December Transfer One

December Transfer One

Really brief post as it’s a fairly straightforward change. There’s no sign of Bailly in Man Utd’s squad to face Arsenal. As a result the transfer is:

Out: Bailly (5.2m)
In: Walker (5.3m)

Walker seems a decent price at 5.3m and uses up the 0.1m left in the bank. With Bailly still injured I wanted to keep up the momentum we’ve built recently. I see Walker getting more game time than Bailly over the course of the season as well so this transfer is fairly easy to justify. I’m not keen on losing Man Utd defensive representation but with Bailly not certain to start when he’s fit it seems like a bit of waste having him in the side.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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37 thoughts on “December Transfer One

  1. Before the transfer we didnt have any Man City representation in the back 4. In an ideal situation we would have one of each. Losing a Man Utd defender isnt a great loss if you are replacing with Man City, their defences are like for like. As you said, decent move to keep the momentum going. Really liking how the team is shaping up now, especially as Everton finally appear to have turned a corner (is it too soon to say that?!)

    1. It’s looking that way and hopefully they improve further with Big Sam. So frustrating that Baines has missed out on two clean sheets though.

      1. DTT, just lost sanchez for 3 games, looking ahead, have 4.2 million, wld doubling up & adding Christenson to Cahill b a better option than putting in Kompany just for the month, we all know his injury problems but cld go up in value then transfer out in January.

        1. I must admit I would be tempted to risk it with Kompany. Any City representative would be good and he’s sure to get game time unless he does get injured again. It would be a risky move but could pay off nicely.

  2. I did the same transfer, as far as utd coverage goes Rojo might be an option? I also have Cahill and Christensen. With one transfer remaining I may just keep it for now.

  3. I am tempted to ride the storm with Sanchez ,as one of the three games is against City. Keeping my last transfer because this is going to be a long month. Sanchez will return and play every game for Spurs, long term asset.

  4. DTT , now Pogba the playmaker for Man Utd is out for three games, is it worth a gamble taking Lukaku out and putting Morata in .

    1. This is not a bad shout at all. I think that Morata will score more than Lukaku this month, and Jose seems to have changed his system, with Lukaku playing more of a deeper play-maker/target man role, with the likes of Lingaard and Martial playing off him.

      My only caution would be taking out a player who is getting game time, in a month where inevitably there will be injuries and suspensions (you will be very lucky to avoid them in a month where most teams play 10 games!).

      That said, it is potentially the right time to make this move before Friday’s price evaluations, as Lukaku us likely to drop, and Morata rise in price over the next few weeks. We will still have 1 transfer and 0.9M in the bank….

      Good proposal, looking forward to DTT view in this one… I know he is a fan of Lukaku

      1. I dropped lukaku for the month already, hoping to us my last transfer to pick him back up as the month draws to a close and make a tidy profit on the way

      2. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Lukaku fan but he’s more than capable of scoring big in any given game. He’s also getting a lot of game time with a team who are playing in the Champions League. With December being such a long month I can’t see the value in using the transfer on someone like Morata, who in my opinion isn’t really scoring any higher than Lukaku at the moment (cue Morata hat trick at the weekend)

    2. I won’t be taking Lukaku out, as long as he’s a regular starter he will stay in. He’s one of those players who is capable of a hat trick at any point.

  5. Defence has been decimated, had to use 2 transfers already, who to drop Lukaku or Jesus is next issue, maybe as soon as this weekend, any suggestions much appreciated.

    1. no need to drop either. hang on to the transfers. if salah/ aguero became injured you would regret it. lukaku scored last night, i expect jesus starts tonight. long month ahead

      1. I am torn Phil. Half of me is with you… Half of me thinks this is the ideal time to make the swap (for reasons already said)

        Been waiting eagerly for DTT who seems to have taken a holiday!

        1. Haha struggling to find the time at the moment but have just replied to your previous comment. It’s also worth pointing out that although Lukaku hasn’t been in the best of form, I’ve got a question mark next to Aguero as well. I can’t see many other teams who have him in, but he’s not exactly making the difference for us.

      2. I’d agree with Phil, in this month I wouldn’t be dropping anyone who is getting a good amount of game time for one of the big clubs.

  6. Cot looking like a beast and currently valued the same as Salah. What are people’s thoughts on him Vs salah

    1. January window coming tech, I think he’s putting himself back in the shop window, Coutinho is a fabulous player, Barcelona will be back in for him, if looking to double up on offensive Liverpool players what about Firmino or Mane, had enough of Jesus now, still think Morrata is class & will come good, also great value, what do u think.

    2. I prefer Salah, he’s been our most consistent player all season. Obviously there’s a case for Coutinho but the only midfielder I’d drop for him is Sane from my team.

  7. Bordering in on essential status : Coutinho

    Bringing him in tonight for his price rise and could be worth near 9.0m by the end of the month.

      1. As well as he has one more extra game in December with the cup game against Leicester plus playing for more dominant team?

        1. Keep KDB and add Coutinho, the THREE best midfielders at the moment on form so far this season
          AND NOW COUTINHO ,I wonder how many people are considering 4-4-2

          1. Would have to drop kane to go to 442 which isn’t going to happen, so only players to drop to get coutinho is kdb, hazard or salah? Would hold off the transfer but as RR mentioned I believe coutinho’s price will rocket this month compared to kdb whilst scoring similar points perhaps?

  8. I am thinking of KDB to Coutinho. Big fan of De Bruyne but he is not really an explosive player. He will get points consistently over the season but the likes of Coutinho, Sanchez, Kane, Hazard, Sterling, Aguero etc will suffer bad patches for a while but are also very capable of scoring big in games and when they are in hot form, they are near essential (as witnessed by Kane’s point haul in September). He is a player difficult to bring in due to his high cost so likely to be a good differential and a player that can help your side shoot up the overall rankings due to low ownership (currently 5.2%). My concern and from past experience of having Coutinho is that he comes with high risk: He is injury prone. So might want to have transfer(s) remaining as we are still in early December and this is a month where you want 11 fit players in your side. Another issue is that if I did KDB to Coutinho move would be that I wouldn’t have any City players in my side. Not too bothered by their defence as has got weakened by Stones injury, Otamendi out of my price range and Walker’s price is slowly falling down towards his original price. Now having no City attackers is a worry. Aguero and Sterling’s explosive potential and KDB’s high ownership and consistency pose a threat if don’t have them. Jesus can be consistent but happy enough with Morata and Lukaku and is slightly behind them in terms of point scoring. Sane had not done much recently and his price at 6.2m has probably reached his peak. Funnily enough, I took him out of my team last month for 6.1m at the same time DTT was bringing him in. I made a good profit having brought him fairly cheap at 4.7m and now his price is on the way to falling.

    1. KDB TO COUTINHO or have you analysed yourself out of it , I know you have stated in the past you like to buy cheap and sell on at a profit . No doubt you will make money on this player but not cheap.

    2. Would you be doing kdb to coutinho tonight before tomorrow’s price change if your going ahead with that? It would leave me with 1 sub remaining for December as I need to transfer out spurs’ Sanchez due to his 3 game ban and doubling up Chelsea defenders due to fixtures and putting in Christensen. It is abit of a worry for you with no city attack, I have Jesus who seems to be playing second fiddle atm but hopefully over the busy period he will get more game time. Leaving one sub spare for any injuries/suspensions.

      1. Coutinho not cheap but I think at around 7.5m he would be good value and potential to get many points in a short period of time so he could be essential for this month.

        I got over a million in the bank so not too worried about price rises, I just need to go over the pros and cons of the transfer and that requires thinking time so may wait till Sunday. KDB’s High consistency vs Coutinho’s Explosiveness. Tough decision. Funny enough the midfielders are becoming more expensive than the strikers so difficult to go 442 now.

        Another problem I have is that I have Matip injured and am looking at Christensen who has really impressed me with his goal threat.

        Already used one transfer to bring in Alonso so I could bring in Christensen and Coutinho this weekend but reluctant as the month is long.

  9. Hi, what would anyone do here – all advice welcome please

    I have 2.9 mill in bank , all 3 transfers left , 1035 points and top of my dream team league . I am looking at transferring Baines out at £1.7 mill tonight for Ashley Williams at £1.6 mill – I know it’s almost like for like but Williams looks like first choice under Sam and he has tightened them up already so likely price rises and not sure when baines returning.

    rest of team




    see no reason to change anyone else currently

    Grateful for any thoughts.

    1. Or Gomez instead for Baines meaning I spend 700k but Gomez good value in a form team and with possibly moreno crocked likely game time?

        1. As good as court is and the form he is in – I think Salah covers the Liverpool coverage, as long as you have one of the front four of liverpool i think your fine , cant see court getting 20 odd points a game and salah is likely to get 10 points so not much difference that warrants me using all my available cash on 1 transfer – I really believe Jesus will come good and start hitting the net again . I appreciate your input but will keep that option only if I feel I have to.

          1. I have just subbed out Jesus for Countinho.

            I realise that Countinho isn’t going to get 47 points every game week and it was a one off, but when you look at his stats, they speak for themselves! 6 star man award from 14 games and 3 of those were 10 ratings!!

            In fact, his last 2 games were 10 ratings and my logic is that he should continue to rise in price over the next 3 weeks irrespective of how he plays, as the system is rumoured to be an average based on their last 5 games.

            If he slows down in the coming weeks, I can lose him and make an instant million before his price starts to stabilise.

  10. Bit of advice if you will, my teams doing okay and I’m expecting a decent December if Chelsea perform – but I’m stuck between whether it’s better to have Jesus or Sterling, and Salah or Coutinho – anyone else having this issue? I have funds and transfers for either combo

    1. I have sterling and Salah and at the moment I would not swap either of them. Save your transfers it’s a long month.

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