Dream Team Proposed Transfers for February 2017

Dream Team Proposed Transfers for February 2017

After being locked out from making transfers during game week 23, I’ve now got 3 available for the rest of February. I blogged at the end of January highlighting teams with the best fixtures and some potential targets for February. This blog will cover the actual transfers I’m considering making and when the best time to make them could be.

Transfer 1 – Jesus

Out: Kane or Sanchez
Transfer Date: Monday 13th February, before Man City V Bournemouth

Jesus has already made a big impact on the Premier League and will be a top transfer target for many managers. However with Man City not featuring in game week 24 it makes sense to save this transfer for the very start of game week 25. This will allow you to check if he is starting against Bournemouth and also squeeze as many points out of your existing strikers as possible. The complication could be if Aguero also starts, as the aim would be to include the striker who will get the most game time against Bournemouth, in the FA cup and the Champions League fixture.

Transfer 2 – Pogba

Out: Coutinho
Transfer Date: Saturday 11th February – if you think Pogba will start in the Europa League fixtures
Thursday 16th February – if you would rather wait and see who starts for Man Utd in the Europa League.

Liverpool only have 2 fixtures remaining for February and Man Utd have 5. As a result this is a transfer I’m almost certain to make. The main issue is the timing of the transfer. I’d want Pogba in with an easier game against Watford at the weekend and the additional Europa League, FA cup and EFL cup games. However if he doesn’t start in the Europa League or the FA cup it could be a wasted transfer. If he’s left out of these starting lineups it may be appropriate to choose an alternative Man Utd midfielder who could get game time across all fixtures. The difficulty is predicting who will start in the less important competitions but also in the Premier League. I’d like to make this transfer in time for Watford on Saturday. However I may risk it and keep Coutinho in until I can check line ups for the Europa League on Thursday 16th February.

Transfer 3 – Davies or Bailly

Out: Shaw
Transfer Date: Saturday 11th February – if you think Davies or Bailly will start in the Europa League fixtures
Thursday 16th February – if you would rather wait and see who starts for Man Utd and Tottenham in the Europa League.

This transfer is probably the most complicated out of the lot. There are 3 defenders to consider for around the same budget. Ideally I’d want to choose the player who is going to get the most game time from now until the end of the season with the potential to pick up the most points.

Shaw: By default I could stick with Shaw, however he’s not getting any game time in the Premier League and this doesn’t look likely to change before the end of the season. Man Utd do have fixtures in the Europa League and FA cup which he could feature in during February. My concern is that long term his game time is going to be limited and his value could decrease.

Bailly: This could be the perfect time to transfer Shaw out for a player who is more likely to get game time long term. At only 3.9m Bailly could be the perfect like for like replacement. My only doubts would be if he will feature in the Europa League and FA cup. He made a strong return to the starting line up at the weekend, but with his injury problems earlier in the season I’m not sure he will be risked in every single fixture during February.

Davies: Another relatively cheap option to replace Shaw. Davies should be covering for the injured Danny Rose in a Tottenham team who have kept the second most clean sheets in the Premier League. They also still have extra Europa League fixtures and are still in the FA cup. Davies could feature in all of these fixtures with injury problems at left back at Tottenham. However this would almost certainly require another transfer when Rose returns from injury.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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