December Transfers

December Transfers

As I’m out all day tomorrow I’m just putting up a short post about transfers for the weekend.

I’ve decided I’m going to stick with the team I’ve got. Even if Aubameyang is benched for Arsenal I think I’m going to stick with him as the same may happen to Aguero in the afternoon and I favour Arsenal’s fixtures slightly.

With regards to Shaw, I’ve got no plans to take him out just yet. Unless he doesn’t make the starting line up. I will then swap him for Lindelof to free up some funds. On the assumption that Lindelof is starting. There won’t be a post confirming this transfer, however I’m definitely going to do this transfer if Shaw doesn’t start and Lindelof does.

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  1. Any plans moving forward for VVD? Another goal and CS tonight (and close to getting SM). Looks to me like he’s the essential defender to have for the rest of the season…..and I don’t have him. 😔

    Might go 4-4-2 in January to get him in and just go Salah and Kane up front.

    1. Yeah he’s almost looking essential and fairly cheap compared to some of the midfielders.

  2. That’s a definite possibility Chris, regarding Van dyke, I may drop Lacazette & make that transfer in January, my concern will be funds, Van dyke could cost as much as 5.1 come January, that’s a big outlay for a defender & may take 2 transfers to achieve, one to monitor in the coming weeks.

  3. Just been looking at the top of the DT Leaderboard tonight. How can that team (Blue army) be top with the likes of Gundogan and Denis Odoi in it?!
    I thought I took my fair share of risks but come on… makes me look vanilla. 😂

    1. Gundogan scores. Shows that I know nothing about this game. 😂
      Just get ready for the Fulham CS now!

  4. Thinking of taking out Aubameyang because:
    – showing poor form: 5 points from 4 games, arsenal lost last two games so confidence may be low.
    – Bellerin and Mkhitaryan could miss this game through injury and provide good creativity, Mkhitaryan especially has good relationship with Aubameyang.
    – Aubameyang seems to have gained more points away from home and has not scored at home to West Ham, Watford, Wolves and Huddersfield. His brace at home vs Leicester came from the bench. Even the manager has said in the past ‘sometimes his best performance is starting the match on the bench and then playing 20 or 25 minutes.’
    – Could see rotation with Lacazette starting. Since the December transfer window opening, Lacazette has scored 10 points, Aubameyang scored 5 points. A victory for Lacazette owners. I had the problem which one to go for at the start of December. Both are similar: even in my pre season notes I rated both them at 8.5. Rated Kane, Aguero and Salah higher. Even some people in my mini league couldn’t split them and opted for both in their teams. Not a bad idea given the fixtures and doing something different. It could have paid big time but unfortunately it hasn’t (yet).
    – Burnley seem to have regained their defensive qualities and likely to play a 5-4-1 formation that keep Kane and Spurs quiet for 90 minutes last weekend.

    Just some of my thoughts, could be totally wrong (won’t be the first time) and Aubameyang scores a hat trick today. It is just been frustrating right now being an Aubameyang owner.

    1. What did you end up doing in the end? I stuck with him simply because he started but was having doubts myself. I think he’s top scorer in the Premier League now so I’m doubting if I should take him out or not at all now.

      1. I thought I wrote a good piece on why I should take Aubameyang out of my team. I got this love/hate relationship with him. I like the player but I never really had patience with him. Plus he cost a grand last season which hurt at the time.

        Put in Hazard as replacement as my head to head rival had him so wanted to neutralise his biggest threat. Plus with Europe over, can see Hazard playing every game and he is a player who I couldn’t ignore any longer considering he picks star man so easily.

        1. Not considering going for Aubameyang and Hazard? He’s now one of the highest point scoring strikers and decent value for money

          1. Well I was debating sterling or Aubameyang for Hazard but in the end I picked the wrong one. I thought the reasons for taking out Aubameyang had merit but hey I make mistakes in this game, others don’t but will carry on nevertheless. I going to move on from aubamenyang and hopefully find the next bandwagon striker.

            1. I think everyone makes mistakes – it’s impossible to predict football perfectly. Do you think Aubameyang is a bandwagon striker? I’m not sure I do myself. He scored well towards the end of last season with very little time in the Premier League – ended up with over 100 points. I think he’s now the third highest scoring striker on the game with more points than Aguero. We’ve seen a few bandwagon strikers this season so far – Wilson, Mitrovic, ect but I’m thinking Aubameyang is more of a pick and stick for the season type player.

  5. i think Auba is due, surely !

    Re the transfer dtt is talking about can we do that (if Lindelof starts and shaw doesn’t) just before that game kicks off at 5.30? I always thought you had to do the transfers before any game started in that game week ? (This has probably been covered before , sorry but if someone could just confirm that’s be great)

    1. Hi Ian,

      You can make any transfer so long as the team of the player that you are taking out, and the team of the player that you are putting in have not yet played in the game week.

      So, as United won’t have played in the game week until 5:30, and both players play for United, you can make the transfer any time up until KO of the United game.

      If you wanted to take out Mkhitaryan as he’s injured however (just an example), then you would need to change it before Arsenal play at 12:30. It won’t matter that he won’t play, it’s just if the team of the player have played. As soon as the team that any player plays for KO in the game week, they are locked in until the following Friday.

  6. So I’m not convinced on Maddison and am contemplating whether this is the time to take him out. Current team:


    I have 1.3 million in the bank. I could either go 4-4-2 and take Maddison out and replace him with Lindelof which also increases my bank of funds (to perhaps consider replacing Richarlison for a Man C midfielder / Aub for Aguero / or find a way to bring in VVD

    Or I stay as is but with Leicester’s fixtures and form I think I could find a better option at the moment. I could also upgrade Maddison like for like but then I lose he funds to bring Aguero back in… any thoughts?

  7. This is frustrating. I missed the last transfer in October so never made the Maddison>Shaw switch. Which has been good for me and just thought any movement with Shaw and I will just make the transfer with Maddison as they are similar price.

    Now… Leicester play before Man United. Do I gamble on the Lindeloff switch but then potentially use a transfer DTT doesn’t use, or leave it as is and then not have enough in the bank for future transfers anybody got any news on Shaw?

      1. For the past 2 seasons I have entered 2 teams into my Mini League. One if my own and the DTT. Gives me a vested interest in the blog and the conversations. Last year my team did better than DTT, but this season my DTT Team Tops my mini league!

        It’s more fun when you have something to play for and the decisions made here matter 😊

        1. I hope you give your share of the winnings if the DTT wins the mini league. Lol

          Not a bad idea having DTT in your mini league. I can see the reasons why as DTT is a very good player and certainly knows his stuff.
          Funnily enough, there is a team in my mini league with exactly the same team as DTT. So maybe DTT team is acting as the template for many people.

          Maybe if I don’t win my mini league I can blame DTT. Lol

          1. Made a donation at the end of last season (even though I didn’t cash in my mini league), the donation will be larger this season if I win that’s for sure 😁

            1. What did you end up doing Dean? I think you would have gained more points from keeping Maddison in. I must admit I’d have probably preferred to just stick with Maddison in hindsight but thought Man Utd were unfortunate to miss out on a clean sheet yesterday.

              1. I left Maddison in. Put a Twitter poll up and there was unanimous response that Shaw would start so went with it.

                So where I was. Same team with the exception of Maddison instead of Shaw

  8. Aubameyang hurt my team today with so many of my ML owning him. I guess I have to be thankful that Lacazette bagged five points to limit the damage a little I guess.

    Need my City boys (Sane & Sterling) to perform now and they both start. 🤞

  9. How frustrating are City at the moment? I transferred VVD out for Laporte around 10 games ago. 8 of those games City have failed to keep a clean sheet!

    Current team:


    One transfer left. Tempted to swap Laporte out for VVD at this rate! Other options would be replacing either Richarlison or Maddison, but both seem to routinely pick up points at the moment.

    Still top of my ML but need to stay one step ahead. Laporte was meant to be a pick and stick player but I have zero faith in Man City’s defence at the moment whereas VVD is looking like such an attractive alternative.

    1. Saying that, GW18 sees Liverpool home to Arsenal and away to City. May reassess Maddison / Laporte for VVD!

    2. I’m personally going to stick with Laporte but might look at a way of getting Van Dijk in. I’m having doubts about Richarlison. He didn’t do well today in terms of his rating – was he that bad?

      1. Richarlison is a victim of his own success and being played out of position (although he played wide at the weekend)

        When played as a striker he is EXPECTED to score so his rating is based on a striker (if that makes sense), whereas he would be rated differently if playing an attacking midfield role. Miss a couple of half chances and contribute some key passes to create opportunoties playing in midfield you’ve had a good game. Do the same as a striker and you striker and you’ve cost your team by not netting….

        Not sure any of this makes any sense… it does to me ha ha. Either way I think I am agreeing with you, not convinced about Richarlisons consistency. Struggling to see a better option though AND keeping the funds to bring Aguero back.

        B. Silva possibly

        1. Yeah he might have to go. There’s a few midfielders on the radar for me – Eriksen, Sane and Pogba.

  10. Interested in opinions on Maddison to Lingard swap both 2.8M. I know Lingard has hardly picked up any points all season before today but I think with Solskjaer taking a more attacking approach maybe he will get more consistent game time and chip in with goals and assists? Thoughts? Also, is it worth swapping Shaw for Lindelof solely for the purpose of freeing up funds or is it not really worth it as long as Shaw stays fit?

    1. Definitely keen on Lindelof if he looks like a certain starter. Not sure about Lingard – one to monitor I think.

  11. Well that was a urgh kinda day. 😩

    Ryan incapable of a CS now. Same goes for Laporte. Sterling blanked, Sane and Hazard only 3 points. Lacazette picked up for five points but massively out scored by Aubameyang. Not a good day at the office and my ML lead pretty much halved. Much to consider but important not to panic and make knee jerk decisions when transfers come back into play. 100% certain of getting Ryan out though.

    Hope you guys faired better than me.

    1. One of my worst days ever. Only 20 points. 😭Think I am heading to writing off this season. Looking forward to next year.

      Merry Xmas to DTT and regular contributors Chris Sutton (Martin), LeeH and many others. 🎄⛄️

      Happy New Year as well.

      1. I presume you took out Aubameyang then RR? 😬

        Don’t right it off though mate. A few decent gameweeks in a row and all will feel right in the world again. Peaks and troughs and all that.

        Merry Christmas mate, and merry Christmas to DTT and the rest of the DT community. Really enjoyed the discussion and banter here. 🎅🏽 ⛄️ ❄️

        1. Cheers Chris, hope you have a good Christmas. Thanks for all your contributions over the season.

      2. Only just getting to these comments from yesterday – hope you have a good Christmas RR.

  12. Cheers RR. Merry Xmas to you guys too.

    Fortunately I kept Auba and haven’t had a bad weekend so far. 57 points with Kane to come. Hopefully he can bag some points since 2nd in my league doesn’t have him.

    Totally agree with the sentiments of City and Laporte. My patience ran out with City about a month ago! Swapping Ederson to Alisson was a good move!

    I drafted my final sub yesterday losing Mahrez for Azpilicueta when I see Mahrez on the bench, but at the last minute (2:58pm) had a bad gut feeling about Leicester, so reversed it!

    That said, I still feel that I need some Chelsea coverage in defence and starting to consider KDB too.

  13. I’m really struggling to see what Richarlison’s qualities are, I’m going to have to retain him for now, as Maddison will be first to come out for Doherty in January, never mind a man city midfielder, how about a two pronged Spurs attack adding Son, at present 4.4, Lacazette will have to improve for the remainder of the month, if not Son is real possibility.

    1. Was Richarlison pretty poor today? I noticed his rate was awful but didn’t see the game.

      1. DTT, watched the game, he had a good opportunity early on but was squandered, as I believe he has had in previous games, in terms of opposition his next few fixtures are favourable, he was also substituted with the game lost, has to start upfront through the middle to perhaps see the best of him, as I said earlier my first transfer in January will be Maddison out, but Richarlison needs to improve dramatically, he could even get dropped.

  14. Son goes to Asian games on 13th Jan so has a maximum of 6 games left and will likely get rotated so just be warned as will have to Use a January transfer on him to get him.out again

    1. Great point Ajf, did read that recently but forgot, back to the drawing board, of trying to find differentials that could be points scoring gems, not an easy task.

  15. So I feel like taking a bit of a risk here.

    Richarlison —> VVD
    Maddison —> Lingard

    I feel like I’ll get more CS out of VVD than goals out of Richarlison and I also feel Man U are on the verge of a resurrection under OGS so Lingard is a better choice than Maddison.

    It does only leave me with 0.1 left in the bank so wouldn’t be able to swap back to Aguero from Aubameyang- but not sure that’s a problem now – any thoughts here guys?

    Oh and Merry Xmas! 🙂

    1. Good moves in my book and Lindgard is one I’m tempted by, especially seeing him on pens the other day. I don’t want to fall into the trap of chasing last weeks points though as I have done in the past.

    2. Only thing I would worry about is not having funds to bring Aguero back. My team is EXACTLY the same, but was hoping to use the last transfer of the month Auba>Aguero

      1. I’m not sure I’m worried about not having Aguero at the moment. Currently have the top scoring strikers and decent money in the bank.

  16. A lot of guys want to bring in VVD. How about Trent? Cheaper and a good attacking threat. Seems like he could possibly be back for the next game.

    I think I will transfer Laporte for Trent Alex Arnold. 1st place in my mini league killing it with the 3 block if Liverpool defenders. I need to at least double up

    1. I do like TAA a lot but VVD is nailed on pretty much week in week out. When Gomez returns, you may see that rotation again, not to mention Clyne pushing for minutes too.

  17. Merry Xmas to all the contributors and the dtt community! Have a good day🥃🎉🥃🎉🍻🍻🍻🍗🍗🍗!

  18. I also agree with doubling up on Liverpool defence, not sure at the expense of Laporte though, they still have good fixtures but are struggling, 2 legged league cup semi final with Burton, easy fa cup tie & good league fixtures, but will Laporte play the Cup games, a little kick up the backside for Richarlison today, I said a few days ago cld be benched, came on & scored so hopefully will get his place back in team.

    1. I’ve lost patience with city defence. They’ve hardly had a run of killers recently and still haven’t managed a clean sheet. Losing ground with the guys with Liverpool block defence.

  19. With his recent upturn in form do we think pogba will go up in value this week , bearing in mind his starting price I’m sure I read somewhere on here that has a bearing on it and despite a good week hoping he might drop another 100k and it won’t take affect until 4th January, any guesses?

  20. Alright gents, hope you’re all enjoying the festivities.

    My ML lead has now been cut to a measly 14 points now. I’ve been looking at January’s fixtures and I’m seriously considering three transfers off the bat in January when they become available again. Here’s my proposal:

    Out: Ryan, Sterling, Lacazette
    In: Lloris, Eriksen, VVD

    Two Liverpool defensive assets are pretty much essential now in my book and there is no better than VVD.

    Spurs have two extra games with the League Cup (against Chelsea) and with their excellent form, I’ve got to get into that Spurs team. I see Spurs getting the better of Chelsea in this semi-final but it won’t be easy. I would like to eventually get Alisson but the two extra fixtures swung it towards Lloris.

    These moves force me into a 4-4-2 formation leaving my team as:

    Doherty VVD Laporte Robertson
    Sane Eriksen Hazard Richarlison
    Kane Salah

    All thoughts, positive and negative are most welcome.

    1. Not bad team CS. It almost seems you need a Liverpool block of 3. Bringing Allison in is a good move. Despite the two extra fixtures will Lloris outscore Allison?

      Losing ground on the top place guy in my league due to his Liverpool defence. Almost seems like you need a Liverpool block of 3 in defence to keep up!

      I’m going to take a punt on Lingard.

      Two transfers left. Gonna use them both. Switching to 343.

      Doherty ——> Lingard
      Laporte ——> Alex Arnold


      Any thoughts? Keep Doherty instead of Shaw? Reason wanted to get rid of Doherty is just to try get a different team to the top guy in my league. Virtually identical team apart from his Liverpool block of 3. Need a few differentials!

      Plan also to bring in Eriksen for Mane in Jan.

    2. Are you not considering Aubameyang? Currently one of the highest scoring strikers in the game and decent value (and rising)? Other than that, the changes all make sense to me.

  21. Chris could you not get allison TTA and Erickson in instead , gives you the Liverpool block of 3 , I agree with king of the North the 2 extra fixtures are hard games?

    1. Yeah, I may opt for Alisson to be honest. I can still have VVD as well with the funds I have (as well as Eriksen).

      1. I like the option of Alisson, VVD and Eriksen. All players are on the rise, may be difficult to buy them later.

    1. 👍🏻 Yep, that option appeals more AJF. Doherty gets forward so well he’s not going to blank very often IMO as he can usually rack up a plus 7 score pretty quickly at the very least.

  22. Pogba back to form is frustrating! I still think Richarlison and Maddison need to go from my team as it stands as they aren’t consistently scoring points.

    I still have two transfers I can make this month. So I’m leaning towards bringing in VVD & Lingard, switching me from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3. I *could* transfer Laporte / Richarlison to bring in TAA & Pogba though and keep Madison until January but then I’m not sure who I’d replace Madison with, and I rate VVD over TAA. So many decisions.

    The only positive for me is I’m 91 points clear in my mini-league so have a cushion at least to the chasing pack.

    1. I think VVD is a safe bet and 91 points clear it’s the best option and lingard gives you man Utd coverage against any rivals sticking pogba in , maddison can be swapped to ban wissaka or Davies / sanchez at spurs or Pierra at Leicester or kolasnic . It’s hard to swap him unless you really spend big as everyone else at that price is much of a muchness. What about fabinho ? How much is he?

      1. If I do the VVD / Lingard switch I don’t need to worry about Maddison as I’ll just take him and Richarlison out now and switch to 4-3-3

        I will probably monitor Laporte / Mane in January to see if I keep them or not. Both are high value so if they aren’t consistent then I can consider a change when transfers reset.

  23. Help needed on a couple of options please?

    2.2m in bank 2 transfers

    Option 1
    Ryan and Richarlson out to Allison and Lingard

    Option 2 Mahrez and Richarlson to VVD Erickson or Pogba

    Option 3 mahrez and Lacazette to Lingard and Kane

    Current team




    Advice welcome

    1. I’d be tempted to VVD and Eriksen as you don’t have Kane. Then if Richarlison doesn’t do the business before January Lingard for Man Utd coverage. VVD won’t get many points next game week will he surely unless that defence is solid as seems. Unless you need points and trailing in your mini league then I’d go Lingard and Kane

  24. I need some massive help! Had a terrible week going down to 5th in my mini league which I won last year. Current team is;

    0.8ITB and all three transfer left.

    I’ve tried pogba eriksen de bruyne Aubu bud can’t decide which is best combination to change.

    1. Surely you have to look to try and get salah in somewhere I reckon for aguero drop Richarlson for lingard and Lacazette for Auba ?

      1. Reckon I’d be leaving Aguero for January if I had him. Potentially two extra fixtures of involvement with Burton. Could Mane & Lacazette make way for Salah and another?

        1. Thanks for the feedback both. I’ve gone Mane to Eriksen Richarlison to Davidson Sanchez and Lacazette to Salah. Had to get Sanchez in to fund Salah and like you said don’t want to get rid of Man City coverage as extra games.

          So team now


  25. Liverpool block is highly owned, I might look elsewhere as people above already have Alisson, Robertson and VVD. kinda late to the party so putting them in might not really worthwhile.

    Lingard looks good but with Martial, Lukaku and Sanchez looking to be back in the team, the man utd team looks a bit of a puzzle attack wise so might consider other options.

    1. Whilst I want VVD in, I’m considering a re-think with my GK position for January. Initially i was going to go for Lloris or Alisson but now im considering Ederson. They have extra games with the EFL cup, have a kind(ish) Champions League draw and surely a few clean sheets will be on the cards soon. I can imagine Pep will be drilling them hard now until they get it right again. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick him up for about £4m too come the transfer re-load.

      I’m still feeling a bit twitchy about going two up front though I must admit. Struggling to see any other way though of accommodating VVD and a premium keeper without making this move.

      1. I could go Ryan for De Gea (I could actually afford that transfer as a stand alone) and save my other two transfers for later in the month. May be worth holding onto both Sane and Sterling with the extra fixtures, whilst they’ll inevitably miss some games they should get decent game time in January. Could United clean sheets finally be on the cards? One tough fixture against Spurs but the rest look decent. Thoughts appreciated.

        1. It’s a tough one to say if Man Utd will start keeping clean sheets. I’d be tempted to De Gea though as you never know what back four they will play. Unless OGS finds he’s best back line and sticks with it. Would it be worth saving transfers for any significant January transfers that happen or do people prefer stick to the players that teams already have. I’ve just gone with teams with most fixtures and gambled as need to catch up!

  26. Pogba needs to be considered now doesn’t he? I remember his first season he got star man pretty much every time he played , even when he didn’t perform. Need to have a look at fixtures though. Might be a good differential having say pogba , shaw and Lindelof ? Bit of a gamble though…
    Any transfers for this week Dtt? Be good to take advantage of the teonleft as hardly any one else has any.
    I’m winning my league by 20 pts, the person in 2nd has Son and vvd which is annoying they keep scoring !

    1. I’d expect to see him on the team sheet every week now so he has to be considered, you’re right. He’d be even more tempting if I knew he was back on pens though…

  27. I’ve gone for pogba to replace mahrez as my last transfer this month. Annoyingly I did it last night as I thought pogba would go up and mahrez down but the reverse happened so lost 200k . I agree with Ian who scored seem to rate pogba. Looking ahead to January ( a long month 5 weeks between transfer windows) unless I need to I will hold with what I have as long as I can ;




    1179 points and 300k in bank

    Happy New year and hopefully plenty of points for everyone

  28. Might go for Pogba, wrote a piece on him after his first season back asking the question ‘Is Pogba still a Star Man favourite?’ Think of doing the Mahrez -Pogba swap myself.

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