Dream Team Top 10 Best Midfielders

With the 2017/2018 season nearly upon us, it’s a great time to look at the best midfielders available for selection. I see this position as the second most important area of any fantasy football team selection – only strikers on average pick up more points. I always keep a good chunk of the budget to allow me to chose even the most expensive midfielders. Here’s the top midfielders I’ll be looking to rotate around the 3 available positions over the course of the season.

Hazard – Chelsea (7m)

Points last season: 252
Games played last season: 43

Hazard finished last season as the highest scoring midfielder on the game. As a result he would probably be the first name on my team sheet for next season. Chelsea now have Champions League football, resulting in even more games for Hazard to score point this season. He’s expensive at 7m but could be essential. It’s worth noting that he’s currently injured, as a result he won’t be in my initial team for next season but I’ll be saving some budget to bring him in.

Coutinho – Liverpool (6m)

Points last season: 201
Games played last season: 36

Coutinho had a difficult campaign last time around with some injury problems that kept him on the sidelines for some time. As a result he didn’t play as many games as other high scoring midfielders. He still managed to reach the 200 point mark and with Champions League football this season I’d expect him to have a fantastic campaign. Liverpool also benefit from two additional games in August with Champions League qualifiers. This could make Coutinho essential in your starting team.

Alli – Spurs (6m)

Points last season: 219
Games played last season: 50

Alli had a sensational season at Spurs and I’d expect this form to continue into the 2017/2018 season. They once again have Champions League football but there could be some question marks around their form away from White Hart Lane. My only reservation about including him is his high price tag, I’m almost certain to go for Kane and having both may stretch my budget too far.

Mane – Liverpool (6m)

Points last season: 149
Games played last season: 29

Mane got off to a flyer at Anfield last season and featured heavily in my team towards the start of the season. A trip to the Africa Cup of Nations and a long term injury limited his game time during the second half of the season. Should he bit fit for next season he will certainly be one to watch with Liverpool also have additional Champions League fixtures.

De Bruyne – Man City (6m)

Points last season: 214
Games played last season: 49

De Bruyne felt like a must have player at the start of last season, I’m not convinced he’s quite as important this time around however he would certainly be a great addition to any team. If he remains injury free he will be certain to play in all of City’s important games and is likely to come out as their highest scoring midfielder over the course of the season. I’m likely to start with him in my team as it seems like he would be the first name on the team sheet for City. I’d rather wait and see who is favoured between Jesus and Aguero before including one of these strikers.

Eriksen – Spurs (6.5m)

Points last season: 251
Games played last season: 48

Eriksen is a midfielder who I’ve always found to be reasonably priced on Dream Team. In the past I’ve often referred to him has being underrated with the likes of Alli and Kane taking the limelight. This year however I believe he’s been slightly overpriced. He did finish last year as the second highest point scoring midfielder. However there was so little margin between him and Alli that I’d probably favour Alli at the cheaper price of 6m.

Pogba – Man Utd (6m)

Points last season: 236
Games played last season: 51

Despite many being critical of Pogba’s performances last season he appears to be a point scoring machine when it comes to Dream Team. I believe he scored more 7+ ratings than any player last season due to his style of play and how ratings are calculated. As a result he could have another strong season as I’m sure he will improve further. For me he’s a little over priced at 6m but could be a popular choice.

Ozil – Arsenal (5.5m)

Points last season: 202
Games played last season: 44

Ozil didn’t have his strongest campaign at Arsenal last season, however he still managed to break the 200 point mark. He looks set to stay at the club for another season and with Lacazette already signed Ozil could provide many assists this time around. Should Arsenal take the Europa League seriously we could also see big points for their key players, as we did with Man Utd last season.

Silva – Man City (5m)

Points last season: 153
Games played last season: 45

Silva has been a consistent Dream Team point scorer for the past 2-3 seasons and he did well last time around. At 5m he could be a great option. I can’t see him beating De Bruyne in terms of points but he could be a cheaper alternative.

Mkhitaryan – Man Utd (4.5m)

Points last season: 139
Games played last season: 40

At 4.5m Mkhitaryan looks a decent starting price for the season. Based on his form towards the end of the last campaign he could have a high scoring year at Old Trafford. I’d question his consistency at times, however if he gets a run of games he could establish himself as a first team regular. Other than Pogba I’d imagine he will finish as Man Utd’s highest scoring midfielder.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Dream Team Top 10 Best Midfielders

  1. hi their, reverting back to ur initial startin 11, i was looking at a midfield 3 of coutinho saleh, and willian providing he makes the first team, freeing up cash to improve ur 2 weaker defenders, players of interest, holding depending on pre-season line-ups, and soares, but midfield options of sane, and sigurdson r worth consideration, de- bruyne pricey but will play most games.

    1. Hi Dave – there are so many options this year. I’m looking at Soares and Holgate as well. Southampton have a great run of early fixtures which could be beneficial. I’m trying to keep spending on defenders at a minimum. Hoping to save some budget to bring Hazard in when he’s fit again.

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