Dream Team Top 5 Best Goalkeepers

The main principle I tend to follow when selecting a goalkeeper is to try and find one within a reasonable budget. As keepers tend to score less overall points than any other position on the pitch I tend to go for a cheaper option. As a result the list below outlines the top 5 goalkeepers for the 2018/2019 season which follows this principle.

Pope – Burnley (2.5m)

Points last season: 106
Games played last season: 38

Pope had a great season at Burnley last time around. Over 100 points for a keeper is a good result. Burnley should also have two additional fixtures in August with Europa League qualifying games coming up. If he was certain to start these games, he would no doubt be my chosen keeper. I’m a little cautious that he may be rotated with Heaton for these games and it could stll be undecided who is Burnley’s number one choice.

Leno – Arsenal (3m)

Points last season: n/a
Games played last season: n/a

3m for a keeper with European football, playing for one of the 6 top teams in the league seems like a steal. However I’m not 100% who will be Arsenal’s first choice keeper and whoever it is, will almost certainly not play in the Europa League.

Pickford – Everton (3m)

Points last season: 70
Games played last season: 45

Everton didn’t have the best of season’s but Pickford had a fantastic World Cup. Should Everton turn a corner this season, I’d expect Pickford to score slightly better this time around. 3m still may be slightly too steep compared to having an Arsenal keeper.

Schmeichel – Leicester (3m)

Points last season: 76
Games played last season: 35

Schmeichel is another consistent Premier League performer. However he did fall short of the 100 point mark last season. At 3m he’s a good enough option but a little over priced for me compared to Leno and Pope.

Fabianski – West Ham (2.5m)

Points last season: 90
Games played last season: 38

Fabianski returned a good amount of points last season considering Swansea were relegated. West Ham look to have strengthened more than most clubs over the summer so at 2.5m Fabianski could be a great budget keeper.

My personal strategy is to never spend big on goalkeepers, as a result I’ve excluded any of the premium keepers from this list. The list is my perception of the top 5 keepers worth considering for selection, rather than the top 5 in terms of points they could score. If the list was based on potential points scored I’d have included Lloris, Courtois, De Gea and Ederson. For me they are a little too expensive to be worth considering.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Dream Team Top 5 Best Goalkeepers

  1. Dream Team says we all have it wrong with choosing Pickford and Keane due to Everton’s starting Premier League Fixtures with the added strain on European Qualifications.

    1. Not sure I agree. Everton do have a tricky start but I try not to change my keeper throughout the season. I see it as a bit of a wasted transfer. At 3m I think Pickford is the best option for the duration of the season. I wouldn’t go any higher than 3m for a keeper as they don’t score as high.

  2. Only wanna say that this is very beneficial, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    1. Yeah least we’ve got a few weeks to see if it’s serious. If they go out, I won’t be looking at him anyway.

      1. It looked serious and so far the manager is expecting it to be. Heaton on the other hand is expected to be fit for start of the season.

        It’s a straight swap and 0.5m in the bank as well.

        If Pickford moves to Chelsea he also becomes an option at 3m.

        1. Yeah makes perfect sense to go for Heaton if he’s fit to play or bring in whoever goes to Chelsea if they are a good price.

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