December Transfer 5

December Transfer 5

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and use my final transfer. It’s not a position I wanted to be in so early in December but with games being canceled on a regular basis, who knows where we might be this time next week. If the Premier League were to introduce a circuit breaker in the fixtures, we might as well use the transfer now. It’s all ifs and buts at the moment but I think it’s worth taking a gamble.

I’m going for the consistent De Bruyne against Newcastle. Should we make it through December with a full fixture list, he’s got half decent fixtures. Fernandes comes out, as Man Utd aren’t playing this week and I planned to take him out anyway.

Fernandes out
De Bruyne in

7 thoughts on “December Transfer 5

  1. I put Grealish in and mane with my last 2 transfers got 53 points
    so far this game week liv game to go.

  2. I like the move Paul but frustrating to see only a 3 point return in a 4-0 win. He’ll have his day again soon enough though I’d imagine.

    1. You’d hope so but knowing how my season has gone he will probably get an injury before he scores again

  3. Robertson was on 15pts, finished on 3, & a 1 match ban, I put Foden in earlier in the day, assuming he would play, went to the Xmas pantomime, & afterwards found out he didn’t play, should of kept my eye on that & put Mahrez in, of course he gets 10pts, toss up between Jota & Mane, went Mane, Jota gets 8pts, had better days, maybe Mane does something midweek, if these cup games aren’t cancelled, pts total to date 1064.

      1. That red card for Robertson was a particularly tough one to take. I just feel like my luck is out this season – no transfers left and he was cruising to 15 points before that red card.

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