December Transfer Two

December Transfer Two

Quick post as we are so close to kick off. As planned it’s Ziyech out due to his injury and Mount in. This mathematically gives a route to Sterling if he has a good game week and Werner doesn’t do a lot.

Ziyech out
Mount in

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  1. Strange day yesterday: my new signing Grealish gets booked and then gives ball for penalty to El Ghazi to score, Mahrez misses a big chance, Walker gets 6.99 rating, City are involved in a 0-0 draw, Mount hits post 6.96 rating, Everton get a shock clean sheet. Chelsea lose a league game after a long time.

    My best team only gets a low score of 18 points yesterday but rises to 174th (from 380th) overall.

    All in all, with a bit of luck it could have been a better day .

    1. It was very much the same for me. Very odd day. Annoyed with Walker and Mount both getting so close to the 7+ rating but my position has remained stable.

  2. kane gets man of the match.
    you cant be serious palace keeper
    was by far star man week in week out this points
    system is mind boggling.

    1. They love Kane. He only has to step on the pitch to get a 7 rating.

      Like what’s been said, a very weird weekend, results and points wise, still I moved to top spot in my mini league. Happy days!!

      1. I think it’s more to the fact that it’s Kane and Son who are carrying Tottenham forward. They are both providing the goals and assists so it’s hard to fault them.

        Perhaps your right on this occasion with a 1-1 the Palace keeper perhaps should’ve been in contention.
        This years seems more emphasis on the strikers and midfield for points although I have to say Salah and Kane have been the stand outs so far.

        1. For me they are both in for the season unless then get injured. All Kane needs to do is score and he gets star man.

    2. The palace keeper didn’t even get a 7! He was outstanding. The only thing is that really he should have saved the actual goal, it was the easiest to save. WhoScored also gave him an error for that which severely effects the rating.

  3. How about this one… I had pulled a nice 70 points clear in my cash ML up until Leicester played last night and the guy in 2nd pulled 40 points back through Vardy, Maddison & Justin alone! Lucky bastard lol

  4. Why do we never consider Vardy? He scores goals year in year out and I never seem to ever take any notice. Is now the time to push the button on Werner to Vardy? £1.5m between the two at the moment which could be considerably more come Friday, although another round of fixtures yet obviously. Is it worth an extra £1.5m (if you have it)?

    DTT, you’re worried about Sterling but I guess this is because he is owned by others in your league? Not worth the risk of going rogue on Vardy or are you sticking rigid to your risk-averse tactics (that’s not an insult by the way; you’ve earned that right with a brilliant start)?

    1. It’s time to join the Vardy party plus he is on penalties and Leicester have won the most this season. More dangerous than Sterling in the box so looking to bringing him in.

      1. I have to agree Vardy looking a nice prospect this season. May consider dropping werner, I can’t drop Salah or Kane at this point.

    2. I’m completely with you – I’ve never really considered him and I’m not sure I’ve ever owned him. But you’re right it does come down to ownership for me – Vardy can’t really hurt me if very few own him. On the other hand I’d be higher up if he scored well. But the risk is if you take out a highly owned player (Werner) or don’t bring in the other highly owned player (Sterling) you could fall way behind it one of them was to score very well. So it’s definitely a risk adverse strategy but I’m happy to sit with the leading pack at the moment.

  5. I have Vardy but was actually thinking the opposite for the remainder of the month.

    Leicester have only 3 games; Spurs (A) Man Utd (H) Palace (A). He does get more freedom away from home but these are not easy fixtures. I was thinking of swapping for Son who may get 4 games; Leicester (H) Stoke (A) wolves (A) Fulham (H).

    1. That’s a good point Dave – I hadn’t really looked at the fixtures yet but agree that’s a tough run.

  6. I missed the Ziyech transfer Saturday which I cannot believe I have ended up being better off.

    After watching the game myself Werner doesn’t look great, yes he’s on penalties but his play was dull and now with Chelsea losing two on the bounce I’m not convinced on loading up on Chelsea players. This leaves me with needing to get Ziyech out and also looking at replacing Werner.

    No one is standing at for me at the moment in midfield, Grealish could have been a good option but has tough fixtures coming up in a few weeks, facing Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool and Spurs in consecutive weeks.

    Will Pogba start to get more game time? In previous years he has been a star man magnet. Plus he’s cheap.

    Is it time for another Mahrez purple patch?

    With two game weeks remaining Spurs do have the favourable fixtures. If I replaced Werner with Son it would give me all options in Midfield bar Grealish and Son.

    Vardy on the other hand only has 3 fixtures with 2 of them being Spurs and Utd.

    Really unsure where to go with this one.

    1. That’s exactly where I’d got to with my thinking. So I opted for Mount in the hope that he might get 5-10 points this week, it also gave me a route for Sterling. I’m kind of regretting it already but its not like anyone else has scored big this week either – although some still have a fixture to play such as Grealish

  7. I’ve said it before but Werner has looked absolutely rubbish to me. Reluctantly I actually put him in because Sterling has been awful too and was a damn sight more expensive so it enabled me to free up some cash. Before, Werner was getting away with it with the odd goal/assist from Chelsea’s abundance of attacking ability but he’s not even getting that now. Either he just can’t cut it in the prem and the bundesliga (barring Bayern probably) is not a patch OR he needs to be playing down the middle. I don’t see Frank putting him through the middle anytime soon so he has to go.

    Of course, with European fixtures out of the window until February, this opens up the pool of players. Obvious long term players would be Son, Vardy or even Sterling but City just aren’t scoring goals this season. Then you have the likes of Ings/Zaha/Calvert-Lewin who could also do well in this period.

    Only other thought is if Aguero comes back firing? They need some goals from somewhere!

    As a side note, being a Wolves fan I take more interest in them than any other team. We have been a bit hit and miss but when we’re good, it’s because of either Podence or Neto. I don’t personally have any Wolves players in my team as of yet, and it’s a shame that Neto is a striker; but could Podence be a worthy player for that cheap midfield slot?

    1. I had him briefly towards the start of the season but I think he picked up a knock and was in and out of the team so I took him out. My question for you would be what’s happened to Traore this season? He seems to be starting on the bench a lot and just isn’t picking up the points that he did last season.

      1. That’s an excellent question. One which wolves fans are just as bemused about really. It didn’t help that he was hardly played at the start of the season, maybe that has knocked his confidence. Then we have been trying out a new formation with 4 at the back which quite frankly has been a shambles, and now he’s out of the team again. With Podence and Neto doing so well on either side, it is also hindering his amount of time on the ball.

        I’d say not having Raul doesn’t help as well as he was the one on the end of most of his assists last year, but even when Raul was fit he wasn’t getting the service really.

        Maybe teams have worked Traore out also? Time after time last season he went down the outside and crossed it knowing that he would beat anyone for pace. Teams are setting up either deeper and forcing him into his left foot or doubling up on him which results in him passing the ball back. Might make space for the rest of the team, but does nothing for his personal stats.

        I guess it’s how he can now adapt and hopefully get better on his left foot to further himself, but time will tell.

  8. Patience has finally ran out with Werner now. Currently have him, Kane and Salah upfront and will be transferring him out before deadline as no doubt he’ll drop in price again.

    Im either going Son, Rashford or Vardy!? What’s everyone else’s thoughts?

    1. I’m tempted to take him out as well but I don’t know who for. Man City, Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal all have a double game week this week, whereas most don’t.

  9. Werner is a strange on! Chelsea haven’t had fixtures coming up either. Big problem is he gonna drop in value. Barnes is not getting much of a look in either. Sterling….. Not much happening with him. A couple of points here & there. I brought in Havertz instead of Mount. Looking like a complete waste of a transfer!

    Podence could definitely worth a shout. He plays regularly. Maybe swap with Barnes. He played tonight. No points. I know you won’t like this Paul. But pogba could be an option. For the price he is

    A few options for Werner. Son, Rashford, Vardy, Bamford maybe, Sterling DCL maybe.
    I donno. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

  10. its a nightmare at the moment trying to find the
    right player my picks at the moment are a night mare
    my last mistake was Jota. first with the razor.🗡

  11. Mount and Barnes in the same team is a little restricting doesn’t offer much movement but they are cheap PPM it just leaves you short for the top midfielders if funds are tied up elsewhere. I think Werner has to go before friday price change for Son, Rashford, Vardy or Sterling and ever since I put Mount in I just dunno if he is going pick up points week in week out like some of the other midfield options…

  12. I’m with you all on Werner, I left him in last week opting to transfer out Rashford instead. Whilst bringing Salah in was the correct decision, it was for the player.

    I might just bite the bullet and bring Rashford back in before the price changes, I’ve got just enough budget to do it. I have 2 transfers left for the month so could do a double move and try get in Aguero for the Newcastle fixture.

    I’m also considering Patrick Bamford as crazy as that sounds. Leeds are very attacking and he’s done really well so far, good fixtures coming after this weekend as well.

  13. I’m pondering Werner, Havertz & Foden out for players with better fixtures (and minutes in Foden’s case) and that could go up in price tomorrow morning. I have 4 transfers remaining so comfortable using 1 or 2 to benefit from a swing! Thoughts?

  14. I’m going Sonny paul I know you opting for Sterling or was set on him but putting Sterling in does all of my budget and I can improve elsewhere mainly F Torres who I was happy with but not getting the game time by putting in a slightly cheaper striker fixtures are gorgeous and hopefully he matches or even outscores Sterling. What is your view on downgrading Walker was thinking a Tottenham or a united defender? As my only real source of funds.

    1. I’m being swayed to Rashford as well but it’s a tough choice when I know I can get Sterling

      1. Vardy, Son, Rashford, DCL & Aubamayang (off the mark and cheap) all have double fixtures this week… I’m fairly certain Werner is going for one of them before 7am tomorrow. I’m spending tonight assessing the fixtures (🤓) but also reviewing Foden & Havertz.

  15. League Cup Semi Finals to be played 5/6 Jan so if you nail a transfer with an extra fixture this week (City, United, Spurs, Everton & Arsenal) they could have an extra fixture in 3 weeks time.

    P.s. 2 goals so far for Rashford tonight…

    1. I’m going to go Rashford even if it’s just for one week. Still got three transfers in the bag

  16. I’m swayed to Rashford instead of Vardy after tonight’s game. As a straight choice, I’d probably want Vardy but factor in an extra game for United this week, a game in hand in the league for United and £1.1m cheaper and it has to be Rashford.

    I must admit Son is tempting but I don’t want to double up on Tottenham in attack.

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