Dream Team: Bargain Players 2018/2019

With player prices released earlier today, it’s a great time to take a look at some initial ideas for bargain players. Player values in relation to the overall budget seems slightly less challenging than last season. Below I’ve highlighted some initial thoughts around players who seem to be available at reasonable prices.


Pope (Burnley – 2.5m) – scored over 100 points last season and Burnley could be in the Europa League this time around. Only risk is if he get displaced by Heaton.

Leno (Arsenal – 3m) or Cech (Arsenal – 2m) – whichever is number one choice for Arsenal, both are a decent price.


Tarkowski (Burnley – 3m) – cheap option for a player who scored over 100 points last season and Burnley may well get European football.

D. Sanchez (Spurs- 3m) – should he hold down a regular place at Spurs Sanchez could be a very good option. Especially with the Belgian defenders possibly getting an extended break after the World Cup.

Robertson (Liverpool – 3m) – did well last season and I’m surprised at how cheap he is starting for this season. Should hopefully hold down a regular place in a team who may challenge for the title.

Kolasinac (Arsenal – 2.5m) – scored over 100 points last season but his place could be at risk this time around. Regardless 2.5m is incredibly cheap.

Williams (Everton – 2.5m) – Everton didn’t have the best of campaigns last time around. Should they turn this around this season Williams could be a bargain at 2.5m

Shaw (Man Utd- 2.5m) – Mourinho indicated that his back line in a recent friendly may well start the season. This included Shaw with Young likely to be given an extended break after the World Cup.


Mahrez (Man City – 4m) – could have an instant impact at Man City. He also scored almost 200 points last season so has a proven track record in the Premier League.

Willian (Chelsea – 4m) – another who scored almost 200 points last season. 4m looks cheap for a player capable of picking up this many points.

Keita (Liverpool – 3m) – Liverpool’s new signing looks a good prospect and at 3m could be one of the biggest bargains in the game.


Aubameyang (Arsenal – 5.5m) – after the way he ended last season, I’d imagine Aubameyang will be Arsenal’s main goal threat for the season. Starting at only 5.5m he looks certain to be a player who rises in value over the course of the season.

Sanchez (Man Utd – 5m) – Lukaku is likely to be out for the first game of the season. Sanchez should be fresh after not taking part in the World Cup. I’m surprised to see him priced so low as he was the highest scoring player the season before last.

Morata or Giroud (Chelsea – 3.5m) – whichever turns out to be the main striker at Chelsea is almost certain to get a decent number of goals. 3.5m is extremely cheap for either.

Rashford (Man Utd – 3m) – depending on how long Lukaku will be given a break for it’s hard to imagine who will start up front for Man Utd. Should this responsibility fall to Rashford he’s a great price at only 3m.

If you’ve spotted any other bargains at this early stage please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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19 thoughts on “Dream Team: Bargain Players 2018/2019

  1. ashley young 3m once back from vacation…must admit the 0.3 price increase meant if u spotted a bargain or indeed a player who has a run of easier gamed…ur rivals if transfers gone for the month may have to pay 0.6 0.9 on occasions or indeed sell a player to get him in…why have the sun put it to 0.1m whats the point in that ? might as well not have a price rise and fall
    it was exicting have a 0.3m change

    1. I must admit I prefer the lower price rises – I’d almost side on the view that the variable price changes are a pain. It’s easier to plan when we know where we are. It was very difficult to catch up last year as well after the bad start. I’m quietly optimistic this time around though.

  2. i think this season the ‘fast good start’ is not so vitally important saying that as once the price rises got over inflated those who had the inform crop were pretty much uncatchable so in that perspective you are probably right….i will compile my inintial 11 over sometime next week…heres to a good season !!!

    1. I’ll be posting my initial 11 over the weekend hopefully. Looks much easier to get a solid defence this season.

  3. I thought kieta was regarded as more of a defensive midfielder? Don’t know much about him. Hard to predict liverpools team after signing fabinho too. Is kieta expected to get many goals/assists?

    1. Played very attacking in all pre season games so far and has looked very good. Assist for Studge last game and could have had more

    2. I know nothing about him really but it looks like he scored a few last season. I think he’s more of a box to box midfielder but looks a good price at 3m.

      1. He’s more of a box to box midfielder and does score a good chunk of goals , definitely worth keeping an eye on, but I don’t want to be overloaded with Liverpool players.

  4. Hi looking forward to the new season thinking of trying to compile a list of “our of position players “ there’s usually a few wing backs/mids classed as defenders! Mid playing as striker (Arnautovic) will be doing some research to try and find some!

    1. Sounds like a good idea, would you be willing to share your findings, could be useful for the blog.

  5. Points to consider.

    Arnie for west ham
    plays striker but is listed as a mid. He also has added games for Europe this year. He will not break the bank but as long as he remains main striker will bag 160+ points. That’s a decent set and forget for the price in my opinion.

    Jota for wolves.
    Don’t know him or the team but he is on set pieces as well as a striker listed as midfield again.

    If we play a 3-4-3 a cheap mid may well be needed to free up funds. These are good options.

    I also think tosun at Everton could have a very good start to the season given the fixtures.

    Sarri at Chelsea traditionally plays 4-4-2. In this situation I think they will drop Alonso for Emerson making him a bargain player.

    I’ll leave it there for now.

    1. All interesting points. I’m all up for having midfielders who play as strikers. Are West Ham in Europe though?

      1. West Ham qualified for Europe league because of the fair play scheme so putting some of their best players in could be a very cheap shout throughout the season

        1. I’ve tried to find them in the draw but can’t see them anywhere? Where did you see this?

          1. Oh shit thing I’ve read was from 2015😂😂sorry pal but Burnley are defo In europe😂

            1. Haha no worries – I believe Burnley need to qualify as well so a couple of extra fixtures in August.

          2. According to my research West Ham are not in Europe as UEFA got rid of the fair play qualifying route.

  6. I considered Arnautovic but with West Ham playing Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea plus Wolves and Everton over the first 2 months I might look elsewhere. Lamela might be an option with both Son and Kane missing at the start.

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