Top 20 Dream Team Highest Scoring Players 2017/2018

With the season at an end, it’s a good time to look at the highest scoring players over the 2017/2018 campaign. I wasn’t sure how long these statistics would remain on the Dream Team website and they will help when it comes to picking a team for next season. As a result I’ve highlighted the top 20 highest scoring players below and given some commentary evaluating each players performance.

1. Salah – Liverpool

Points: 412
Games played: 52

Salah had a remarkable first season at Liverpool and achieved a huge points total. For a player who isn’t even an out and out striker to return 32 Premier League goals was astonishing. I’m not even sure it would be possible to recreate this consistent level of performance next season however it would be very dangerous to exclude him from any team. I’d expect him to start at a very high price tag though.

2. Kane – Tottenham

Points: 376
Games played: 48

With 376 points from 48 games, Kane could be essential once again for next season. He also exceeded Sanchez’s total of 348 from last season. It was another consistent goal scoring season and I can’t see why this wouldn’t continue. He will certainly be one to watch for next season.

3. De Bruyne – Man City

Points: 284
Games played: 52

De Bruyne was as consistent as ever and actually achieved more points this time around than he did last season. I started with him in my team but soon took him out – this was where things started to go wrong for me and was probably my biggest mistake of the season. I’d imagine he will come at a big price tag next season once again but should always be worth considering.

4. Hazard – Chelsea

Points: 281
Games played: 41

Hazard once again achieved a high scoring finish to the season. His 12 goals in the Premier League would have certainly helped and with additional European games this helped him beat his previous total. His future at the club looks uncertain at the moment but if he remains at Stamford Bridge he will be hard to ignore.

5. Firmino – Liverpool

Points: 280
Games played: 54

He finished 9th during the 2016/2017 season on the list highest scoring strikers but has significantly improved on that with 100 more points last time around. Depending on his starting value he may be worth considering if he’s significantly cheaper than the likes of Kane, Sanchez and Aguero.

6. Aguero – Man City

Points: 277
Games played: 39

Aguero had a decent season at Man City, however as part of a team who won the league title I’d have expected a few more points on the board. This can probably be put down to a few injuries and rotation with Jesus. I’d expect this to be a problem once again for the forthcoming season.

7. Sterling – Man City

Points: 265
Games played: 46

Only Salah scored more Premier League goals from midfield than Sterling. This is reflected by a decent points total for the Man City player. His value almost doubled over the course of the season and it will be interesting to see what his starting value is for next season.

8. Lukaku – Man Utd

Points: 254
Games played: 50

Lukaku once again makes the top 10 highest scoring strikers. He seems to score goals season after season at a consistent level, although I’d have probably expected a few more this time around with more game time at Man Utd. If he’s a decent price again he could be a good option although he is likely to miss the start of the season after a good run in the World Cup.

9. Mane – Liverpool

Points: 244
Games played: 44

With more game time at Liverpool this season it’s no surprise to see Mane making this list. He’s been a little overshadowed by Salah’s performances at Anfield during the course of the season but had a great campaign in his own right. I’d expect to see him on this list again next season.

10. Otamendi – Man City

Points: 222
Games played: 46

Consistently appears to get a 7+ rating regardless of his performance. However with 4 Premier League goals in a team which kept 18 Premier League clean sheets it’s easy to see how he came out on top of the list. Should have another solid season.

11. Eriksen – Tottenham

Points: 220
Games played: 47

Eriksen was second on this list last year and is one of the few midfielders on the list who ended up with less points compared to the previous season. That being said he still got into double figures for goals scored in the Premier League and has proved a consistent point scorer with over 200 points in both of the last two seasons. There’s no reason why I couldn’t see this continuing into next season.

12. Sane – Man City

Points: 207
Games played: 49

Sane added 100 points to his total compared to the previous season and is well justified in his place on the top 10 list. He is another midfielder who managed to get into double figures in terms of Premier League goals and with a rest over the summer could be a good choice early on.

13. Alonso – Chelsea

Points: 204
Games played: 45

Alonso was the highest scoring defender in the Premier League last season with 7 goals. Chelsea defenders also always seem to do well in terms of overall points scored, which is unsurprisingly with 16 clean sheets. I’d be tempted to go for him next time around, however he generally always comes at a high price tag and Chelsea won’t have Champions League football this season.

14. Azpilicueta – Chelsea

Points: 197
Games played: 51

In the 2016/2017 season Azpilicueta was the highest scoring defender on the game – he actually improved on his overall score but dropped down to 3rd last season. This proves he’s a consistent performer but as with Alonso he will be lacking Champions League fixtures. This could be a positive if Chelsea were to play a strong side in the Europa League but this remains to be seen.

15. Mahrez – Leicester

Points: 194
Games played: 41

In a similar story to Vardy – Mahrez is the only player on this list who plays for a club outside of the top 5 teams in the Premier League. What’s even more interesting is with his move to Man City already complete, who knows how many points he could potentially score over the next season. He will certainly be one to keep an eye on.

16. Smalling – Man Utd

Points: 194
Games played: 45

Man Utd kept 19 clean sheets in the Premier League last season so it’s no surprise to see Smalling and Valencia make this list. With Champions League football once again secured for another season and manager who likes to keep it tight at the back, a Man Utd defender could be essential for the upcoming season.

17. Willian – Chelsea

Points: 193
Games played: 54

Willian had another good season with Chelsea and improved on his points total from the previous campaign. He could be a good cheaper option for next season. Although with Hazard looking like he may depart and the lack of Champions League football may make Willian slightly less appealing.

18. Son – Tottenham

Points: 192
Games played: 53

Spurs had another good season, however Son’s point scoring form seems to have gone a little under the radar once again. He’s been in the shadow of the likes of Kane, Alli and Eriksen but could be worth considering for the start of next season with some Spurs players likely to be rested after a long World Cup. He could also be a good option if your budget doesn’t stretch as far as Kane, although he is likely to miss the start of the season as well.

19. Silva – Man City

Points: 184
Games played: 40

Silva is another Man City midfielder who had a good season in terms of his return of points. It’s worth noting although he comes in 10th on this list, he is around 100 points behind the top 3 midfielders. He may be worth considering at times for next season, however it’s hard to look beyond De Bruyne, Sterling or Sane when considering a Man City midfielder.

20. Alli – Tottenham

Points: 183
Games played: 50

Alli didn’t quite reach the same points total as he did during the 2016/2017 season however he still ended up as the 11th highest scoring midfielder over the season. He looked a little out of sorts during the World Cup and may be given an extended break at the start of the season.

Which positions return the most points?

Interestingly last season saw over half of the top 20 highest scoring players coming from Midfield (11). 5 were strikers and 4 were defenders. As expected, no goalkeepers made the list. With the 3-4-3 formation available for the forthcoming season this may be something to keep in mind when setting up an initial team.

Build a team based around the top teams in the league?

I’ve always followed the belief that I should select players from the top 6-7 teams in the league. They tend to have more fixtures due to European commitments which give them more opportunity to pick up points. Interestingly the stats back this up perfectly:

Man City (6 players)
Chelsea (4 players)
Spurs (4 players)
Liverpool (3 players)
Man Utd (2 players)
Leicester (1 player)

There was only one player outside of the top five teams in the league to make the top 20. Personally I’ll be sticking with this belief next season and I’ll be hoping to select as many players from the top ⅚ teams as possible. Obviously budget comes into play with selecting a starting team. But looking at the list above it’s almost in order of where teams finished.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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