December Transfer One

December Transfer One

With Aguero not playing today, I’ve decided to swap him for Aubameyang. Arsenal face Huddersfield and I don’t want to risk falling further behind. As I can’t see any other immediate changes I’d want to make to the team, I’ve always got the option of putting Aguero back in with another transfer later in the month. So the transfer is:

Aguero out 

Aubameyang in (as long as he starts at 3pm – if he doesn’t I’ll reverse the transfer)

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  1. Arsenal v Huddersfield are on at 3 o’clock mate. The Liverpool Bournemouth game is half 12 kickoff

    1. Really frustrating that Shaw wasn’t in the squad – least they didn’t keep a clean sheet though.

  2. Started well with Salah but then went to pot a bit!!

    Knew I should have subbed Edison for Alisson. Instead I did an impulse sub of Richarlison for Mahrez on the grounds of City’s extra game, but then Mahrez drew a blank!

    Good news is that most 4 of the top 6 in my league used all their December subs already!

  3. Great to see Salah back on form! And to think, if Aguero hadn’t got injured, I’d have probably transferred him out! Dodged a bullet there! Frustrating to see D.Silva blank and Sterling only bring in 3 points. Have to applaud Chelsea for that result though. 👏
    At least Ryan managed to bring 3 points in and a good haul from Robertson and Hazard. Frustratingly though, all of my ML opponents have done well so far also, even the ones without Salah! 🤔
    Be nice to see Kane come on for a cameo and nick a goal.

    1. Nice to see that my Lindelof replacement – Calum Paterson do well today. Always great when you defender gets goal, clean sheet and star man. Nice differential- only 0.4% overall ownership. My type of player.

      1. I was just looking him up as a replacement for Shaw – a defender playing up front for 2m is a good spot. The only thing that put me off was that he plays for Cardiff – who are fairly unlikely to keep many clean sheets. Great points hall today though.

  4. The guy in second behind in my mini league doesn’t have Salah so i’ve gone from a 7 point lead at the top to a 31 point lead. Coupled with having Kepa versus him having 2 Man City backliners and, all in all, a good game week so far!

    Just a shame Kane / Maddison didn’t score anything yesterday. The guy in second also doesn’t have Doherty / Richarlison so fingers crossed for some points from them from the remaining fixtures 🙂

  5. DTT going forward do you think we need more Man city coverage? , still favourites for the league (?) and lots of people in the mini leagues seem to have them.
    Sane looks good (he’ll probably end the season as their highest scoring midfielder I think) and maybe try and get another defender in ?

    1. Wouldn’t bother with the City defenders! They are costing me at the moment!

      Just one clean sheet in their last 7 whilst Liverpool have kept 4 sheets in their last 5!!

      I’m second at the moment, but if I’d had a little help from my City defenders, I’d be well clear!!

    2. Sterling in for Mane is the only real option due to rotation. Id be happy to make that, especially after the chances Mane missed last night!

  6. I’ve just broken into the top 800 in my Telegraph league. I managed to get up to 70th last season, so am a long way off that yet, but there’s still a long way to go..

  7. Great weekend seen my jump to the top of my mini league!

    I got lucky last week. Missed the Schmeichel transfer at the end of October so was only able to make the Kepa transfer and kept Maddison!

    Having a great season DTT and set up nicely going into the half way point.

  8. Surprise surprise… I sub out Richarlison for Mahrez based on Mahrez’s additional game this week. Mahrez draws a blank… Richarlison scores!

    That said, I’m very happy that he lost the star man and even his 7 rating. I can handle a 5 point loss.

    It always carried an element of risk given that the Mahrez isn’t guaranteed to start midweek, but I was planning on losing Richarlison after last night’s game anyway based on Everton’s fixtures.

  9. David Silva out injured for 3 weeks. Good job I only used one transfer so far, still a long way to go in December.

    Likely I’ll replace him with one of Sterling / Sane / Mahrez, likely in that order of preference

  10. Very concerned about Mane’s form, missed 2 sitters late on, problem for me is used 1 transfer & still got Gomez to take out, & what to do with Hart.

    1. I’m conscious of Mane too but, as with DTT, so many people in my league in the top 10 have him that he only needs to bag a couple of goals and a star man and it becomes an issue. Also difficult to know which Man City midfielder will a) play and b) score so you could opt for Sane, for example, and then Sterling gets a goal and a star performance.

      For the simple reason that Mane is being setup with chances the probability that he will put them away soon seems high so probably would say keeping him isn’t a major issue versus your other concerns over Gomez and Hart

  11. I got rid of Mane ages ago when he was out for a game or two. He bit my backside on his return (as they all do) with a brace and I was keen to get him back, but that desire has since dwindled as he hasn’t really done anything of late.

    I can understand the logic of not wanting to lose ground on those around you in your mini-leagues if ownership is high. I refused to remove Kane for the same reasons, but there is a flip-side to be heard here, if you’re brave enough…..

    Mane has earned 12 points from his last 8 games. Fortune favours the brave. A switch to Sterling for example would have returned 57 points over the same period of 8 games, so a case can be made against following the herd.

  12. Anyone else considering Felipe Anderson as a differential?

    WHU have had an up and down season so far, but their current form and confidence is on the up and their fixtures look good until the new year.

    1. Mentioned him a week ago lee h, but got unexpected injuries, so put it on hold, still got a good run of fixtures.

  13. Checking if anyone has an idea if Mane`s price will go down this friday? I want him in my team but want to cash in temporarily . Hasn`t been scoring points lately .

      1. Just watched those three chances he had at the end last night could of easily had a hat trick. I’ve got a feeling he will start getting the points in and no one at the top of my mini league has him so think I’m going to have to stick.

        1. Agree. On another night, he could have had a hat trick. Unlucky. Still getting into positions to score goals. Could be dangerous player if not owned as still has high ownership in the game.

  14. Does anyone think it’s worth shelling out an extra 0.3 million to opt for Azpilcueta above Luiz, need a Chelsea defender but can’t decide who is the safer option.

    1. I’d opt for Azpilcueta as his current price is lower than he’s starting price so with good fixtures come good performances hopefully so he’s price should rise.

  15. Greetings from Lapland! ❄️ ⛄️ 🦌 🎅🏽
    Had a bit of time before some sledging and then The Huskies later so thought I’d check in.

    Managed to extend my ML league lead this week mainly due to Salah lighting the touch paper at last. Not having Sane over the last few GW’s is hurting me a little though. The injury to Silva means I’m going to have to use my third and final transfer of the month now though. Not sure whether to do a straight swap with Sane or I’m quite tempted to bring in Azplicueta and go 4-3-3 with Chelsea’s good fixtures. What do you guys think?

    Hoping I don’t live to regret the Lacazette transfer as I saw he was subbed at half-time at the weekend. Emre doesn’t seem afraid to take players out no matter who you are as he’s also done similar things with Aubameyang, Ozil etc. Hopefully Lac’s time will come this month.

    Anyway, hope you all had decent weeks and I’ll check in later. 👍🏻

  16. As a side issue, anyone thinking that Liverpool may find clean sheets harder to come by now that both Gomez, Matip and TAA are out?

    I guess they do have the best defender in the world to come in though? 😉

    1. Hi Chris,

      Hope you’re enjoying Lapland and it isn’t too cold!!

      I’m sure the sheets will slow down at some point in much the same way that City’s will pick back up, but for the time being, I’ve lost patience with owning two City defenders and will be swapping out Edison for Allison tonight.

      I should have trusted my gut and done this a couple of weeks ago!! At present, Edison is 4.4 and Alison is 4.2. By tomorrow, they will both be 4.3 and by next week their current prices would have switched. Alisson will be 4.4 and Edison 4.2.

      Liverpool have Utd at home this weekend, but then have Wolves and Newcastle, so I can see another sheet, maybe two in their next 3 fixtures. City on the other hand seem to be conceding to everyone!… Soton, Bournemouth, Watford….

      With price fluctuation being just 0.1 this year it isn’t as imperative to monitor the value of your team, however I think that 0.2 swings replacing players who are dropping with players who are rising can be significant and those Liverpool blocks have prevented me taking first place in my ML (currently in 2nd).

      Thankfully my timing on Sane a few weeks ago couldn’t have been better.

      1. Yeah, if you can time the 0.2m swings right through the season, that could make a difference as the season progresses.

  17. Hey guys which option will score most pts during December, will make necessary changes tonight to avoid price hikes.
    Option 1
    Otion 2
    Option 3

    1. Option 4…. Keppa, Sterling, Sane!! 😉

      It’s hard to call since Everton have tough fixtures coming up against City & Spurs. This is the reason I lost him last week.

      I’d also want to avoid Hart given Burnely’s form and the fact that they face Arsenal and Spurs in their next two!…

      Could you not go Maddison, Sane and upgrade from Hart?

    2. Can’t honestly pick between those in all honesty! If I had to though I’d go option 2. Very difficult to pick out any though amongst those.

    1. Funny enough these are the two I’m looking to get into my team this weekend.

      Personally id go with Azplicueta for the more defensive coverage with Chelsea. As you also have Hazard you’ll have two strong starman contenders with a nice run of games coming up.

    1. Hi Dan, my team currently is:

      Robertson Laporte Doherty
      Sterling Richarlison D.Silva Hazard
      Lacazette Kane Salah

      £0.4m itb
      1 transfer left (obviously has to be Silva)

      Still debating on Sane or Azplicueta. If I could guarantee Sane would start tomorrow I’d go for him now and beat the price changes. Both Chelsea and City have League Cup games next week so it’s a distinct possibility that both Sane and Azplicueta could sit out one of these games?

  18. I took out Gomez for Azpilcueta Chris, if you already have Stirling that may be enough City cover, maybe that’s the end of Sane’s purple patch.

  19. Narrowed it down to 2 options, which pairing will accumulate more pts during December,
    Option A
    Option B
    Have no City Midfield/Attack, but Hart is sinking fast, & has tough fixtures to come, have the funds to upgrade to Keppa.

  20. hi DTT have not posted for ages !!!your team strong at present
    was wondering ur long term plans you have no city midfielders at present sterling bernard silva and sane all big big point scorers against mane who looks a little lame at present…also shaw dont know what to think of him either injured or out of favour with jose
    those the only 2 area i think need adressing other than that ur team is in a very strong grip hold…
    keep up the good work @@@

  21. Afternoon All,

    It been a while since I last commented but it’s my second season following DTT and I value everyone’s feedback from newbies to old Skool as its so easy to get blinded by a one off performance compared to overall monthly performances.

    This year I have decided to do another team aside DTTs and I started off really good but as with everyone else Liverpool’s clean sheets have killed me moving from 1st by 16 points to 8th 60 points off.

    Current team
    Laporte, Stones, Alderweired
    Richarlson, Sterling, D.Silva, Willian
    Augero, Salah, Lacazette
    2 transfers left with 0.5 ITB

    D. Silva has to go but his price will increase tomorrow so he doesn’t have to leave until kick off on Saturday and hopefully Willian is the only player that will drop so I want to take advantage get Azpilicueta in but for who?

    Willian would be the easy choice but I think that Richarlson will score less up until next transfer but he’s a striker compared to Willian who’s a midfielder and has the extra game and easier fixtures but not returning anything?

    With the above being plenty for me to think about I still have the common problem of Mistic Pep about the Augero situation! If Mystic Pep decided Agureo is out for another week id be left with Silva and Augero to ship out but with only one transfer remaining.

    I could wait until the team is announced tomorrow as I have enough to cover all options and but I just wanted to see if I could capitalise on Willian drop?

    If Augero is fit it’ll be a straight swap D.Silva for Sane. Three reasons: Only two people in my top 10 has him; Sterling seems to be assisting him rather than having a pop himself; As soon as Mendy got injured Sane moved from the wing into an advance attacking position and with D.Silva out I can see him staying there for the next three weeks at least.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    1. Nice post Cefnstar. 👍🏻 What makes you think Silva will rise in price may I ask? Only 68 minutes played this week and 0 points? Hope you’re right though. I was going to transfer before the Friday deadline but may hold back now.

      Allen (or anyone else for that matter), do you have any thoughts on this? Cheers guys. 👍🏻

      PS nice 8 points from Lacazette tonight. 👍🏻

      1. Hi Sutton,

        I’ve just asked on another forum and they seem to think he might at best stay the same or even drop so I’m unsure myself now? they say its based on points incurred over a period of about 5 games and Silva has only scored 10 points with nothing in the last three. on that note I’m going to make the change tonight.

        D.Silva for Azpilcueta and see how the Aguero situation unfolds on Saturday.

        Wilian and Lacazette both got me 8 each which helped me climb two places in my mini league.

        Based on if Augero is starting or not, Mane and Shaw to Sane and Azpilicueta/TAA could be a good shout. Attacking Man city/Laporte representation with Kepa/Azp Chelsea cover with extra game?

    1. Great stuff Lee.👍🏻 Thanks for sharing. Losing D.Silva may not be too bad with KDB coming back. His minutes may have been reduced somewhat anyway.

  22. Hey guys. Back from a short holiday and looking for some help.

    I have 3 transfers left for the month. Advise would be welcome and any thoughts appreciated:


    3 transfers left 3.4itb. Not sure whether or not to change Jesus tonight as think he may drop. Maybe to Auba?

    Also Ryan needs to go but for who?


  23. Decided to roll the dice and get Sane in before the price changes. Silva remained the same and Sane went up.

    Fingers crossed he starts now. Any word on Aguero? If he’s still out I can see all three of Sterling, Sane and Mahrez starting with Sterling as the false nine. We shall see.

  24. I did the same Chris.

    Went for Auba, sane and fab to replace Jesus, Laporte and Ryan…

    All transfers used now, time to hide behind the sofa!

  25. Looking to get rid of Shaqiri or Maddison, can’t decide what one to chop! replacement will be Anderson of WHU any suggestions? just can’t call it.

    1. Maddison will be nailed on whilst Shaqiri will be a bit part player all season for me. Shaqiri would be getting the chop if it were me. Good luck MUX!

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