December Transfer Three

December Transfer Three

Out: Salah (8.5m)
In: Sterling (7.3m)

With 0m in the bank this is a bit of a risky move. However we’ve been forced into using this transfer today or it will be lost. The risk is that Salah’s price is almost certain to rise tomorrow, if it rises by more than Sterling’s price rises we will instantly be in a position where we can’t bring Salah back in without making further changes.

The advantage of making this transfer is that City have two fixtures over the next game week, which should ensure Sterling gets some game time in at least one. Whereas if Salah doesn’t play against Everton (and he might not in the FA cup) then he won’t play all week.

The ultimate long term plan is to bring Salah back in as he’s been outstanding all season but I’m hoping to pinch a few points by going heavy on City players with their additional fixtures.

This will still leave us with three transfers going into January. I’ll then be looking at Lukaku tomorrow against Derby, it looks like he will be recovered from his injury but he may well be rested for the FA cup tie. If he is, I will be looking at Morata as our first transfer with the additional EFL cup semi games to come in January. What does put me off slightly is that I believe Chelsea will get knocked out of the Champions League, as a result I believe Lukaku is a better long term choice. Should we make this move we would have Morata and Sterling with two transfers left in the bank, in an ideal world I’d only want these two temporarily and with Walker and Keane also injury doubts this may leave us a little short in terms of transfers.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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28 thoughts on “December Transfer Three

  1. What are your plans to replace Pieters (who ias Morata and Sterling will bring around 2m in funds?

    1. I’m not 100% sure on bringing in Morata so unlikely to have the free funds for changing Pieters. Given that I’ve taken Salah out and put Sterling in. Any thoughts on what you would do with the three January transfers?

      1. If I were in your situation, I would probably quite behind in my mini league. Yes, City and Chelsea have got good and extra fixtures but players from these teams are already likely be in the teams above or about to be brought in. I am going to have 9 players from Chelsea and City in the next month but my team is rank 720 overall and with my aim of finishing in the top 1k (top 500 would be great) at the end of season I don’t mind playing it safe. I could decide to take risks in April (plenty of games) if I am not where I want to be.

        So I would adapt a different approach and play some risky transfers. Is it too early? maybe but it has done one day or the team will be floating (at best) at the 50k mark towards the end of the season which is not enough to win competitive mini leagues where the winner is likely to be in the top 1k. Even decent cash positions are likely to feature teams in the top 10k. You are probably 150 points from this position and 270 points behind the top 1k (your team is 289 points behind my main team). Your team needs good differentials – ideally explosive players, Aguero was one but sadly from this weekend that won’t no longer be the case with his ownership to increase.

        1. This was a point that I was trying to make in an earlier comment. Although I do think that there are players that can be drafted in from City, Chelsea and Arsenal that could perform well this month, raise in value and catch us up.

          Pedro – at £3.6m and only selected by 1.4% Pedro fits the type of player that I am talking about. Likely to get some gametime, and with Morata form dipping, Pep seems more inclined to use Hazard/Pedro down the middle than Batshuayi. I think this could be a good month for Pedro!

          D. Zappacosta – at £3.9m (selected by 0.7%). Getting a fair bit of game time, mainly as a substitute but still gets the clean sheet bonus! Looks good for a couple of goals going forward and could get a couple of starts this month

          Willian – £4.8m (selected by 7.1%). Selected by a few more people, but in comparison with other midfielders such as Alli (£5.6m/24.4%), Eriksen (£5.2m/16%) and Mane (£6.8/10.7%) he seems like a good alternative to gain points and value

          Sanchez – £6.9m (selected by 6.2%) – on the expensive side, but his selection stats are quite low in comparison. On my radar

          Danilo – £4.7m (selected by 2.7%). Has featured in 8 of the last 10 games for City, picking up 31pts in his last 5 games. Looks like a good option. Might be too expensive for our defence if we want to ensure we have funds to bring Salah back.

          1. Lukaku, Pieters OUT
            Pedro, Danilo IN

            Leaves us £1.3m in the bank to do Sterling>Salah when fit

          2. These are all good suggestions but I’m not sure about Pedro, surely Morata will score more than him over the month? He’s got to be the main man up front for Chelsea still. I know he missed a few against Arsenal but it sounded like he was still getting in the right places to get the chances, on another day he may have got a hat trick. If Pedro flopped completely we could end up much further behind so I’ve gone for Morata. Getting rid of Pieters would be ideal but with already having Walker I’m not a huge fan of Danilo.

        2. Yeah completely take your points on board, for me it’s a bit risky going for players who are a little bit out of the box. I prefer to stick to players who I think are going to score the most points.

          1. Problem is these are now expensive and are currently present by higher ranked teams. To get an edge you need to broaden your player search.

  2. All the best DTT.

    But as a frustrated Morata owner, I wouldn’t recommend him. Watching him miss big chances (5 in a row in two games now) has been a nightmare and making me kick the sofa. I rather keep Lukaku.

    1. Yeah I don’t think he’s been great. I’m not convinced he is the answer and I’m favouring sticking with Lukaku if he’s fit soon.

  3. David touched on in in the previous thread if Salah is to transferred out for the month, who’s the better option Sterling or DeBruyne…tough one

  4. I think I will keep Salah in my team: I not too happy in using two transfers to take him out and then putting him back in. Plus Liverpool games are not too bad for January. Not one that focuses on the front 6: I like to have a balanced team with 11 good players but the 442 formation might suit my team best with KDB, Sterling, Hazard, Salah, Kane and Aguero. Not a bad front 6 with 3 Chelsea defenders and 1 City with the Everton goalie tagging along for the ride.

    1. Luckily we were able to use this transfer from as our last transfer from December – otherwise we would have lost it

  5. I’m looking to make two subs today. Interested to hear people’s thoughts on what way to go:

    Coutinho Out – Sterling In
    Lukaku Out – Aguero In


    Countinho Out – Sterling/Aguero In
    Alexander Arnold Out – Alonso In

      1. Went for that DTT… Lukaku picks up 10 points!… typical!

        Although let’s give Aguero a chance to recoup those! Not sure he’ll start both of City’s upcoming games, but hopefully it’s not the wrong decision!

  6. What transfers are you looking to make today?
    Which defenders are the best for around 4m, Zappa, Cahill, Christensen, Danilo, Van Dijk, Vertonghen?

  7. I have 7.1 mill for two defenders, who would you go for?
    I was thinking maybe cahill and rojo, not sure about rojo though

  8. Hi Guys,

    Currently sitting in 5th in my mini league on 1312 points with the following team;


    The main difference to the 4 in front of me, they all have Sterling!

    Have been thinking;

    Salah to Sterling (Not making any points up but not losing more points)
    Lukaku to KDB / Morata / Sanchez

    Salah to Sterling
    Christensen to Stones
    Keep Lukaku

    Salah to Sterling
    Christensen to Stones
    Lukaku to Morata
    Risking all 3 tranfers

    I have 0.6m in the bank with 3 transfers, would love to hear peoples opinions on the way to go?

    Cheers, Bobby.

    1. I’d probably make the same transfers I’ve made. Salah out for Sterling and Lukaku out for Morata.

  9. Hi there,

    I’ve got :-

    De Gea


    De bruyne


    Any ideas where to start with transfers?

    As young, morata and rojo have not really pulled any punches for me.

    But jesus, valencia and salah are all injured.

    So not sure where best place is to start!?

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards


    1. I’d definitely make Jesus a priority in terms of getting him out, you could look at VVD for Valencia and maybe this would free up enough funds to bring in Aguero for Jesus?

    2. Salah only misses one game for pool although that only leaves him 3 to play for the month.

      Valencia and jesus should go

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