December Transfer 1

December Transfer 1

With Liverpool playing after Spurs I’m making this transfer now. It’s a bit of a risk as Robertson potentially has a knock but this is a long term pick. Davies is coming out with Robertson going in.

Davies out
Robertson in

Ziyech will need to come out before next weekend but I’m currently weighing up my options. Players who come to mind are Grealish, Havertz or Mount. The advantage of having Mount would be that I’d have enough funds to put Sterling in for Werner, if Werner keeps missing chances. Saying that he did pick up 5 points yesterday anyway, at his value this isn’t a bad return. It’s worth keeping some perspective as he’s scored more points than Salah, Mane and Sterling to date. It would be nice to know the option is there though.

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  1. I said about mount on last blog. Frank loves him and I acc didnt used to rate him but this season looks very lively.

  2. Mount for Barnes would make sense really. No difference in price and Mount plays 95% of games playing for a more creative team

  3. I agree with above, Barnes last game Thursday against Athens who are bottom of the group, to top the group they probably need to win, finishing 2nd means you will get stronger opposition, from the champions league 3rd placed team, he surely has to play, out Barnes & Ziyech, in Mount & Grealish.

  4. Yeah think i’m going to take the gamble on Pulisc for Ziyech. Surely now he’s got to start with Ziyech injured. Grealish is tempting but no games in Europe puts me off abit

  5. I have Pulisic, hopefully he can go on a good run of fixtures now, without injuries, next week is the last round of fixtures in Europe till March its a dead rubber for Chelsea as they have topped their group, but hoping he gets more minutes under his belt, so based on that Grealish gets the nod next week, I also have Rashford away in Europe next week, & unlike Chelsea & Liverpool who have topped their groups respectively, Man utd will have to play their best starting 11, as they need at least a draw, that’s my thinking anyway, fingers crossed.

  6. Moving forward, I need to get Salah back in my team. The question is who for?

    Current strikers are;

    Its a tough choice but I need a Liverpool attacker back in, who would you choose to make way for Salah?

    1. We have the same strike force C&B and I’m having the same dilemma. On form you’d have to say Werner but you can just see him go and score for fun once we take him out!

      United seem to be scoring plenty of goals now and Rashford is on fire.

      Think it will be Werner to Salah for me after this game week as Liverpool have the best fixtures!

      1. Yeah I think Salah is a must mate. If I take out Werner I would only have Zouma from Chelsea which is odd given the form they’ve been in.

        Like you say, Rashford has been performing well recently and Werner is still going to get points. Very tough decision but Salah needs to come in.

    2. I also have the same strike force, with the funds available to me, if I wanted Salah back in, I could take out Rashford/Werner, along with Ziyech, & put in Mount, or take out Ziyech, put in Grealish. & keep both Rashford & Werner, one transfer less, not sure what to do yet.

  7. Any 1 know a replacement for havertz… No money in bank or go 4 3 3 so put defender in.. matip??

    1. C&B I’m still not any clearer either 😂. I was sitting around the 3000 mark on the over leaderboard, Salah’s midweek points put me back to 5000.

      I’m half tempted to leave it another week, hoping that fulham don’t leak 4/5 goals in (they have looked slightly better at the back recently). Then if Rashford doesn’t score or Werner blanks again he’s gone for him!

      1. Its definitely the toughest decision of the season so far 😳

        Same thing happend to me mate, I’m sitting around that 3 thousand mark. I can’t go without Salah for another week, plus I think he will rise 0.3m this week.

        I’m currently swaying to towards taking Rashford out purely because I already have Fernandes from United. If I lose Werner I wouldn’t have anyone from Chelsea attack and they’ve been creating chances consistently.

        Also, Ziyech out for Grealish. Pulisic an option but his injury record worries me.

        1. Only just read this mate, great shout on his price rising as well… Salah is massively owned so could hurt us if we don’t have him. I’m doing Rashford to Salah.

          Also… Ziyech to Grealish was already set!!! Great minds… let’s hope for a good month 🤞

    2. I said one or the other but as I don’t own Rashford I’d have to say he’s the one I’d take out. Complete lottery though

  8. ‘Back 2 Basics’ with Brad…

    Now the European fixtures are over, December’s cram packed with double gameweeks of Premiership matches, plus the League Cup Quarter Finals for United, Spurs, City, Arsenal, Everton & Newcastle who all have an extra fixture the midweek leading up to Christmas.

    My advice to people would be not to rush into sideways transfers this week and wait to see the weekend’s line ups at least after rotation and resting’s from the midweek European fixtures (Europa League still to play tonight).

    Salah, TAA, Walker, Ake, Laporte, Foden, Torres, Rashford & Fernandes all played 90 minutes so could possibly be due a rest noting there are midweek fixtures next week as well. Fernandes and Rashford however will likely have to start (if half fit!) for United v City, or else who will(!?), but the City players who played 90 minutes I suspect could be rested this weekend without wanting to second guess Pep that is! Could Salah even be in for a surprise rest v Fulham after his 90 minutes and recent absence due to Covid……. I doubt it but just a thought that crossed my mind!

    Obviously those that have injured players should still take action (I FINALLY axed Castagne for Robertson before the Wolves clean sheet!) and anyone holding Ziyech (not me!) can’t really go wrong with a switch to Grealish, Havertz, Mount, Pulisic, Barnes, Pogba, Mahrez, Torres or Foden for the next few weeks.

    That said, I do have Foden myself and whilst I’ll happily take his (undeserved) star man last night, I’m not too sure about his minutes going forwards now the European fixtures are on hold for a few months. I might just hold to wait and see what happens and gather some more information over the next week, same goes for Werner who’s double GW includes Everton who give up multiple chances which he needs.

    December is such an important month with the amount of fixtures coming thick and fast, holding back some transfers will certainly help if/when injuries or positive Covid tests occur later in the month.

    Disclosure, I am no expert so feel free to ignore my advice and just go with your gut and have some fun with it… why not ey!?

    1. Nice input there Brad. Points taken on board.

      I highly doubt Salah will be getting a rest against Fulham though, Klopp has pretty much said that he played the full 90 minutes to regain full fitness.

      Normally I’d wait a little longer with transfers but not having Salah for the game last night was pretty uncomfortable. Hes capable of a brace in any game and I’m not willing to go into the run of fixtures Liverpool have without him.

    2. Good advice Brad. Who do you think you will bring in for Ziyech? That’s my biggest problem going into the weekend. Other than him I doubt I’ll make any other changes.

      1. Fortunately I don’t own Ziyech (I have Havertz & Foden) but think I’d just straight swap him with Grealish… He is vital to Villa doing well in every game, guaranteed to start and no time like now without European fixtures to worry about if you’re going to do it.

        1. It’s a tough one because I’m tempted to go Mount as a route to getting Sterling if Werner flops again this week. If I do Grealish, then I’d have to rethink how to get Sterling but I do completely agree with what you’re saying.

  9. Paul, are you looking at any changes this evening, Barnes plays, but it surely has to be his last game, price changes in the morning.

    1. Won’t be any changes tonight from me. I’ll take Ziyech out at the weekend but I’m absolutely flying at the moment so not changing much.

  10. Guys, thoughts on Torres or even bringing Mahrez back in for the injured Ziyech?

    After Utd, Man City’s games look pretty appealing over the next few weeks.

    1. I think Torres holds value when he plays up the middle as the striker or false 9 so to speak. Don’t quote me, but I should imagine most all of his points have come from games where he has played in this position?

      With Jesus fit and Aguero also now back, I see his game time up top being very limited, if at all. And the glut of players they have to fill the other spots means a combination of being rotated and scoring a relatively low return from those positions. Although I think he has looked good and like getting a lot of points up front, will he now?

      Mahrez is an enigma. When he’s on, he’s on. When he’s not, he’s a bit disappointing. He doesn’t tend to get a mediocre haul. Just looking at his stats, he has one game where he got 10 points (1 goal, 1 assist) one game where he got 28 points (3 goals) and then nothing else really. In every other game he has a combined total of 0 goals and 0 assists. Is 2 stand out games out of 15 a good enough return? The one plus Mahrez has is that he seems to be Pep’s flavour of the month at the moment so is getting a lot of game time.

      Midfield options aren’t the greatest though, so just down to preference really and as you say City have a nice run of games coming up so could pay off with either.

    2. I’d like a City mid but none of them are standing out above the others and with so much rotation it’s a nightmare

  11. Hi all,

    Haven’t been on for a while, so just catching up on what’s happened.

    DTT, you are flying! Congrats. I too had Ziyech and decided I wanted to replace him for Mount. Frank seems to absolutely love him. I think he can see a minime in him!

    I know you’re doing so well that maybe you can afford to wait and see team news etc, but did you not think the extra money you might have been able to save from making a transfer last night maybe could come in handy somewhere down the line?

    Ziyech was always going to drop in price having played and come off injured with no points, and players like Mount were always going to rise. If you go for Mount, it’s effectively £0.5m that you’ve lost by doing it this weekend over Thursday night.

    Again, I know you are doing so well that you may think you have the luxury of waiting for team news, but we all know there will be a point in the season where you want an extra £0.1/£0.2m to make the changes you really want (it happens to us all!) and don’t you think you may come to regret not pending transfers occasionally?

    Maybe it’s because you are still undecided on who to pick though? I mean it’s like picking players out of a bag and throwing them on a team sheet with Pep so maybe you’re waiting for who plays with City?

    1. Thanks Chris – it was purely due to being indecisive. Mathematically, I knew the Mount and Sterling transfer for Ziyech and Werner would still be on at the end of the week so I thought I’d wait and see. I’ve not struggled much with the budget this season so I’m fairly happy to get line ups for the sake of losing some budget. After a good start I can pretty much get anyone I want at the moment within reason.

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