Bargain players 2021/2022

With player values now released, I thought it was the perfect time to take a look at this year’s bargain players. It’s going to be difficult to accommodate all the big names. As a result we will all almost certainly need to look for a bargain where we can. I’ve not stuck to strict criteria however, I was aiming for players who are cheaper than 4m who scored over 100 points last season. I’ve also added some cheap options who I think might have a decent season. Feel free to add your own in the comments section below.


Martinez (135 points – 3m)
Leno (113 points – 3.5m)
Lloris (110 points – 3.5m)
Pope (110 points – 3m)
Schmeichel (102 points – 3.5m)
De Gea or Henderson (3m)

Wan-Bissaka (186 points – 3.5m)
Zouma (156 points – 3m) – questionable game time
Walker (155 points – 3.5m)
Zinchenko (133 poins – 3.5m)
T. Silva (128 points – 3.5m)
Justin (128 points – 2m)
Keane (119 points – 3m)
Evans (116 points – 3.5m)
Fofana (116 points – 3m)
Holding (115 points – 2.5m)
Laporte (113 points – 3.5m)
Mings (112 points – 3m)
Tarkowski (109 points – 3m)
Castagne (109 points – 3m)
Doherty (81 points – 2m)

Soucek (146 points – 3.5m)
Ward-Prowse (143 points – 3.5m)
Tielemans (136 points – 3.5m) 
F. Torres (134 points – 3.5m)
Barnes (133 points – 3.5m)
Maddison (132 points – 3.5m)
Moura (122 points – 2.5m)
Saka (121 points – 3.5m)
Raphinha (119 points – 3m)
Jorginho (118 points – 3m)
Harrison (116 points – 3m)
Willock (113 points – 2m)
B. Silva (112 points – 3m)
Rodri (111 points – 3m)
A. Traore (109 points – 2.5m)
Ndombele (101 points – 3m)
Ziyech (80 points – 3m)
Pulisic (74 points – 3.5m)

Werner (161 points – 3.5m)
Firmino (148 points – 3.5m)
Abraham (130 points – 2.5m)
Greenwood (120 points – 3m)
Wood (113 points – 3.5m)
Ings (111 points – 3m)
B. Traore (107 points – 3m)
Wilson (107 points – 3.5m)
Neto (106 points – 3.5m)
Antonio (106 points – 3.5m)
Benteke (103 points – 3m)
Martial (89 points – 3m)

39 thoughts on “Bargain players 2021/2022

    1. Thanks Steve, knew there would be a mistake in there somewhere as I typed it all out manually. Corrected this now

    1. Justin is a great price, we have to find at least 2 bargains
      this season, try as I might putting all the ones you would like
      is impossible . as I have said before on here
      we all should look at Buendia A/V bargain price.

          1. Yeah I remember you talking about Podence as well just before he went on a half decent run. There are always rough diamonds to be had.

            If Traore is a regular again he could be worth considering at some point for that price. Probably a wait and see to begin with though as he was in and out a lot last season.

            1. I thought he looked good value as well Chris, we know what he can be capable of. Surprised he wasn’t starting more last season.

    2. He’s one I’ve certainly got my eye on JD. Decent competition for those full-back spots now though but the good thing for JJ is that he can play either side akin to Cancelo.

        1. Definitely. I think he could be an absolute steal at that price. We’ve all seen how he can be a points machine in there right system. Spurs need to improve the number of clean sheet numbers though but I’m sure Nuno is well aware of that.

          1. Yeah it’s a tough one, worth considering from the off with the two extra fixtures in August?

            1. But play-offs games don’t count for Dreamteam… and you want people to pay you money for your advise? Top 100 my arse!

      1. If fit, I’d think he’s probably preferred over Bertrand for the LB spot. Tough competition mind you.

        1. Yeah as tempting as it is, I might skip him until I know what the situation is

  1. Really good and informative article ….also really enjoyed reading your other very detailed article. Just a thought …….Doherty at 2.0 m could be a “steal’ and very cheap. He now has his old manager ( Nuno) from wolves as his new manager at Tottenham so could get increased game time this year!!

    1. If he plays in a similar system to what he did at Wolves he could certainly be one to look at. With Nuno knowing his game so well you’d expect him to probably be ahead of Aurier in the pecking order.

    2. Thanks Steve and completely agree. He had a cracking season for Wolves before moving to Spurs. Suely Nuno can get the most out of him.

      1. Just read that Aurier is transfer listed as well, so that makes it very difficult indeed to ignore Doherty now.

        Welcome back into my team old boy. I’ve missed you so. 😍 ☘️

    1. Jose Sa from Olympiacos. He’s what one pundit said about him who’s familiar with him:

      “The first thought that comes to mind when describing Jose as a goalkeeper is reliable. He’s what many would see as a good example of the modern day European shot-stopper, tall, athletic, capable of making acrobatic saves when called upon to do so and has been a reassuring presence for the Olympiacos backline ever since he took up the starting keeper role three seasons ago.”

      Hope that helps Don. Could be a decent shout if he’s cheap?

    1. It’s a tough one as I don’t tend to look at the teams lower down the table but Willock had a good season with Newcastle last year

  2. Hi Paul, & the rest of the gang, glad to be back for another season, going to be tough to emulate or better last time around joint 109th overall, pleased to see Sutton Chris back refreshed & up for the challenge ahead, your input & humour was sorely missed, wouldn’t expect anything less from you Paul but excellent groundwork & analysis already, been looking at Europa League games, but think we’ll have to see who qualifies, before we see who may get more games in August.

    1. Great to have you back David. Tough ask to do better than last season, sounds like you had a fantastic campaign. Having had a look at the details, I think Spurs are the only team who can have additional fixtures in August in Europe, which is the playoff games for the Europa Conference League.

    2. Great to see you back too David. Well played for getting a 109 finish mate. Excellent achievement! 👏

      So many success stories amongst the regulars on here, which is great to see and is ultimately a great advert in itself for this website. Love how we can all bounce ideas off each other.

  3. is this right.
    Liv m/c m/u Chelsea qualify for champions league.

    Leicester qualify for the first round of the Europa league.
    tot for the second round.

    please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. As far as I know, correct other than Spurs need to complete a playoff round to qualify for the new Europa Conference league which should give us two extra fixtures in August. West Ham are also in the Europa League

      1. did not no about west ham.
        interesting thought. they don’t rotate as much as others.

        1. Yeah their squad won’t be as big but not sure who I’d fancy from their team. They won’t start this campaign until September anyway

  4. Does the conference count then? Can’t imagine many first team players starting though

    1. Yeah it definitely counts and as far as I know this includes this two additional playoff games in August. Who knows what kind of team they will put out for those though.

  5. Just been having a listen to an FPL podcast and they brought up a player that could be worth considering as a bargain player. Emile Smith Rowe had a very impressive second half to the season for Arsenal and if they don’t strengthen any further in that area, he could well be first choice in that number ten role for the Gunners this term.

    At £2.5m he could be an very savvy choice this term.

    1. Good shout Chris, can’t say I’d even considered him. We will see their line up before confirming our teams aswell.

      1. It’s just GW2 & GW3 that’s putting me off. If fixtures were kinder for August I may well have started with him. Might stick him in an experimental team.

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