Dream Team Top 10 Cheap Midfielders

Next season’s game looks increasingly challenging when it comes to accommodating big names. If you’ve reached your midfield having spent big on your strikers I’ve outlined some cheap midfield options below. My personal strategy is to aim for premium midfielders however this could be virtually impossible this year with such a tight budget.

Mahrez – Man City (4m)

Points last season: 194
Games played last season: 41

Has consistently scored well and secured a move to a bigger club. Should hopefully start with some players being rested after the World Cup.

Willian – Chelsea (4m)

Points last season: 193
Games played last season: 54

With Hazard grabbing all the headlines, Willian often gets overlooked. However he scored well last season and based on his value could be a good shout. Obviously this relies on him staying at Chelsea.

Keita – Liverpool (3m)

Points last season: n/a
Games played last season: n/a

I don’t know too much about Keita but at 3m for a box to box midfielder, this looks a bargain. If he gets regular game time at Anfield I’m fairly sure he would be worth a punt. Although I do worry about including him over someone like Mane.

Lingard – Man Utd (4m)

Points last season: 141
Games played last season: 47

Decent price for a player who finished with over 100 points last season. I’d expect him to be rested at the start of the season though.

Jorginho – Chelsea (3.5m)

Points last season: n/a
Games played last season: n/a

I don’t know too much about Jorginho but 3.5m for a Chelsea midfielder looks good value. My main concern would be his lack of goals with playing for Napoli and this may restrict his point scoring ability.

Arnautovic – West Ham (4m)

Points last season: 132
Games played last season: 35

Picked up a decent amount of points last season. Is one of those players who plays like more of a striker but is classified as a midfielder. West Ham have also strengthened this summer so he could have a very good season.

Mkhitaryan – Arsenal (4m)

Points last season: 121
Games played last season: 38

His form appears a little hit and miss at times but he’s certainly capable of having a good season. Might be worth a punt at 4m but I’d probably favour some of the options listed above first.

Ramsey – Arsenal (4m)

Points last season: 145
Games played last season: 32

Finished the season well and consistently scores over 100 points most seasons. I’m not sure if this is enough for a midfield place but is a decent cheaper option.

Sessegnon – Fulham (2.5m)

Points last season: n/a
Games played last season: n/a

Sessehnon is highly rated but my main reservation is that he’s playing for a newly promoted team. Historically players from the top 5-6 teams in the league dominate the highest scoring players but he is good value at 2.5m.

Fred – Man Utd (2.5m)

Points last season: n/a
Games played last season: n/a

Fred is another player I know very little about, but at 2.5m he could be worth a punt. If he holds down a regular place at Man Utd he could rack up a decent points total.

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