December Transfers 4 & 5

December Transfers 4 & 5

Very quick write but I’m using my final two transfers of the month. With Man City’s upcoming fixtures, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go for Sterling. Unfortunately, this needs to be done now as Rashford is coming out and this move won’t be possible after Man Utd kick off. With fresh transfers coming soon, I can’t see the point in holding back the funds for Sterling any longer, I may as well have them invested in the team and I don’t currently have any other players who need to urgently come out.

Sterling in
Rashford out

My second transfer is Walker to come out, due to him having Covid. I’ll bring in Dias as he’s highly owned in the mini league I monitor and seems to be getting a lot of game time. I’ll reverse this one is Dias doesn’t start for City (probably) but we can cross that bridge when we get to it. The plan is to go ahead with this transfer though.

Dias in
Walker out

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  1. The only way for me to bring sterling is to transfer foden and Rashford out for mount and sterling. Do you think that mount and sterling are more likely to bring more points than foden and rashford?

  2. I can’t bring my self to put Sterling in, won’t have enough for a good Walker replacement anyway. Hoping for a Sterling stinker 👍🏼

    1. That’s what I’ve been hoping for all season and it’s pretty much how it’s panned out 😂 feels a bit strange to now be hoping for the opposite.

  3. Sterling has Newcastle H, Everton A, Chelsea A over Xmas. I’ll be going without him over Xmas.

    Son – Wolves A, Fulham H, Leeds H looks more inviting

    Good luck everyone

    1. It was far from ideal but at least Sterling scored 10 points. Had they played their second fixture we might have been better off.

  4. I hadn’t enough to do Sterling! 🤦‍♂️ Took Barnes out for Matip 🤦‍♂️ Went 433 Walker for Dias ffs

  5. I’ll be doing Walker to either Cancelo, Dias or TAA… Dias the cheaper option to save funds but think Cancelo and TAA offer more potential of attacking returns going forwards… Does Cancelo however become a rotation risk once Walker returns… does Dias score too few points for the amount of games played compared to other City defenders… is TAA worth the extra ££ when I already have Robertson… 🤔

    1. I’m thinking exact same mate. Close to putting cancelo in tho. He bombs forward, always has at least one shot a game and bound to go up in price in 3 weeks Walker is gone.

        1. I’ve bit the bullet and gone cancelo. More expensive but more chance of attacking returns and price bound to rise.

          1. I did the same… he was easily MOM last night and could have had 3 assists if others could finish which is a promising sign!

    1. Very annoying. I bout in Cancelo and Torres to target that DGW with Walker and Jesus out. Sounds like quite an outbreak though so using this week to gather as much info a possible. Still have one transfer to use by Friday to help plan Jan.

      1. It was annoying – hopefully they can play their next fixtures as they’ve potentially got four over the next two game weeks, other teams only have two.

  6. Anyone thinking City might postpone a couple of fixtures?

    I have 3 transfers left for December.

    My team





    0.6 itb

    I see Spurs have a good run of fixtures but who do u put in? Don’t really wanna double up with son. Maybe Lloris.

    Any thoughts on a couple of changes?


    1. If ya reckon arsenal have turned the proverbial; maybe take a punt on saka for mount? Two MOMs in a row for him and their fixtures for Jan are superb

      1. Thanks Badge.

        Never thought of a Arsenal player tbf.
        All my mates are Arse fans n their dreadful to watch.

        I’m currently top of my league with 1042 points. 35 in front of 2nd.
        So don’t need to gamble yet.

        I’ll look into it

        1. I’d personally be looking at the Chelsea players. If Man City play their fixtures which are coming up they’ve got four games over the next two game weeks and Chelsea only have two. One of which is an FA Cup fixture. I’m considering losing Mendy and/or Zouma. Not convinced by Mount either. You could swap him for Barnes who is almost certain to rise.

          1. Thanks for the input.

            Gonna swap

            Ederson for Mendy
            Cancelo for Zouma
            Saka for Mount

            Not 100% sure by Saka but worth a punt. He’ll definitely go up in value and if it don’t workout. I can always swap after his 3 games. He has 1 more than Barnes.


    2. I’m in a similar position with 1 transfer left. I’m thinking of taking Walker out for a Spurs defender, like you say they have good fixtures and city not playing. It’s a case of choosing who’s most likely to play the most game time, as they’ve a couple of cup games. I’m thinking maybe Davies, he’s not first choice all the time but does play in the cup and league now and then.

        1. I think they will. It was reported last night only Walker and Jesus Covid positive so I’m keeping my 4 City players and praying they keep playing!

  7. Chilwell against Vila gets an assist
    plays a blinder man of the match every where
    what points does he get 2 hope they dump there system next season.

  8. What are we thinking about the city situation? Anyone thinking of getting ahead of the game because those with covid should miss the next 3 games?

        1. I think we were fed some misinformation earlier in the week as it is still only Walker and Jesus who are Covid positive apparently from yesterdays test results! I’m therefore holding my City assets (Cancelo, Foden, Torres & KDB) as they have 2 extra cup over the next two weeks! Hopefully no more of their games get moved, plus they now have two additional league fixtures to squeeze in as well!

          1. There’s no way they would of been able to get a match postponed based on only those 2 players testing positive surely?

            1. Unless there were more with symptoms and they had assumed it was spreading between round testing. BBC report last night confirms just those two still… likewise on Physioroom.

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