December Transfer Two

December Transfer Two

With the team performing well during the month, I’ve been left with two transfers that need using today. The first one for me is fairly straightforward. Kane appeared to pick up an injury yesterday and I was toying with the idea of moving him or Salah on anyway. As a result I’m taking him out for Aguero.

The reason for this is Man City have decent fixtures during January. I also own Jesus and as a result I’m hoping one of them gets the nod against Port Vale in the FA cup and scores big. They’ve also got additional EFL Cup fixtures during January.

As a result the transfer is:

Kane out
Aguero in

This does leave me with another transfer to use. The player I’ve got in mind for taking out is Mount. However, he’s only valued at 1.9m. Given this value he’s scored exceptionally well to date with 60 points on the board. There’s no one else around his price mark with those kind of points. I really don’t get how his value is only 1.9m considering his total – there are players up to 3m who have scored significantly less points.

As I’ve got a transfer to use this does present the opportunity to move him on if a better player appears. I’ve got 2.8m to spend. The shortlist I’ve got so far is:

Stick with Mount
Lucas Moura
Minamino (can’t claim credit for this one, it was suggested in the Facebook group)
Ruben Neves (hasn’t scored well but is only 1m – saves funds and Mount isn’t doing much himself at the moment anyway)
Joe Gomez

Any thoughts or other ideas will be appreciated in the comments.

10 thoughts on “December Transfer Two

  1. Hi DTT

    I’m in a similar situation.

    I’ve narrowed it to azpulicueta…gomez.. or reece james

    Any thoughts?

  2. If you’re still unsure about Mount what about Patricio or still happy with his points versus cost ratio?

    I also have Mount and the same quandary that he’s so cheap but then I see the likes of Traore and Grealish consistently getting more points. It’s a tricky one!

    1. Yeah I’ve decided to just stick with Patricio as very few keepers are scoring decent points. I’d pick Traore if I could have anyone but going to take a punt on Moura.

  3. For me, with Kane out, Moura seems like the best option. Will he give you more headaches later down the line though Azpi seems like a pretty solid pick and stick for the price he is. Although Liverpool look unbeatable at the moment, I am not sure on 3 Liverpool defenders. They still concede moses games and Gomez is prone to rotation. For me, its Moura for Jan or Azpi long term

    1. I’d agree Dean – I’m going for Moura for the last transfer. Will still have three transfers in the bag for January.

    1. I’ve decided to go for Moura with Chelsea being shakey at the back this season.

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