Bargain players 2020/2021

With player values now released, I thought it was the perfect time to take a look at this year’s bargain players. It looks more difficult than ever to create a team full of the big names – accommodating a premium goalkeeper, TAA, De Bruyne, Sterling, Salah and Kane looks almost impossible. As a result we will all almost certainly need to look for a bargain where we can. I’ve not stuck to a strict criteria however, I was aiming for players who are cheaper than 4m who scored over 100 points last season. As there weren’t too many of these players, I’ve also added some cheap options who I think might have a decent season. Feel free to add your own in the comments section below.


Alisson (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Patricio (Wolves) – 2.5m questionable without Europa League fixtures
Schmeichel (Leicester) – 3m
Caballero (Chelsea) – 1m not sure he will start


Vinagre (Wolves) – 1.5m
B. Davies (Spurs) – 2m
Shaw (Man Utd) – 2.5m
Ake (Man City) – 2.5m
Rudiger (Chelsea) – 2.5m
Gomez (Liverpool) – 3m
Matip (Liverpool) – 3m
James (Chelsea) – 3m
Digne (Everton) – 3m
Lindelof (Man Utd) – 3m
Aurier (Spurs) – 2.5m
Azpilicueta (Chelsea) – 3m


Willian (Arsenal) – 3.5m
Pepe (Arsenal) – 3m
Bernardo (Man City) – 3m
Foden (Man City) – 3.5m
Mount (Chelsea) – 2.5m
Moura (Spurs) – 2.5m
Alli (Spurs) – 3m


Abraham (Chelsea) – 2.5m
Greenwood (Man Utd) – 3m
Firmino (Liverpool) – 3.5m
Jota (Wolves) – 2.5m

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44 thoughts on “Bargain players 2020/2021

  1. Ziyech Chelsea 3.5
    Kebano Fulham 1.5 is one to watch for a bargain midfielder. Very attack minded winger and is on free-kicks as well.

    1. Must admit I’d not considered any of the players from promoted teams. Don’t know much about Ziyech but will he take a while to adjust to the Premiership?

  2. Surely Mount will progress on from last season. Shaw is a bargain. Last season was his best so far! Ake is a decent shout too. He scores goals.

    1. Yeah, Luke Shaw’s price does look good, much cheaper than other regular Utd defenders like Maguire, Lindelof and AWB. Clean sheets and high assist potential.

      1. His price does look appealing, although he only got accredited with 2 assists last season. I’m getting slightly put off due to the Maguire situation as well with him only being declared a free man “right now”…😳

        1. Yeah it’s a strange situation. I’m sure it will all blow over but far from ideal.

    2. I don’t know how much Ake will play but could be worth a punt at that price. Shaw is a no brainer to a certain extent. Mount could have another good season but he started well last season and then tailed off in terms of points

  3. we can probably knock maquire of our
    shopping list he might still be in a Greek cell.
    will these people ever learn.

  4. For once I’m fairly happy with my first draft team: Alisson, Ake, Robertson, Gomez, TAA, Bruno, KDB, Pepe, Firmino, Salah, Auba (Arsenal fan so I know some may prefer Kane)

    1. I was tempted to give it a go if it can help but was also interested to hear if anyone had given it a try?

      1. I have signed up to it
        think information is quite good
        it gives you the predicted points that players may get at each game
        plus more.

        1. Sounds interesting and I may give it a try but I’m not sure what they are basing the information on

      2. It’s the projected price change part that interests me. It’s an area of the game that’s left many of us very frustrated at times. If it’s accurate it could come in very handy.

        Might be tempted to give it a whirl…

        1. Yeah I’m tempted as well – as you can imagine given me love of looking at the stats

  5. worked on this team all day.
    loris TA Azpilicueta Robo pulisic Traore Fernandes William Jesus Kane Salah.

    its very difficult to get KD in.

    1. I’m having the same problem Don. Considering leaving De Bruyne out to be honest.

      1. Anyone wondering if Sterling and KDB have been over-priced? Salah started last season at £7.5m, scored 251 pts, and ended up valued at £6.3m.

        I’m struggling to see both KBD and Raz maintaining those values as the season progresses. Obviously they will both probably be the amongst the top scorers in the game, but value wise, I’m inclined to think those start prices are a little steep.

        1. I’m struggling to make a case for both of them. Way overpriced but I think we should have at least one of them.

          1. I don’t think KDB or Sterling are priced that badly myself, maybe not value for money but for the big hitters I overlook that aspect otherwise I would choose the likes of Mitrovic or Firmino.

            I think KDB and Sterling price reflects their influence as KDB guaranteed to play most games along with Sterling, KDB has the consistency and further boasted by penalties and Sterling has the hat tricks in his armour. Also, need to beat in mind if you don’t have them, big chance your rivals will as they will be highly owned.

            1. For me it’s about comparing price points. I’m not sure I see De Bruyne outscoring Salah, Kane or Aguero who are all 0.5m cheaper. Are you going to attempt to accommodate both of them?

              1. De bruyne definitely has an extra premium for being a mid. I think the strikers are competitively priced where as de bruyne has no competition.

                De bruyne in for me but not Sterling

                1. Yeah it’s a good point – I’m sure I’ll end up trying to work him in. But it can only really come as a result of sacrificing a premium striker so who misses out?

              2. With De Bruyne, you would be comparing him with other midfielders not the strikers. The data shows that KDB did outscore them last season.

                1. Well said District. I like this guy. You get De Bruyne and Fernandes and two of your midfielders are sorted for the season.

  6. On DT Coach can someone explain the Game Difficulty bit to me the colour scheme and the ratings if anyone can

    1. How is dt coach, is it worth it?

      I think people are overlooking spurs defence, is Mou always has a very strong defence by his second season. Very cheap and worth a punt imo

      1. I’d be interested in any other feedback on the coach part as well. I’ve got Davies in my team to start with Tech

        1. I’m not sure about Dream Team Coach, my first thought is will it end the need to ask advise as it will provide people with the answers. I not looked at it in detail but my mini league mates are excited about it as it provides the tools to win (that’s their impression), my lack of engaging in statistics (nor use of spreadsheets) haven’t prevented me from being a decent fantasy football manager. Also I am rather skeptical person by nature when it comes to the dream team game: is this dream team coach accurate? has this been tested?

          1. It is just the price change info I am interested in, I think it could be worth the money just for that, after a couple of weeks to a month it could be the difference between getting Sterling or not.

            I think Sterling will end up as a differential as his price is prohibitive and there is so many alternative strikers.

            Chris mentioned about players being over priced. In previous seasons the high priced players need so many points to keep gaining value it just becomes impossible. For me, I expect de Bruyne to lose money but I plan on keeping him all season anyway plus all the other mids are so much cheaper it really doesn’t matter

            1. Sterling a differential? I’m not too sure, plays for a team that scores 100 goals per season so gets a big chuck of that, team that plays a lot of games in the cups, sterling’s goal scoring record is improving season upon season, can be explosive. He will be highly owned.

              Maybe it will be a strategy to keep him all season and rotate the other two strikers. Or what about an out of box move to cover all the bases: Sterling, Aguero and Jesus with KDB in midfield.

              1. I’ll admit maybe differential was a bit over the top. I just think with his price and the competition price and quantity he will be in less teams

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