December Transfer 2

December Transfer 2

The gamble on Mbeumo hasn’t paid off so I’m moving him on for another midfielder. I’ve got a limited budget and I’d narrowed my search down to Maddison or Sancho. Leicester haven’t been great and neither has Maddison (up until last week) so I’ve decided to take a punt on Sancho. He’s got a new manager to impress and finds himself in the starting line up today so I think it’s an upgrade on Mbeumo (who will now probably score today).

I’ve had a few comments suggesting I favour Man Utd players – that’s absolutely not the case but in this instance, there’s a limited pool of players to choose from. I’d much rather be picking a more premium option but I’m left with little choice. My current plan is also to take Fernandes out next weekend as well.

Mbeumo out
Sancho in

24 thoughts on “December Transfer 2

  1. Lovely returns for Moura and Sonny for you today Paul. Nicely done mate.👏💪

    Harry continues to be a source of frustration for my team but I’m trying to stay patient with him.

    Pity Sancho couldn’t manage anything but I’m sure his time will come now they’re under new management.

    1. Yeah I’m happy with those returns and a clean sheet for De Gea. Less happy with Fernandes, Sancho and Ronaldo but we will see – it’s a long month. I’d be pretty annoyed if I had Kane as well but they need a result in the week to progress don’t they? So he might get a couple in that game.

  2. doing well with both teams.
    962 and 868 but I am thinking of replacing Fernandes
    for D bruyen and maybe zyech for mount.
    Fernandes is getting nowhere and zyech is in and out.
    predictions are Fernandes and Ronaldo wont play midweek
    zychec probably will then be benched weekend.

    1. Sounds look good moves to me, 962 is a remarkable score at this stage in a fairly hectic season

  3. FFS looks like at least 6 players may have covid
    that may mean 3 games missed what do we do if its any
    off the players we have. keep or transfer out.

    1. Yeah I’m convinced this season is cursed. Whoever I seem to put in seems to backfire, Chilwell injured within a game, Spurs game postponed due to snow and now Covid. I’ll have to take Son out if he’s going to miss three games

  4. I have son and moura lets hope they are not infected
    otherwise will have to use 2 transfers something I was hopping
    not to do.

  5. Paul any idea of what you are doing about son and moura.
    if taken out then put back when they are ready to play
    would that give us an advantage by getting points from
    whoever we put in then get extra points from spurs
    with there extra games. ?

    1. Not really because then you will be using 4 transfers and with not knowing which players they have missing there match day squad could be looking very weak. I will be taking Kane out and defo won’t be coming back in anytime soon.

      With covid as well you don’t know how long players could be out for. Some take longer than others to recover

      1. I agree with Jamaine, I think if we take them out we are going to struggle to get them back in. I’m tempted to take Son out but leave Moura in. The problem is, if they bounce back quickly, suddenly they will have loads of extra fixtures so people might start putting them in, which is going to leave us short on transfers. It’s a very tough call

  6. Well it looks like I need to be taking out Kane and Dier this week. Didn’t really want to delve into the transfers just yet but needs must. I’m thinking of going Kane to Lukaku to free up some money and then upgrade Dier. Not sure who for yet though.

    1. I like then look of Shaw again as an option now at the price he’s at. Chipped in with an assist last night and will be relatively fresh after a few weeks out. United have decent fixtures this month. I’m eyeing up these moves:

      Kane to Lukaku
      Dier to Shaw
      Sanchez to Ederson

      With Brighton now looking at their fixture V Spurs being off it’s a good excuse to move on Sanchez now too. New team would be.


      Would be pretty happy with that team for this month and I’ll just have to prey for no injuries with only two transfers remaining.

      1. not sure on Benrama any more Chris.
        took him out age’s ago sooner have Bowen, or Sterling
        who I think is coming into form. if funds permit it.

        1. Form wise I’d tend to agree Don but I’m taking a gamble on keeping him in the hope he’ll come good with good fixtures through December. I have too many other fires to put out in any case so I need to hold those last two transfers in reserve now I reckon.

          I don’t actually think there are that many great options in the midfield department this season. Nobody really shining with any great consistency other than Silva really this season and maybe Mahrez when he plays. I reckon 4-3-3 is the formation to go for at present. Of course that can all change if the likes of Bruno, KDB, Foden etc begin to hit a rich vein of form.

          1. I agree with the formation, I’m probably going to move to that eventually but have too many fires to put out at the moment. I’m not 100% convinced by Shaw – is he a certain starter after the way Telles has performed?

  7. Spurs confirmed off now. Looks like im moving Kane and Dier on. I’m thinking either Lukaku and Maguire / Greenwood and VVD


    1. Or i can do Mount and VVD, but will have to wait on price change in the morning. Need a 0.2 swing on Dier and VVD

        1. I had a think about Werner, but I just don’t think he’s a guarenteed starter, same with Lukaku really I know he’s come back from injury but he hasn’t been catching

  8. Out of the players out with covid at spurs, Son and Moura named, according to physio room.

    1. Yeah it looks like Son and Moura are on the list but I can’t see their fixtures going ahead anyway. Stick or twist with them?

  9. I have Moura, Chalobah and Johnson all not fit and only 3 transfers remaining… stick or twist!?? 😩

    1. It’s a tough one, I think if players are injured longer term they have to come out. Moura is a difficult one, they will have to start playing again soon and then suddenly will have lots of extra fixtures at some point

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