drop to. Tough times this season….

    1. Shambles with regard to pricing! Sun don’t know what there doing the rules conflict with the action they take pathetic! I will be transferring out 2/3 Liverpool players soon! Real tough fixtures coming up! Chelsea twice (elf cup /Prem/ spurs away Napoli away! Man City as well! Just keeping salah, mane Robertson will go!

  27. Forgot to add psg at home Liverpool will still score goals but can’t see many clean sheets! Also got soton at home one of their easier games even though saints have been a bit of a bogey team!

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