Dream Team Stats

Just a quick post as I’ve been working on my usual stats spreadsheet. I’ll pull out the key numbers in a fuller blog post but in the meantime, if you’d like to browse the stats, you can do so using this link:


There are some really vital pieces of information on this list. Including:

  • Total points from last season
  • End value from last season, starting price this season and the difference between them
  • Goals scored
  • Assists made
  • Clean sheets
  • Number of star man awards
  • Number of 7+ ratings
  • Average rating
  • Number of games played
  • Number of minutes played
  • Points per 1,000 minutes played. I like this stat as it puts everyone on a level playing field in terms of time on the pitch.
  • Points per million spent, based on the players new value and their points total from last season
  • Points expectation based on scoring 50 points per million spent and a figure for how close they got to this last season

For me, this comprehensively covers every stat we would need to know when picking players for next season and it plays a vital role in picking a starting 11. Blend this with looking at fixtures and we should have the perfect mix. You can also use the tabs at the bottom to browse previous season stats.

Some of the stats aren’t very self explanatory so feel free to drop a comment below if you need a fuller explanation.

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  1. Brilliant stuff Paul. Plenty for us to digest there! Very much appreciated. 👏

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