December Transfers 3 & 4

December Transfers 3 & 4

This afternoon’s line ups have made transfers very difficult. So I’m going for two options that I hadn’t really considered.

Son and Moura out
Robertson and Mount in

I’ll switch to 442 again, and will probably use my final transfer to put any striker I want in for Fernandes later in the month

14 thoughts on “December Transfers 3 & 4

  1. Those transfers paid off handsomely mate, feels like your decisions are beginning to bear fruit now mate which is great to see.

    With Shaw not starting I decided to go with Dalot instead and just hope he can keep his place when AWB is fit again. Didn’t fancy Telles as I can see Shaw replacing him being more likely that AWB replacing Dalot but I could be wrong…

    Frustrating to see Lukaku not start after bringing him in before the deadline but hopefully he starts midweek.

    1. Cheers Chris – they worked out well. I did consider Gallagher, Jorginho, Tielemans and Maddison as well so it was a bit frustrating in the end to see all of them do well. Looks like there might be Covid in the Man Utd team as well – that would really be a kick in the teeth if they were to start missing games as well.

        1. Yes, it seems like we could expect further cancellations this winter doesn’t it.

          It doesn’t surprise me though with how things are. I went to watch the Stags with the old man on Saturday and I asked him if he fancied a quick pint before in the club bar. As we walked in, it was absolutely heaving and we had to push through to the bar. I sent my Dad outside and went out myself as soon as I had the drinks in hand. I’m normally a very relaxed person but being in such a dense group of people made me feel pretty anxious.

          Lots of mixed messages it seems. Work from home where possible BUT don’t cancel the Christmas party. 🥴

          1. I think it’s inevitable. Can’t believe Man Utd have been hit so sooner after Spurs though. I was fairly heavy on players from both teams in my squad. It’s typical of how my season is going.

    1. It wouldn’t matter this week because he won’t become active until the week. May as well see how the week pans out as he’s locked in. Certainly at the weekend for me though if they still aren’t playing games

  2. Over the last 5 games, Bruno has amassed 12pts only, 0 pts in the last 2, so unless you take him out on Thursday evening he will probably drop 0.1-0.2, but this system if there is indeed one has made fools if all of us, not ideal using your last transfer during a very long month, but if it’s a 10 day loss of games like it was for De bruyne, he missed 4 games, I would say you will have to gamble, can’t have De gea, Ronaldo, & Bruno out for 10 days, see what the weekend brings.

    1. Bruno will be coming out for me, but Man Utd having a Covid outbreak after Spurs has been the worst possible scenario for me

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