Dream Team Tips – Euro 2021

Dream Team Tips – Euro 2021

Just a quick post about the upcoming Euro 2021 competition. It looks like Dream Team will be running a game for the competition, in a similar format to the World Cup game from a few years ago.

I’ve not 100% decided if I’m going to do it yet but I’m considering running a blog which documents my team and the decisions that I’m going to make along the way. If there is enough interest then I’ll probably go for it.

There will be a small cost to get the password (£3-£4). If this is of interest, please leave a comment below or join the Facebook group I’ve set up for people who want to sign up:


If you want to see this happen, and you’re happy with the small cost. It’s essential that you leave a comment or join the group as I want to get a feel for numbers. If there’s not enough interest, I won’t be running a blog for it.

If you’re interested in what I did for the World Cup, it can be found here:


17 thoughts on “Dream Team Tips – Euro 2021

  1. Hu Paul, defo enjoyed ur last world cup blog.for all of you out there unsure take it from me its a must! great read throughout the summer…….count me in

  2. Missed the world Cup blog. Would definitely like to see the euros blog happen. Be very disappointed if it doesn’t. Happy to pay what ever the cost is.

    1. I think that’s probably a glitch – I’ve just been sticking to the 50m budget. Not saved a team yet though

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