Dream Team Tips 2020/2021 season

Just wanted to give a quick update on the blog for the 2020/2021 season. The blog will continue and will follow the same format as each previous season.

I’m putting this post out early as there is likely to be a much smaller window between the end of this season and the start of the 2020/2021 season. The game is also due to end fairly soon, so I wanted to give people the opportunity to get the password for next season before we have a short break.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can use the button below. This is going to be an early bird discount (ending on Wednesday 5th August) aimed at those who are already familiar with the blog. When we get closer to the new season the cost is likely to be between £5-£7 for the season so if you wanted to grab it at a cheaper cost it makes sense to grab the password sooner rather than later.


It’s also worth noting that if you wanted to make a voluntary donation of more than £3.50 to show your appreciation of the blog you can use this link:


If you do make a voluntary donation, you won’t be expected to pay the subscription fee for next season and I’ll make sure you get the password anyway.

For those who have been following the blog for a while or those who find it a useful resource. I’d appreciate some comments below – this will add credibility to the blog and illustrate to any potential new members why it’s good value for money. The only way the blog will continue is if it is well supported again.

During next season, I’ll also be making better use of the Facebook group associated with the blog. This is going to become a benefit of being a subscriber so I’ll be able to post transfers directly into the group. If anyone wanted to join, the group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1737642209645683/. If you’re not on Facebook – this group will only support the blog. Nothing will be exclusively posted in the Facebook group – it will just be repeated content from the blog which is quicker to access for those on Facebook.

Thanks to those who have supported the blog over the years and good luck for the remaining few weeks of the season.

76 thoughts on “Dream Team Tips 2020/2021 season

  1. Great blog! So many resources, thoughts, strategies & tips from Paul as well as other users… changed me from an ‘average Joe’ to a Cash League winner last year and also top again this year with two games to play due to this site! See you all next season and good luck!

  2. hi DDT just paid will password be sent to email addresses.
    cheers cant wait for next season keep up the good work
    on a great site.

  3. also I recommend this site for serious players of the dream team
    I can insure people that by joining you will benefit immensely
    from tips that put you on the road to success.
    also there was talk of a mini league with a subscription with a payout
    at the end of the season. count me in.

  4. Fantastic blog every week Paul. Thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated. Bring on the new season! All your stats and facts are top drawer. People should be 10 squid for all your wise knowledgeable info.

    1. Thanks Mick – really appreciate the comment. I’ll be glad when the new season gets going. I’ve enjoyed this one and I’m more than happy with my overall position at the moment but my favourite part of the season is picking the opening team.

  5. This blog is unmissable, the advice ideas and solutions to all sorts of DT issues and ideas are found here. Many top fantasy football players use this and for a good reason….
    Roll on next season 👍

  6. Keep the good work up paul, love your blog to bits and all other contributers gives me fresh and left field ideas on picking and changes my line ups ….i am not on facebook paul …will most of the blog details still be registered here ?
    as i dont really want to miss out !
    donation will be with you by the end of the week……thanks for all your hard work again this season it dont go unoticed by any of us readers keep it up and have a nice short dream team break

    1. Thanks Darren – really appreciate the comment and glad you still find the blog useful. It’s a good point about Facebook and I didn’t make it clear in the post. There won’t be any exclusive content on the Facebook group – it will just be repeated from here so nothing to miss out on.

      1. Fantastic tips and advice. Best result I’ve ever had in my league. So thanks for that.

        Subscribed for next season. Didnt receive password yet though.

        1. Thanks Paul – subscription gratefully received. I’ll be circulating the password to everyone who has signed up, you should have been redirected to it. You won’t need it until posts start going up about the new season but if you did want it now, feel free to drop me an email at info@dreamteamtips.co.uk and I’ll send it back to you

  7. I’ll certainly be contributing again this year, the blog is a great resource, the reviews are thorough and invaluable. Its a great place to seek a variety of opinions and bounce ideas off others, especially when there are some top players in here who are happy to share their insight and research.
    An extra bonus for next season is the ability to liaise with FFS Frank, that website coupled with this blog is going to really help in boosting the chances of a high finish and potential cash prizes.
    Keep up the good work and thanks to all!

    I would add that Im not on Facebook either and wouldnt want to miss out, hopefully there will be a way of staying in the loop with Facebook via this site.

    Currently 2nd in my cash league with 34 points to make up 🤞🤞🤞, £250 for first. If I make it I will be splitting 10% between here and FFS as a token of gratitude.

    1. Cheers Ryan – comments are massively appreciated. Good point about the Facebook group and I didn’t make it clear in the post. There won’t be any exclusive content on the Facebook group – it will just be repeated from here so nothing to miss out on.

  8. Cheers Paul, for all your input & insightfulness through out the season, great banter as always, to what has been a challenging time for everybody outside of dreamteam, overall you have had a great season, in my mini league I have 2 teams, sitting in 2nd & fifth, paying out for top 4, all still to play for, as well as Aubamayang for cup final, I’m also putting Giroud & Pulisic on shortlist, good luck to everyone for the remainder of the season, contribution for next season on its way.

    1. Cheers David – gratefully received. Looking forward to next season after a successful campaign this time around. Hoping for another good one.

  9. Payment made.

    Really appreciate all the hard work & advice over the season Paul, not just from yourself, but from everyone on here that takes the time to post thoughts & opinions.

    Invaluable site this, please keep up the hard work & while the current season isn’t quite over yet, im already looking forward to everyone’s thoughts on the new one 👍🏼

    1. Cheers Gaz, no problem at all. I’d echo your comments and would extend that thank you to all those who have chipped in with comments on the posts over the season. They make the blog the resource that it is.

  10. Contribution made 🙂

    I haven’t contributed to content but regularly use the blog and grateful for all the content over the years!


  11. Great blog

    Only found this towards the end of the season and it looks great

    Lots of valuable info, tips and in depth research

    Looking forward to next season when i can make use of it from the start 🙂


    1. Thanks Frank – I’ll be sure to make a donation to your site as well. I’d encourage others to do the same as it’s a brilliant resource for statistics around the game.

  12. Since joining this group, DDT has taken me from bottom to top in my mini-league over the last few seasons. In my opinion there’s not another page like this!

    I enjoy the regular in-depth reviews from a wide range of skilled people all one place. Importantly, it daily and not weekly like most places so you don’t have to spend all week stewing on transfer moves.

    Keep up the good work Paul and regular contributors.

    Roll on next season

    1. Thanks Cefnstar – really appreciate the comments and glad being involved with the blog has helped improve your mini league performance. Looking forward to next season as well – should be a good one.

  13. Just got back from a spot of “Glamping” in Norfolk with the family so apologies for my delayed response (although it has been nice to stick the phone away for a few days tbh.)

    This site was the very first that really got me into Fantasy Football of any kind. It was and continues to be a superb resource for any Dream Team managers wanting to take their game to the next level.

    The DTT clan seems to be growing in numbers now and that can only be a positive thing to create discussion and new ideas to the cause. DTT is a top Dream Team manager and I’ve learnt a great deal from him. I’ll certainly be subscribing for next season!

    1. Thanks as ever Chris and hope you had an enjoyable glamping trip. Glad the site got you into fantasy football – I’d agree the clan does seem to be growing and there’s been some great discussion over the season with everyone chipping in with helpful thoughts.

      1. Hopefully I can throw a few more articles your way over the season if you’d like, as and when time allows.

        Subscription sent my friend. 👊

  14. Your site has added to the fun of Dream Team. All the contributions are positive, the key to its success.
    Many thanks to Paul and all!

    1. Thanks Martin – I’d certainly agree that everyone remains very positive and helpful towards each other which is great to see. It really is the comments on the posts that make this blog what it is.

  15. Renewed Subscription, Thanks for all the hard work you put in D.T.T., im in my works mini league but dont really follow football that closely, so without the forums advice id be at the bottom no doubt, Im in 2nd place this season thanks to you all, Cheers.

    1. Thanks David – appreciate the support of the website as always. Good to see that the advice shared by everyone who gets involved is helpful

  16. This site has been a great help for me over the last 2/3 season and I will be back next year thanks for all the work you put in to making it so good dtt

    1. Will definitely be using again next season. Been following the past 2 seasons now and it’s great value for the work that’s put in. The contributions and advice from Paul and the other users is 1st class. Keep up the good work. 👍

  17. Enjoyed logging on and using thoughts and information to build a more balanced team, thanks pal.

    Of course the season has brought up an issue of the like which has never been encountered so here’s hoping everyone stays safe and reports fully ready for next season……good luck all

    1. Thanks Lee, glad you’ve enjoyed using the blog. Couldn’t agree more regarding next season, it will be great to see everyone back here safe and looking forward to the start of a new campaign.

  18. Just renewed my subscription… DTT does an amazing job year after year gathering and sharing information, even after these difficult times.

    I was actually entered into a mini league last World Cup by my father in-law, and having limited / near nonexistent knowledge about football I stumbled across this blog, and I’m telling you now, theses blogs have really helped me grow my knowledge and understanding, and better yet… win the mini leagues I have entered since joining.. Even the comments from other users are really helpful.

    Your doing an awesome job DTT keep up the good work mate, looking forward to next season.

    1. Really appreciate the comment Nick – delighted that you’ve managed to win your mini league and that the website has got you more into fantasy football. Makes it all worthwhile for me to hear that.

  19. I have re-joined for next season, thanks again Paul for all your work in keeping this going.This season i have had some successes in my mini league.
    If I could explain the guy who organises it is a diamond.There are 20 of us in total paying £100 each.There is a first ,second and third prize at 300,200 and 100. A manager of the month and runner up – 80,40. Cup and runner up – group stage then knock out – 120,60. Plus golden boot, gloves and shorts (assists) at £ 30. Finally a small amount for 10th and 15th.This way there is some interest for everyone all season. With just one prize I think for most it is over by Christmas..Currently I have 2 Managers of the month prizes, am in line for Golden Boot.Also I cannot be caught in third and am 4 points behind second , he has no one playing on Saturday I have Auba , Laca and Pulisic. I also have a transfer so suggestions are welcome.
    At the start of the season I had a foolproof method just follow Paul’s transfers . This would have netted me more but like all football followers I know best. Thanks eveyone for the guidance this season and good luck for the next.

    1. Thanks Alan – great to have you signed up for next season. Sounds like a fantastic mini league format. It wouldn’t be very exciting if you just followed my team throughout the season – I like to think of my posts as starting discussions or getting people thinking of their own ideas. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that anyone follows my team exactly. There’s a lot of luck in this game and I’ve had a good season this time around but that doesn’t mean I will in the future.

  20. I’ve joined again and hope to be more involved on here this season, having been unwell for a while but on the road to recovery 😃👍🏼.

    Great and informative site.

    1. Thanks for signing up again – appreciate the kind words. Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell though, glad you’re on the road to recovery.

  21. Hi there,

    I run a league based on the Sun dream team.

    For the 2019/20 season – is it carrying on after the FA Cup Final ie are we carrying on until all the English teams in European competitions are out?


    1. The game finishes after the FA Cup final so just the one game remaining. I believe they decided to end the game early so that they can get it ready for the new season.

  22. Thanks mate. Subscribed again before reading on so I’ve added a beer or two as a separate contribution. Won my league three times running thanks to this. Good luck for next season.

    1. Thanks Dom – massively appreciated. Glad the blog has helped with your mini leagues – hoping for another good season next time around.

  23. Hi.
    I’ve joined again this year. Long time lurker but going to try and contribute more next season.
    Thanks to this site I’m in line for second place ( possible first providing Auba bags a hatrick 🤞🏼) in my mini league and a nice little payout.
    The amount of time and effort you put into this site combined with the knowledge of yourself and others make this page invaluable to me and I’m sure many others with less football and dream team know how.

    Keep up the great work and see you next season.

    1. Thanks Aaron – really appreciate the comments and continued support. Be great to see you in the comments more often next season.

    2. Always brilliant to hear people are wanting to contribute to the discussion for next season. The more people we have involved with the discussions, the more balanced (and more often than not correct) our decisions can be.

  24. Absolutely love all the comments and thoughts on the blog , not a avid blogger but an avid watcher, so let’s keep the community going, I will try and put my 2 Penith in on future blogs, not a good season for me lost a lot of interest in the lockdown so will try harder next season. Thanks all …..

  25. Hi Paul,

    I’ve signed up again to this brilliant dream team resource. I came out 1st and 2nd in both my mini leagues by using the information you and the other contributors put out. It also makes the season more exciting and fun reading up on others opinions and transfers.

    Cheers again and see you next season.

  26. joined again Ready for next seasons game think it’s only about 4 weeks away and I love the start to the season picking the first 11
    Just want to say thanks to everyone again I have won my cash league and also very proud that I have won the dtt league with how many really good players that are in that league
    I also come just outside the top 200 in the overall league so a very good season for me my best ever been playing for 20 + years I remember at the start having to phone up your team and I’m sure we did not have any transfers and no good site like this one to help out many thanks again

    1. Thanks for signing up David – and congratulations on winning the Dream Team Tips mini league. Lots of good scores in the league this season, I was never within the top 5 myself and thought I was having a good season.

    1. Thanks for signing up Andy. The password will be circulated around if you didn’t pick it up, however I’ll email it over to you now.

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