Dream Team Top 5 Best Goalkeepers

This post will look at my best goalkeeper for Dream Team for the upcoming 2021/2022 season. It’s an important position and my tactic has changed over recent years in this area. I always used to go for the cheaper options but the highest point scorers are the way to go.

Ederson – Man City (4m)

I personally think Ederson will be the best goalkeeper for Dream Team next season. Especially from a point scoring perspective. He’s scored consistently over 100 points for the past few seasons and finding a cheaper alternative could be difficult. He gets a lot of game time for Man City and doesn’t get rotated very often at all.

Alisson – Liverpool (4m)

Alisson is another good choice and equally could end up being the best goalkeeper for Dream Team next season. He didn’t do so well last year but Liverpool had their problems defensively and missed Van Dijk massively. If they can recapture their title winning form, Alisson will be up there with the highest scoring goalkeepers.

Mendy – Chelsea (4m)

Mendy was the highest scoring goalkeeper last season so he’s got to be included on this list. Chelsea got better and better towards the end of the season. If they can carry on this form into the upcoming season Mendy could be another very good pick.

Henderson or De Gea – Man Utd (3m)

If Man Utd can settle on a number 1 goalkeeper who gets the majority of the game time during the season Henderson or De Gea could be a great pick. They’ve strengthened over the summer and I’d expect them to have a good season. Saving 1m could be a good move if we can find the keeper who will start the most games. At the moment, I’m swaying towards that being Henderson.

Martinez – Aston Villa (3m)

I’ve picked Martinez as my dark horse based on the points he scored last season. He outscored the likes of Alisson and at 3m could be a potential bargain. It will depends on how well Villa perform this season and if they can keep hold of Grealish. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to pick him myself but those who do will be laughing if he scores over 100 points again.

7 thoughts on “Dream Team Top 5 Best Goalkeepers

  1. Dream Team says we all have it wrong with choosing Pickford and Keane due to Everton’s starting Premier League Fixtures with the added strain on European Qualifications.

    1. Not sure I agree. Everton do have a tricky start but I try not to change my keeper throughout the season. I see it as a bit of a wasted transfer. At 3m I think Pickford is the best option for the duration of the season. I wouldn’t go any higher than 3m for a keeper as they don’t score as high.

  2. Only wanna say that this is very beneficial, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    1. Yeah least we’ve got a few weeks to see if it’s serious. If they go out, I won’t be looking at him anyway.

      1. It looked serious and so far the manager is expecting it to be. Heaton on the other hand is expected to be fit for start of the season.

        It’s a straight swap and 0.5m in the bank as well.

        If Pickford moves to Chelsea he also becomes an option at 3m.

        1. Yeah makes perfect sense to go for Heaton if he’s fit to play or bring in whoever goes to Chelsea if they are a good price.

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